Kelly Get’s Tie the Knot

A friend comes over to “Tie the Knot” so to speak. (FF,
beast, ws)


“What are you doing this weekend?” the voice on the
other end of the line asked.

This was Kellie’s way to say she’d like to come out and

“Absolutely nothing! Carl’s in Tulsa, so I’d love some
company!” I responded.

I’ll be there around three. Can’t wait!” she giggled
into the phone.

“See you then. I replied and hung up the phone.

I was hoping she’d want to get together. It’d been a
month since our trip to Cabo and we hadn’t been able
see each other.

I worked in the garden until two on Saturday, then
realized Kellie would be here in an hour. I quickly ran
inside and

jumped in the shower. As I ran my hands down the length
of my body, I stopped at my vaginal lips and found that
two fingers slid immediately inside.

I guess I was wet with the anticipated fun Kellie and I
would have. I stopped messing with myself and soaped up
and washed my hair. I rinsed off quickly and grabbed a
towel, drying off and then fluffing up my hair. I then
went to my closet and got out my favorite “Be Juicy”
tracksuit and put it on, sans bra or panties. The
outfit really gave me a good “toe” and was soft and
fluffy, rubbing me just the right way. Only problem
was, Kelly would know when I get wet; the pink material
gets a little darker in those areas.

Oh well, that was kind of the plan anyway.

Kellie drove up precisely at three. As she got out, she
was wearing a tracksuit too. Not like mine, but I think
they all give you that little cleavage in the front.
Probably supposed to.

We hugged as she walked onto the porch.

“You look good enough to eat!” she giggled.

“Likewise!” I replied.

As we walked through the house to the living room
Kellie asked, “Do you have any good DVD’s?”

“You know we do? What kind do you want?”

A sudden case of nerves must have hit her because she
looked at me a little sheepishly and stammered,

“You want to see home movies?” I asked.

“The one with…you know?” she added, now blushing.

“Ranger…The Movie!” I said with a laugh.

Kellie just nodded her head and said in a low voice,
“You told us about it in Cabo with that tool you

“The Vixen?” I asked knowing what she meant.

Again she nodded her head.

Then she looked straight at me and said “If you really
did it, then I want to do it!”

“That’ll make Ranger happy!” I said exiting the room to
get the DVD.

While getting the DVD, I noticed Ranger by the door.
Now was as good a time as any to bring him in. If I was
going to share my secret with Kellie, she would have to
fulfill her part of the bargain. Somehow I knew that
was not going to be a problem.

As I returned to the living room, Ranger in tow, I
spoke “I’m back and brought a friend!”

Kellie turned around to see Ranger standing next to me.
Now, Ranger is a big Rocky. He’s a four year old Rottie
and weighs in at a little over one forty. He is totally
devoted to me. Might be the special attention he gets.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “You really have, haven’t

“On a regular basis!” I said, adding “He’s happy, I’m
happy, where’s the harm?”

Kellie got up a walked over to us, knelt down and gave
Ranger a big hug. He loves hugs. Then, she got up, took
the movie from my hand and almost ran to the player.

“Other than Carl and me, no one knows about this!” I
said, adding, “Not even Robin!”

She sat in the recliner and I took the couch, Ranger
climbing up beside me and laying down. As Kellie
watched the unedited DVD, her eyes were totally glued
to the screen. I had watched it many times before, so
my interest was in her reaction. About the time I had
begun to stroke Ranger’s sheath, seeing the fiery red
tip of his cock appear on the screen, I noticed
Kellie’s legs had parted a little and she became a
little restless.

By :Coyotegirl69

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