Kathy’s Act

Kathy Murphy walked nervously onto the stage and peered
into the dark auditorium. She briefly shaded her eyes
with her hand, trying to blot out the blinding stage

“Pete! Pete! I thought I told you that I wanted a
brunette!” Kathy heard the producer yell.

“Bob! I’m telling you she’s good. Listen to her read
her lines and shut up for once in your life,” Pete
Coons, the director, shouted back from the left wing.

“So she’s got a pair of big tits! That makes an
actress?” the man shouted again.

“Go on, Kathy. Read,” Pete urged quietly.

Kathy dropped her hand and swallowed hard, trying to
fight off the feeling of panic that was making her
stomach rumble and quiver with butterflies. This was
her first big chance to get out of the house and into
the theatre.

“Okay, angel tits. Let’s go,” the producer shouted out
from the darkened room.

“Oh Sheba, do you…” Kathy started.

“Goddamn it! Where’s the Rocky? This is the big return
scene for that fuckin’ Rocky. If she’s gonna read, I want
to see her with that animal,” the producer hollered.

Kathy closed her eyes and fought back the urge to
scream. She’d never dreamed that getting a part in the
Pasadena Civic Theatre would be this traumatic. The way
everyone was acting, she thought she was auditioning
for a Broadway theatre in New York. But all this was
just a game they were playing, she knew that she had to
go along with the rules or go home.

Back to the vacuum cleaner! Ugh! She thought as she
watched the prop man run frantically round the wings
looking for her co-star. Kathy married Joe when she was
twenty and really had no complaints about him. She’d
been a virgin when she married him, not really knowing
what went on in the sack.

Joe changed all of that quickly, and turned Kathy into
a star pupil of fucking. Kathy experimented with him
willingly–not only because she loved him, but because
she realized she had a hot cunt that needed banging

“Get that damned Rocky! I haven’t got all day!” the
producer screeched.

Kathy sighed as she remembered how the frustration
slowly began to set in on her. Joe had his career. He
was a manager and instructor at a women’s gym in
Beverly Hills. Kathy had been there a few times and
felt her jealousy burning at full tilt when she saw the
way the women looked at Joe. She watched their eyes
glaze over with lust, as they stared at his powerful

Kathy knew that her husband had a powerful animal
magnetism that made nipples stiffen, tits swell, and
cunts fire up and juice uncontrollably. That was one of
the first things that attracted her to him. But did he
have to parade it around at his job?

Kathy sighed again as she thought of how some women
practically got down on their backs and hunched up
their knees whenever Joe walked by. He was tall, dark-
complected, and had long, curly thick black hair that
hung slightly over his ears. His blue eyes sparkled
with excitement, glowing almost continually with sexual
lust from under his thick black lashes and bushy brows.

Kathy didn’t know if Joe fooled around or not. He was
home with her every night. But there were those
secluded little sauna parties at the gym. If he did
fuck other women, it certainly wasn’t because Kathy was
some ugly frump with purple stretch marks and bad

Kathy was twenty-five now and had long, straight blonde
hair that flowed down to her waist. Her eyes were as
blue as Joe’s and gleamed with the same kind of lust
his did. But her most noticeable asset was her boobs.
They were firm with deep red nipples that always seemed
to be twitching and stiff with sexual excitement. She
always felt her clit twinge with rushing blood as men
on the street stared at her bouncing tits. She’d had
her chances to hop in the hay, but fought back the
inviting urge that gripped her cunt continually,
waiting for Joe to come home from the gym.

By :Paul Gable

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