Kelly Get’s Tie the Knot

A friend comes over to “Tie the Knot” so to speak. (FF,
beast, ws)


“What are you doing this weekend?” the voice on the
other end of the line asked.

This was Kellie’s way to say she’d like to come out and

“Absolutely nothing! Carl’s in Tulsa, so I’d love some
company!” I responded.

I’ll be there around three. Can’t wait!” she giggled
into the phone.

“See you then. I replied and hung up the phone.

I was hoping she’d want to get together. It’d been a
month since our trip to Cabo and we hadn’t been able
see each other.

I worked in the garden until two on Saturday, then
realized Kellie would be here in an hour. I quickly ran
inside and

jumped in the shower. As I ran my hands down the length
of my body, I stopped at my vaginal lips and found that
two fingers slid immediately inside.

I guess I was wet with the anticipated fun Kellie and I
would have. I stopped messing with myself and soaped up
and washed my hair. I rinsed off quickly and grabbed a
towel, drying off and then fluffing up my hair. I then
went to my closet and got out my favorite “Be Juicy”
tracksuit and put it on, sans bra or panties. The
outfit really gave me a good “toe” and was soft and
fluffy, rubbing me just the right way. Only problem
was, Kelly would know when I get wet; the pink material
gets a little darker in those areas.

Oh well, that was kind of the plan anyway.

Kellie drove up precisely at three. As she got out, she
was wearing a tracksuit too. Not like mine, but I think
they all give you that little cleavage in the front.
Probably supposed to.

We hugged as she walked onto the porch.

“You look good enough to eat!” she giggled.

“Likewise!” I replied.

As we walked through the house to the living room
Kellie asked, “Do you have any good DVD’s?”

“You know we do? What kind do you want?”

A sudden case of nerves must have hit her because she
looked at me a little sheepishly and stammered,

“You want to see home movies?” I asked.

“The one with…you know?” she added, now blushing.

“Ranger…The Movie!” I said with a laugh.

Kellie just nodded her head and said in a low voice,
“You told us about it in Cabo with that tool you

“The Vixen?” I asked knowing what she meant.

Again she nodded her head.

Then she looked straight at me and said “If you really
did it, then I want to do it!”

“That’ll make Ranger happy!” I said exiting the room to
get the DVD.

While getting the DVD, I noticed Ranger by the door.
Now was as good a time as any to bring him in. If I was
going to share my secret with Kellie, she would have to
fulfill her part of the bargain. Somehow I knew that
was not going to be a problem.

As I returned to the living room, Ranger in tow, I
spoke “I’m back and brought a friend!”

Kellie turned around to see Ranger standing next to me.
Now, Ranger is a big Rocky. He’s a four year old Rottie
and weighs in at a little over one forty. He is totally
devoted to me. Might be the special attention he gets.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “You really have, haven’t

“On a regular basis!” I said, adding “He’s happy, I’m
happy, where’s the harm?”

Kellie got up a walked over to us, knelt down and gave
Ranger a big hug. He loves hugs. Then, she got up, took
the movie from my hand and almost ran to the player.

“Other than Carl and me, no one knows about this!” I
said, adding, “Not even Robin!”

She sat in the recliner and I took the couch, Ranger
climbing up beside me and laying down. As Kellie
watched the unedited DVD, her eyes were totally glued
to the screen. I had watched it many times before, so
my interest was in her reaction. About the time I had
begun to stroke Ranger’s sheath, seeing the fiery red
tip of his cock appear on the screen, I noticed
Kellie’s legs had parted a little and she became a
little restless.

“Bothering you?” I asked.

“Jesus, this is hot!” she rasped.

I kept my gaze on her and could pretty much tell from
the soundtrack what was happening on the big screen. I
knew the slurping sounds emanating from the speakers
were the audio of Ranger’s cock, fully unsheathed being
pumped into my mouth. Automatically my hand went to my
crotch and I felt the warm wetness in the velvety
crotch of my “Juicies”.

Kellie had yet to break her stare at the screen.
Scrolling down her body, I could see her taut little
breasts had grown and her areola to their fully
distended size, straining hard against her top.

“Take off your top!” I suggested.

Her eyes remain fixed on the screen as she unzipped her
top and removed it quickly. Her beautiful areola were
now in my full view. Her nipples like pink pebbles
pointing at the ceiling.

