Karen Spanked for Not Wearing Panties

“Isn’t it awful the way these young girls wear their pants so that their underwear is showing? And the next to nothing underwear that it is.”, said Judith to her friend Karen. “Back when I was a girl I would have gotten my fanny tanned if Mom had seen me dressed like that.”
The two middle-aged women were sitting in Karen’s living room, having returned from a shopping trip where they had observed what had elicited Judith’s remark.
Karen smiled,”Guess you are right.But I can’t talk, after what I pulled back in my flower child days.”
“What was that?” Judith queried.
Karen gave a short laugh, “hadn’t thought about that in years. But its certainly something I remember. Especially what my mom did to me.”
“Lets hear the story,” Judith said, now curious.
“Well, lets see it was 1968,I was in college here and had just gotten my own apartment.I was like 20,and was just like so many of the kids back then, trying out some hippie lifestyle.
I never got heavy into drugs,though I smoked my share of pot, and did a little acid. Guess I’m lucky at that.”
“Well, you know how we dressed back then, wild-looking and sloppy. And of course you remember how short the skirts were back then, the mini-skirts.”
“I’d had my share of arguments with mom over how short I wore my skirts in high school, like so many other girls did then.” But now since I lived on my own I figured I could dress as I pleased.”
“One thing I started doing was going without panties on, thought that was some sort of daring act of liberation.”
“What I didn’t count on was that there was this nosy old lady who lived next door. Turns out she saw me a few times bending over getting stuff out of the car. With my skirt riding up I was showing all I had to show. Not that it bothered me. Certainly bothered her though.”
“One day my mom dropped something off at my place while I was out. Thats when she ran into old Miss Taylor-that was her name-who snitched on me about not wearing panties.”
“Mom called me up and asked me and we had a big fight on the phone, she was having a fit, over something I thought was no big deal,and none of her business. And I got pretty nasty with her.”
“Well, next day I so remember ,it was a Friday, and I had just gotten back from somewhere.”
I was wearing an above mid thigh denim mini, one of my shortest, and of course no panties.”
“I hadn’t noticed mom’s car because it was parked off on a side street. I was bent over, my skirt riding up over my big butt-I was pretty well-endowed back there even then, when I felt this sharp slap.”
“I stood up to see Mom standing there, looking mad. And I do mean mad.”
” ‘Karen Marie Lawrence,I could not believe you would do such a disgraceful thing.Going around with no underpants on , like some streetwalker, some loose woman’,” was what she said.”
” Of course I got mouthy right back at her.”
“Next thing I knew she was leading me into the house. The place I lived in was a big old house that had been divided into two or three separate units. I had the downstairs.”
“My mom was a big strong woman in those days and she handled me pretty easily. Anyhow, I didn’t know what was coming until she led me to the couch, bent me over the back, and flipped my skirt up.”
“Next thing I knew she had pulled this big wooden paddle out of her bag,and was spanking my naked butt.”
“Let me tell you, it hurt like hell. And she was lecturing and scolding me the whole time.”
“I cussed her at first,which was a mistake ’cause it just made her paddle harder. Soon I was yelling, asking her to stop,and starting to really carry on.”
“I was so glad none of the neighbors were home who would have wondered what was going on when they heard all this racket.”
“Here I was,someone who thought she was a supercool hippie chick, getting paddled by her mother at 20 years old. Talk about embarrassing”
“I can imagine”, interjected Judith.
“I started to cry from the pain, something worse than I had ever felt, much worse than the spankings I had gotten as a youngster.”
“She must have given me 50 or 60 swats, and my fanny felt like it was on fire. I thought “I’ll never sit down again.”
“She asked me if I thought I had learned my lesson,about decency, and that this was something I had needed for a long time. I had gotten my last spanking from her when I was 12 or so and never thought this would happen. I also started to realize that I had said things that no daughter should say to her mother.”
“I think my ‘sassy mouth’ , as she called it was what really provoked her to give me a paddling.”
“Did you start wearing panties after that happened?”, Judith asked.
“Yes, whenever I left the house, always if I wore a skirt or dress.Sometimes left them off if I wore slacks or shorts-and no chance of running into mom.”
“But I didn’t wear them after I was spanked. Mom left and I tried to cool off my burned butt. That paddle was one of those with holes in it , that make blisters they say. And they’re right, I had a few right on the lowest part of my butt cheeks, where its the tenderest.”
“I had to eat dinner standing up, still miserable. And spent an uncomfortable night on my tummy, my rear end still hurting, despite all the cold water and cold cream.”
“Next day I laid around on my tummy most of the time,or easing down on several soft pillows when I wanted to try and sit. Needless to say I didn’t go out on the town Saturday night.’
” I was quite uncomfortable sitting for the next several days and it was maybe two weeks before the last of the soreness was gone”.
She laughed, “sure didnt want anyone seeing my backside after mom got through with it. She never said a lot about what happened,but we both knew that I got what I deserved.”
“You sure did,” Judith spoke. Too bad a lot of other girls back in those days didn’t have a mother like yours.”
“Not to mention now.”
“Its almost kind of funny now when I think about it”, said Karen. Thing is, my mother and I usually got along real well, were close.”
“Still are, in fact.”
“You know, next time I visit her think I’ll bring it up. Wonder what she thinks so many years later.”
Judith remarked. “might make for an interesting conversation, if she remembers.”
“Maybe you should not wear any panties when you visit her.”
” I don’t think so.Mom’s very feisty for her age and I just might end up with a sore fanny again.”
The two women both burst into loud laughter.

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