Kelly fucked friendly family pet

It was a hot June day and Kelly had just got in from
school, she was welcomed by her pet Rocky max who jumped
up at her as she came through the door.

Kelly fussed with him before she let him out into the
garden, he came running back inside after a minute and
followed Kelly into the kitchen.

Helping herself to a coke and a biscuit she threw a
piece to Max and then went upstairs to her room.

Kelly opened the windows and pulled the curtains
closed, she wanted to cool the room but she wanted
privacy from across the road, she had the idea that
her neighbor was always looking at her and it had a
strange effect on her, she felt it was pervy but it
still excited her that he was looking at her. Kelly
pulled off her school uniform and threw them on the
chair removing her bra she looked at herself in the
mirror, lifting her boobs she looked at her side
profile and thought she would soon need a 34B bra.

She slid her knickers off and admired herself, her
bottom a little large but her stomach was flat she
thought she was curvy in the right places.

Kelly laid flat on her bed and let the breeze blow
across her naked body. Without thinking she let her
right hand drift down to her pubes she was totally
smooth she shaved herself every day and loved the
silky soft feel of her outer lips, her other hand was
cupping her right breast, she was not really
masturbating she was just enjoying the feeling of
nakedness. She often did this I the summer in the two
hours before her older brother and parents would get
back from work.

Kelly could not decide if she should get her shower
now and shave herself or do it later, the cool air
through her widow decided for her. Her mind wandered
to her neighbor, she bet her would be watching her now
if she had not pulled the curtains, she went to the
window and pulling them open she looked into his
garden, sure enough he was sat in a chair looking
straight at her window. Kelly did not know why she
did, but she faked a yawn lifting her hands above her
head as she showed her naked body to him then just as
quickly she pulled the curtains closed and got back on
her bed.

Giggling she cupped her breast again and put her other
hand between her legs rolling over onto one side she
pulled her knees up to her chest and gently rubbed
herself as she thought of what she had just done. She
did not know who would be the most embarrassed when
they saw each other again.

Her fingers were moving quicker and her mind was on
one of her older brother’s friends who she fancied but
he did not appear interested in her.

Kelly did not hear Max pad into the room and the first
thing she knew of his presence was when he licked the
side of her bottom. Instantly she was back to reality
max licked her again this time his tongue went across
her bottom and touched the fingers she still had
between her legs. �Get down Max� she scolded, but Max
licked her again his long tongue running the length of
her fingers and onto her thighs, Kelly pulled her hand
away and was about to move when Max’s tongue licked
her again this time from the crack of her bottom right
across her lips and over her now sensitive clitoris.

Kelly trembled as she told him to get down again,
moving she had given him more access and his next lick
was stronger than before and his tongue parted her
already wet pussy lips and as it touched her clitoris
she had to bite her own lip to prevent herself from

By :RobandLinda

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