“Now your pants!” I added. She brought her legs
together, kicked off her sandals and rolled her pants
off, still never missing anything on the screen. She
was transfixed on the performance.

Once her pants were off, I could see her clit peeking
out proudly from her smooth mound. She spread her legs
apart and, in doing so, loosened her sticky lips,
allowing them to separate, showing me the glistening
pink inside. She was really wet. She still had not even
touched herself. This was not like Kellie.

I looked at the screen at a point when Ranger had his
cock buried in me past the knot and was still poking me
in that staccato motion that you really can’t explain.
Reaching down to my own sex, I felt the warm wetness
that had totally saturated the crotch of my pants and
was threatening to run down my leg.

I was a little damp myself.

I looked back over at Kellie, her eyes still glued and
her hands still idle. I could see a small pool of her
lubrication hanging onto the lower boundary of her
swollen sex. She was now past wet, she was sopping.

Her eyes got bigger, and I knew what was happening on
screen. Ranger had filled me with his massive quantity
of Rockygie cum and I held a champagne glass below my
overflowing vagina letting the Rockygie cum flow into it.


I drank it!

Kellie groaned and that was it. I watched as her
stomach heaved in huge spasms as she came over and
over. The movie had stopped and there was nothing but a
blue screen when she finally looked over at me.

“Never done that before!” She faintly spoke.

“But you want to. Right?” I asked.

“Oh yah, but what I meant was… I just had a mental

“They’re all mental!” I laughed.

“You know what I mean!” she hissed.

“Whenever you’re ready!” I told her. “He’s always

“My God, he really is!” she said pointing down to his
red tip, now poking out a little.

“Must been the female smell in here!” I said adding
“Two bitches in heat!”

I got down on the floor and Ranger joined me, stubby
little tail wagging and just a tip of things yet

to cum poking out from his sheath. I slowly brought my
hand to his belly and ran it down to the furry sheath.

Already the red tip of his cock had snaked out a little
further and the tip was beginning to leak a little.

“Better get down here now or you’ll lose your turn!” I
told her.

In a flash she got down on the floor, lying with her
head near my hand and Ranger’s now reddened cock

poking out several inches from his sheath. I watched
Kellie’s reaction as I gently slid the sheath

all the way back, allowing his knot to expand and
engorge his big dick.

As I freed him, his cock gave a little squirt of pre-
cum landing on Kellie’s arm.

She dipped her finger in the watery liquid and brought
it to her tongue.

“Just a little salty, not bad!” she said as she brought
another drip to her mouth.

“You drank the same stuff in Cabo!” I said glibly.

She just rolled her eyes at me and caught another drip.

By now, Ranger’s cock had swollen to a very thick six
inch Rockygy dick with a knot like a ping pong ball.
Kellie got the hint and slid under him, allowing me to
direct the continuous squirts of pre-cum into her

She was really getting into it. I pulled a pillow from
the couch and she immediately raised her head to allow
me to slide it under her neck. Ranger’s cock went
sliding into her mouth. I held my hand over his knot
until Kellie finally pushed my hand away and took
charge of it herself. The sight of his big cock being
sucked into her mouth, and the knowledge that each suck
brings a squirt from that cock, really got me leaking

I knew the crotch of my pants were a gooey mess.

Ranger was behaving like a perfect gentleman. That is,
right up until I knew he was going to cum. His staccato
jabs became more of a spasm and then he arched his back
and swung around, his cock still firmly imbedded in
Kellie’s mouth.

“Mmmmph…!” Kellie gargled as Ranger unloaded in her
mouth. I watched as his cock pulsated in her grip as
rope after rope of some very hot cum was being pumped
down her throat.

Ranger must have finally stopped squirting, as Kellie
allowed his reddened cock to fall from her mouth.

She had a grin from ear to ear.

“He’s happy!” she giggled. “That was cool! Hottest cum
I’ve ever swallowed. The most, too! I didn’t think he’d
ever stop squirting!”

“It is good, isn’t it?” I asked as she rolled up on her
elbow. Ranger moved off and lay by the couch, his
reddened cock now receded back to its sheath, though
every so often he would give it a little lick, causing
it to poke back out a little.

