Kelly go a little beyond teasing

Kelly’s been cleaning Mr. Blackwell’s house for a few
weeks now. She’s teased him a lot, wearing hot outfits
that show off her body. But this time things go a
little beyond teasing. (M/f-teen, ped, beast, oral)


Ron was playing with Bosco when he heard the doorbell
ring. It was about the time Kelly came over, so he
assumed it was her. He was blown away when he opened
the front door, though. Standing in front of him was
Kelly wearing a French maid�s outfit.

“Kelly?” Ron asked, being shocked by how hot she

“At your service, Mr. Blackwell,” Kelly replied with a
smile. Ron pulled Kelly into the house quickly; he
didn�t want anyone to see a 14 year-old girl standing
on his doorstep like that. People might start to think

“Um..Kelly.” he said, stuttering. “Why are you dressed
like this?”

“I thought it would be funny if I wore like a maid�s
outfit, since that�s kind of what I am.” She flashed
that smile at him again. “You don�t like it, Mr.

“I never said that,” Ron said, not wanting her to know
he thought she was hot. At the same time, he wanted to
keep seeing her in hot outfits. He couldn�t make up his
mind. “I just don�t want people to get the wrong idea,
you know.”

“You mean my parents? They think I have the maid�s
outfit for a skit in school. But I really wanted to
wear it just as a joke for you.” Ron was amazed how
Kelly could think ahead like this and did she really
say she was wearing it for him? “It�s actually my mom�s
old Halloween costume, but she hasn�t worn it in years.
I fits pretty well don�t you think?”

Ron looked at Kelly. She looked downright amazing. Her
tits were squeezed together, almost popping out of the
top and the skirt came up really high, exposing her
beautiful, tan legs. “Fits like a glove,” Ron said. In
reality, it fit better than a glove. The outfit looked
perfect on Kelly.

“Well, I better get to work,” Kelly reminded Ron.

“Right,” he replied. “I think the house needs a little
dusting. If you could groom Bosco a little, that would
be great, too. Nothing big, just brush his hair, make
sure he�s not a total mess.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Kelly replied. She went to work
dusting the house. She had one of those French dusters,
and as Ron watched her, it was the hottest
housecleaning job he had ever seen. Every once in a
while she would sneak up on Ron and tickle his armpit
or side. She would giggle, not really knowing she was
turning him on so much. He had a hard-on the size of
Texas in his pants and the whole time he sat, making
sure she didn�t notice.

When she was done dusting, she came into the kitchen
where Ron was and asked, “Do you have anything to eat?
I just finished dusting; I�m about to go take care of

“Yeah, just check in the cabinets or refrigerator,” Ron

Kelly searched the cabinets, making sure to check the
low ones, too, so she could bend over in front of Ron.
She moved to the refrigerator, reaching all the way
down to the lowest part, her skirt riding high up her
ass, giving Ron a glimpse of her shaven pussy.

“Oooh, yogurt!” Kelly exclaimed. “The kind with the
fruit; I�ll take this”

“Go for it,” Ron said.

Kelly took a spoon and headed off to groom Bosco. She
finished the yogurt and turned her attention to Bosco.
Bosco looked at her with those big eyes, the look he
always gave her. Even though they couldn�t communicate
verbally, both of them knew what they wanted. Kelly
could see Bosco�s pink tip starting to come out of its

By :factorlocke

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