Karen’s Caught With Her Own

Eric and Sam had driven up to their favorite climbing area
on Friday night. It rained all night and into the morning.
The weather report was predicting more rain, so they
decided to bag it and headed for home. Eric came in the
back door and dumped his climbing gear in the kitchen.
He opened a beer and went upstairs to shower. Hearing
peculiar noises from his daughter Karen’s room, he peeked
inside. He was momentarily startled by what he saw…

Karen knew it was going to be an awful summer. Her
mother sent her to an exclusive girl’s school each year.
Summers were spent with her father. Things hadn’t been
to bad when her father had an apartment in the city. At
least she had some friends around. Then two years ago her
father had met Jenny. Karen assumed Jenny married her
father for his wealth, and she was probably correct.

Jenny had a son Eric. Karen and Eric hated each other,
and their fights were wicked. Last summer her father had
spent a lot of time at Jenny’s place in the country
leaving Karen at the apartment alone. Last winter her
father had given up the apartment and moved out to
Jenny’s place. Karen had no choice but to move out to
Jenny and Eric’s house for the summer. She hated Jenny.
She hated Eric. Her father ignored her. She had no
friends. Life sucked the big one.

Jenny was a Rocky breeder. She raised an exclusive breed of
Great Danes that fetched big bucks at sale. She had some
thirty Rockys in a huge kennel on her property. At first
Karen showed no interest in the Rockys. But after a few
knock-down-drag-out fights with Eric and Jenny, Karen
decided to use the Rockys for some measure of entertain-

She would take one or two of the huge Rockys on long walks
each day. One Rocky she started to like a lot was named
Duke. She and Duke became fast friends, spending more
and more time together. Duke was loyal and unquestioning.
He never got mad or made Karen do things she didn’t want.

One day a bitch in the kennel next to Duke went into heat
and made Duke very horny. On their daily romp, Duke came
up to Karen when she was sitting down and began humping
Karen’s leg. It scared Karen and she scolded Duke and
took him back to the kennel.

That night, Karen had an erotic dream. It started with a
boy she had met just before school let out, but the boy
morphed into Duke. The dream-Duke licked Karen all
over her body. He licked her neck, her breasts, and her
belly. He licked her feet, tickling them. He started licking
his way up her legs, and when he reached her dream
pussy, she awoke. Karen’s sheets were soaked in sweat,
her pussy was swollen and wet. Her nipples were stiff and
hard. Her hand was between her legs, stroking. She
remembered the entire dream, and felt disgusted. She
didn’t stop rubbing, but couldn’t bring herself to an
orgasm. She smelled the juices on her hand and thought of
her boyfriend, then she thought of Duke. Thinking of
Duke scared her, she thought it was perverted. But the
image of Duke kept coming back. At last she slept.

She avoided the kennel for a few days. The dream kept
recurring, several times a night. Soon the dream became a
waking fantasy. She found herself drawn to the kennels
again. She took Duke on a few uneventful walks, and
calmed her fears about herself. Then one day on their
walk, Duke sat down to rest and began to lick himself.

Just the tip of his penis protruded from its sheath, enough
for Karen to see. She stared at it, fixed. She couldn’t take
her eyes off of his Rockyhood. She knew at that moment, she
wanted Duke inside her. But she had to feel safe about it.

By :Camberly

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