Kellie saw this and commented “Must be nice! Lick it
whenever you felt like it!”

“They do it because they can! We would too!”

I bent over and kissed her, tasting the sticky cum that
was still coating her lips and mouth.

“Mmmm. Makes me want some!” I whispered into her mouth,
swabbing her cheeks to find anything she hadn’t

Not much left.

I slowly began pulling her on top of me, turning her
around so that her swollen sex was over my face. I used
her Rockygy pillow to raise my head so I could access her
hole with ease. As I parted her nether lips with my
tongue, her sweet stickiness immediate flowed from her
and onto my snaking licker. She tasted so good, but I
didn’t want to cum yet, I was waiting for later. I
hoped I would be able to hold out long enough. I felt
her hot breath on my mound as she lowered her head
toward my sex.

A shiver went up my spine as her little tongue swabbed
me from top to bottom, coaxing lubrication from my

“God, you’re wet!” she mumbled into my vagina.

I decided to make her forget about doing me for a while
by grabbing her clit between my lips and, sucking it
out to full erection. The affect this has on Kellie is
that she forgets about everything else.

My plan worked. Her head came up from my crotch and she
arched her back pressing her swollen pussy onto my

I knew that Ranger would be ready to go again, so I
patted the floor next to me. He got up and walked over,

standing with that fiery red cock tip about an inch out
of his sheath. I stopped sucking on Kellie’s clit long
enough to bring Ranger a little closer and get in a
position where I could use my mouth on him.

I finally got him to where he was standing behind
Kellie, just straddling her back a little, but not
trying to mount her. As I slid his sheath past the
small bulge of his not yet expanded knot, I brought him
into my mouth. Pre-cum was flowing and I could feel his
cock expanding in me. I wanted to bring him off with my
mouth, but then, I knew Kellie wanted to fuck him. I
would still get a reward.

Satisfied that he would be ready to mount Kellie, I
popped his cock from my mouth and placed it at her
vaginal entrance. I kept hold of his now very swollen
knot to prevent him from trying to get it into her too
fast. I’d let her decide.

Kellie rose up a little and Ranger took his cue. He
climbed on her back and began humping her in sharp
jabs, rapidly entering and exiting her slimy hole.
Between his pre-cum and her copious lubrication, drops
of goo were forming on her clit. I took advantage of
that situation by getting my head back under her, also
giving me a really hot view. His cock now was as far in
as it could be without tieing with her.

I figured she would not want to tie with him, but then,
I did. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kellie pushed back hard against my hand and then pushed
it away. I watched as Ranger’s knot disappeared into

“Oh…Jeez…! That feels great!” she moaned.

For at least five minutes Ranger kept his staccato
pumping of Kellie. I knew he was ready to blow when he
stopped his pumping and swung himself around a little
sideways. I looked closely as his cock pulsated and
filled Kellie with his hot cum.

A guttural moan escaped from Ranger and then Kellie

“Oh yes…! Cum in me! Fill me with that Rockygie cum!”
she howled.

I knew she had cum with him. Not bad for her first
time. She continued to kneel above me, Ranger’s cock
still buried deep inside her. Still sealed up, so
nothing could escape.

“I can feel him shrinking!” Kellie giggled nearly ten
minutes later.”

“I’ll wait right here!” I giggled back.

The next thing I saw was Ranger’s shrunken knot slide
from Kellie, the balance of his cock close behind. It
hit my forehead on the way down as I pulled the pillow
back under me awaiting the flood. The flood came almost
right away. As Kellie’s vagina contracted one more time
from her residual orgasmic state, the first of the cum
entered my sucking mouth. The flood gates opened, and,
by the time I was done cleaning her out, I felt like
I’d swallowed a quart. I know it’s only a shot or two,
but it seemed like more.

“That was the best fucking I’ve ever had! I must have
cum three times!” Kellie stammered.

“Enthusiastic, isn’t he?” I asked

“Enthusiastic is not the right word! More like
possessed!” she replied.

“Hungry?” I asked.


Let’s make some supper, open a bottle of champagne and
make an evening of it!” I suggested.

“How about after dinner you make me a star?” Kellie

“You’re sure?” I asked with some hesitation.

“It’ll be good viewing when I’m alone and need a
reminder!” Kellie answered.

