Kathy Cheats With Son’s Friend

Our son John is about to have his 18th birthday and Kathy wants to have a big party for him, I agree to it but tell her that she will have to do most of the work herself as i will be out of town the two weeks prior to it. She said no problem, she was sure that Tina, our daughter would help out and she needed to she was sure a couple of John’s friends would help out as well.

I called home on Monday night before the party, Tina answered the phone.

“Hi sweety, hows things going, you and Mom getting everything done for your brothers party Saturday?” I asked

“Yep, we have most the stuff done, most of it put away in your office, Aunt Sue is picking up the cake Saturday on her way over, Johnny and me are going out for brunch and to a ball game Saturday afternoon, my present for him, and to get him away from the house. Tim and Don are coming over before noon to help Mom decorate the house and yard” Tina said

“ Good, it looks like I you have everything under control, is your Mom there?” I asked

“No, she went over to Judy’s to visit” Tina responded

“Can you tell her then that I’m sorry buy I will be late getting home Saturday, most likely after 10:00 , my damn boss scheduled my last meeting for noon on Saturday and he knew I want to be home Friday night for my son’s birthday Saturday.” I said

“OK Dad, that’s to bad you will miss the barbecue and cake but I’m sure the real party will be just getting into hi high gear by then. Got to go, sally’s here, we’re going out, Bye Dad”, Tina hung up

Friday noon i had a client cancel on me so I called the one I was to meet tomorrow to see if we could meet today so I could get home, after a little sweet talk and telling about my son’s birthday he agreed to meet today. It was late when we finished so i decided to stay there for the night and go home in the morning. I was on the road by seven, five hour drive if all went well.

I pulled in the driveway just after noon, the drive was empty then I saw Tim’s car pulled up beside the garage, almost out of sight. I went inside and put my bags in the bedroom, changed into some more casual clothes and went to the kitchen, “Kathy, you home?” as I entered, no response. I got a beer out and figured they must be out back getting stuff done, reaching the back door I was stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw.

Tim was up on a ladder trying to hang decorations, I think, Kathy had her hand on his crotch, rubbing him, “Tim, you have grown up so well”, she was saying, “I have been watching you, you have turned in to a hot young man”.

What was she doing, was she at it again, cheating on me, I thought that night last year was the only time, was i wrong. I wanted to go running out and confront her in the act, but I just stood there, watching.

Tim’s face turned a little red, “Mrs. Reid, what are you doing?”

Kathy licked her lips, “What do you think I’m doing, I’ve seen the way you look at me when your over here”, she said. She was at his crotch with both hands now, “ I’ve seen you shifting your chair when I cross the room, trying to hide this from me, well not today”

“Mrs Reid, I don’t think we should be doing this, your my best friend Mom, some one might see, Don should be here soon, leave me alone”, Tim said.

“No one is coming, John and Tina are at the ball game, Joe said he will not be here till late, the others were told to be here for five”, Kathy was undoing his pants, “ And I sent Don to get my sister and the cake, they won’t be here till at least four”.

Kathy was pulling his pants down, his hard cock bounced out, he was not any longer then me, but a lot thicker. “Oh look what you have for me” Kathy said. She placed a hand around his cock and opened her mouth, she just got his head in and then removed it, “Holy Shit, your big”, she went at him again this time getting a little more in her mouth.

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