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Sandra was a widowed woman with a grown up daughter, Jackie, who was nearly half her mother’s age; being 26 compared to her mother’s 53 years. Other than their age difference, one could easily take them as sisters and often did, for they were almost identically built with the same hair colour and distinguishing features. Both women were blond blue-eyed and well stacked, they both weighing in at a medium weight for their height of 5’8″ tall.

Now the story I’m about to relate to you, began when Sandra found one of my stories on a well-known adult website, now in the beginning I did not know how she began to pursue the matter but I received an e-mail asking me if it was possible for me to train her daughter. Several e-mails were exchanged between us but the main body of which amounted to the fact that according to Sandra Jackie was a submissive slut who needed to be trained to be obedient. As I said in the beginning I did not know how her mother knew this of her own daughter, but as I was about to find out it was an intriguing story.

One of the last e-mails we exchanged amounted to arrangements for me to meet the two women, for their safety it was decided to meet at the shopping mall. The instructions were fairly simple they were to enter a well-known department store, go to the ladies lingerie section and to purchase a black lacy bra that would fit her daughter and then go into the changing area to try it on, however they were to leave a gap in the curtain so that I could witness Jackie putting on the new bra. I would then make contact with them outside the store and take matters from there.

To me this meant placing myself near enough to the changing area and waiting for two women to go into the cubicle carrying a black lacy bra and then watch as one of them tried it on with the Gap in the curtain, this would then identify them to me so I could approach them outside and in many respects was proof that they wish to continue further with what until now had been merely erotic e-mails. Sure enough I watched as the two of them entered the cubicle and the older of the two begin to undress the younger to actually try on the bra, I could see that the older one was actively looking for someone taking an interest to try to identify the person they were to meet.

20 min later I approached the pair of them as they stood window shopping and merely asked for directions to the nearest public convenience, when they turned to answer me I quickly asked if they were Sandra and Jackie and got an affirmative nod by way of response. I told them to follow me and lead them to some benches where we sat down to Chat. I half think that Sandra expected me to leave her there and take Jackie away to begin her training, because the look on her face was an absolute picture when I told them both to follow me.

It was only minutes later that we were in the car park and they had indicated their car to me, I told them to get in the car both of them in the front seat and I climbed in to the back. Light general conversation followed as I gave them directions to my home and at no time did I hint at what was to follow. Once outside my home I told them both to follow me inside and lead them into the living room, where I suddenly turned and faced them before speaking.

Before we begin I wish to know who made the decision to contact me in regard to this training matter. I asked.

Sandra spoke first saying that her and her daughter never kept secrets from each other and because of this she knew that Jackie had already had some bad experiences in regard to being submissive and was scared that allowing her daughters slutty nature to be witnessed would lead to further bad episodes, and so it was decided between them that Jackie needed training. I turned and asked Jackie what was she expecting to get out of being trained and received a reply of all the usual things one would expect, that mainly she would get great sex, no guilt complex, and is much cock and she could handle. I then turned and asked Sandra exactly what she was looking to get out of this training session, and she replied that she just hoped her daughter would become sexually satisfied and happy with her lot and peace of mind that her daughter would not be at serious risk of being blackmailed.

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