Kate Beckinsale: Family Day Out

The sun over California burned bright even first thing in the morning. Actress Kate Beckinsale woke up in her king sized bed surrounded in thick, comfortable, over-stuffed pillows. She rolled her slender body out from under her comforter and stretched, a small smile playing across her lips. Even at the crack of dawn she was beautiful. Her dark brown hair was tussled and fell to half-way down her graceful back. Her small, firm breasts pulled up high and tight beneath her black spaghetti strap top. Her long legs stretched beneath her covers, her toes curling, her taunt ass clenching tight beneath her black, string-bikini panties.

Lily Mo Sheen was a near duplicate of her mother as far as her looks went but the teenage girl was definitely not a morning person. Her dark brown hair was straightened and came down between her shoulders and was flared out over her pillow. She yanked her pink, ruffled comforter over her head to block out the bright California sun as she struggled for just a few more minutes of sleep.

“Up you pop,” Kate called out with her British accent as she walked past her daughter’s bedroom door, “We’ve got a day ahead of us.” Her long, bare legs scissored back and forth as she made her way back to her bathroom to get ready for her day out with her daughter. Not bothering to close the door she threw off her top, releasing her petite breasts before slipping her panties down her legs leaving her completely nude. “Time to get up, sweetie,” she called again before turning the water on in her shower.

“Um ah gonna,” Lily mumbled sleepily, snuggling into her bed even more, defiantly holding off the morning.

In her large shower, steam filled the bathroom as Kate stood under the water. Her long, dark hair flowed down her back, nearly reaching her tight, firm ass from the weight of the water. The water streamed down her naked body, dripping off her nipples, and sliding between her legs as she ran her fingers through her hair. Her eyes closed, the beautiful actress grabbed her favorite scented shampoo and squirted it into her hand. She began lathering her hair, the suds travelling down her body, over her chest, running down her body and spiraling into the drain.

In her bed, Lily moaned and groaned in protest of herself getting out of bed. She violently kicked her covers off and laid in bed, mentally fighting off the need for just five more minutes of sleep. The young, teen girl wore pink, flannel pajamas with the pants riding low on her hips and just two buttons fastened on her top. Her flat stomach glowed in the morning light as she finally managed to open up her wide eyes.

Kate hummed to herself as she added conditioner to her hair and grabbed her soft washcloth. She added her favorite body wash and began to lather up her body starting with her slender chest and then moving down her flat abdomen and sides. She heard the bathroom door open as she placed her foot up on the edge of the tub and began washing her leg. “Good morning, darling,” she said to her daughter. Through the steamed glass she could see Lily slouching in and pulling her pajama pants down her legs.

“Good morning, mum,” Lily said as she sat down on the toilet. Through the murky glass she could see her mother wash one leg and then start on the other as she finished on the toilet. “Are you almost done?” she asked.

“Just one more minute,” Kate answered as she rinsed out the conditioner in her hair. She washed the soap off of her body, running her hands up and down her slender form, the envy of many women and the object of desire for many men. “Do you want me to leave the water on?” she asked her daughter.

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