I got out some steaks while Kellie made a salad. She
opened a bottle of champagne and soon we were feasting.
Not much talking going on during dinner. I had a
feeling she was mulling over her experience earlier.

As I was clearing dishes she said, “I want you to just
watch and film, if you don’t mind. I can do without a
co-star, if you know what I mean.”

“I understand. It’ll be a higher quality if I just run
the video.” That way I can use a little artistic
license. Let me get everything set up. Then we’ll get
in the hot tub and clean up a little before your movie

I went to the den and got out the recorder, a couple of
lights and soon had them set up in the living room,
where I wanted. I could see Kellie was eagerly
anticipating the evening. After I was certain of the
positioning we went to the hot tub to relax a little.

“Do you have any other “home movies”?” she asked.

“Just one other! Same type, but an added cast member!”
I replied.


“Carl!” I stuttered a little. “Robin really doesn’t
know about any of this!”

“With Ranger?”

“You got it!”

“Doing what?”

“Sucking his dick, what else?” I said blushingly.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“That’s what gave me the idea! If he could do it, so
could I! He videoed it himself, pretty close up so you
can see all the good parts! Want to watch it?” I added.

“Get it out!” she replied with a very turned on voice.

We got out of the tub and dried off. I went to the
cabinet and got the movie out. As we walked back to the
living room Kellie asked “Did it bother you to see it?”

“When he showed it to me the first time, I was so
turned on; I nearly came as Ranger’s cock slid into his
mouth. Did it bother me? Yah, hot and bothered?” I

When did this happen?” she asked.

“About a month after our little trip to Vegas. I
discovered something new, and I guess he did, too!” I

“So this was his first time!”

“That’s what he says! Probably so!”

“Only Ranger?” she asked, continuing the questioning.

“Well, until our trip to San Antonio with Robin and
Eddy. Did I tell you about that?”

“No…!” she giggled.

“To make a long story short…Robin and I put on a
little show for the boys. Eddy climbed in behind Robin
when we were in a sixty-nine. Then somehow, Carl slid
in next to me and took over eating Robin while Eddy
drilled her. Next thing you know, Eddy’s cock fell out
of Robin and into Carl’s mouth. About that time, Eddy
decided to cum and shot a load down his throat. Both
Robin and Eddy thought it was me. There was a brief
stunned look on their faces, and then Carl continued to
suck Eddy to another big cum. How about that?” I

“Wow…that is HOT!” she remarked. “Totally Hot!”

“That’s what I thought!” I added.

I put the movie on and the first thing Kellie saw was
Carl sliding Ranger’s sheath back exposing his slender
cock. Kellie fidgeted in her seat a bit, so I left the
room for just a second to get her something. I came
back with a pair of gray cotton boy shorts and threw
them at her. I had already put a pair on.

“Put these on! I want to see how wet you get!” I

She pulled them up tight against her mound and kept her
eyes glued to the screen. The movie always seems to get
me hot, but tonight I just wanted to see the effect it
would have on Kellie’s crotch. I sat on the floor in
front of her as she watched what I knew was Carl
servicing Ranger with his mouth.

Within a few minutes, the tell-tale sign of Kellie’s
arousal began to show in the crotch of her panties. A
small wet spot appeared at the lower end of her vagina
and began quickly spreading all directions as she began
profusely lubricating.

“Good Movie, huh?” I said.

“Doe it show?” she asked knowingly.

“Well…you’re getting those panties wet!”

“Yah, I knew that. I can feel my little pussy getting

“Leave it alone!” You’ll want all that goo later!” I
told her.

A few minutes later Kellie gasped and spoke “He’s
cumming in Carl’s mouth! I can see his cock pulsing.

“Jeez this is hot!”

“Don’t worry, there’s a little break, then it starts
again. This time it’s a little more visual!”

By now, the entire crotch of her light gray panties had
turned a lot darker as her juices were saturating them.

She was really turned on.

The next part of them movie started the same way, Carl
jacking Ranger. Then it changed from his previous
encounter. Carl brought a champagne glass, and pointing
Ranger’s engorged cock at it, began guiding jets of
pre-cum that shot and dribbled from the fiery tip, into
the glass. It wasn’t long before there was a
significant puddle in it.

By :Coyotegirl69

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