Kelly whores herself out to Wilson helping him quit smoking

Wilson puffed once before softly inhaled another lungful of tobacco. The first puff heated up the cheery tip of his cigarette and released a little cloud of smoke before he filled his lungs with the second drag. At the last moment, he pulled away the cancer stick and sucked the smoke deeper inside where he held it for a long moment before releasing a new cloud of nicotine and carcinogens. Damn that felt good.

Wilson repeated the process again and again, feeling his stress fading away as the nicotine charged his pleasure receptors. He stood behind the little clothing store he managed and watched the small, red car pull into the space next to his.

“You shouldn’t do that,” Kelly said, climbing out of her car and smiling at him. “It’ll kill you.”

“Something will,” Wilson agreed, doing his best to keep his eyes focused on Kelly’s pretty face. Her blue eyes matched the color of the sky behind her head, giving the illusion that he was looking through her, or she was looking through him. It was disquieting and cool at the same time. “My doctor once told me if I gave up smoking, drinking, and watching so much porn, I’d add another five years to my life. I told him, ‘Who would want those five years?'”

“You’re a mess,” the skinny girl with curly blonde hair giggled. She propped her narrow ass on the hood of Wilson’s car. He fought against letting his eyes drop to her chest. Kelly was naturally skinny and loved wearing skin tight shirts. She had once told him, “I look too flat chested if my shirt isn’t tight enough,” So she wore shirts tight enough to reveal every line of her bra, not that she needed to wear one, of course. If Wilson had to guess, he’d say her tits were barely b-cups.

“I am mess,” he smiled, glancing at the white tube of paper and tobacco and measuring how many more puffs he could take before it was over. Unfavorable tax laws had made the damn things too expensive to waste one. “I’m a drunk, a pervert, and a smoker, sort of a triple whammy.”

“Two out of three of those aren’t bad,” Kelly grinned. Her smile did more than light up her face, it lit up Wilson’s world. “Your problem is you make too much money. Why don’t you give me that money instead of spending it on cigarettes?”

“Tempting,” he mused, grinning because he knew she was kidding. “I’d do it if I was buying the right thing from you, but that would make you a whore and I don’t think a nice girl like you wants to be a whore.”

“All nice girls secretly want to be whores,” she said. “Remember what I did that one time for twenty dollars?”

“How could I forget?” he asked, purposely looking at her tits. During a conversation three months ago, he mentioned going to a strip club. She had accused him of having too much money that time, too. As a joke, he had said, “I’ll give you twenty bucks to show me your tits. To his surprise, she looked both ways, saw they were alone and earned every penny of it.

“Give me your cigarette money and maybe I’ll do it again.”

“Tempting,” he said, finishing off his smoke. He carefully flicked off the cherry and tossed the butt in a bucket next to his back door. “But I spend a lot more than twenty dollars a week on smokes.” He flipped opened his pack and tapped out another.

Kelly pushed off his car, stepped up to him and pulled the cigarette from his lips. She took the pack from his hands, too. He stared at her tiny hands, worried she was going to crush his smokes. Instead, she flipped open the back, put the cigarette back inside and smiled. “Here’s your choice. You can have these back or you can touch them.”

By :BuckyDuckman

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