Just a Short true Sex story of mine

Back in 2007, when I was in Korea for half a year on a university exchange program… I met a Chinese girl…who was also studying in Korea at the same university where I was attending.
I was 20 at the time and she was 18 (she’s 21 now and I’m 23). I took her virginity, which is explained later on…

We very, very soon got to know each other and then we eventually started dating… We met during the fall orientation session…eventually; we ended up spending every free minute we had…together once we got to know each other.

After about a month hanging out and doing stuff together as friends… the relationship took a very interesting and nice turn for the better One evening, on the weekend… we had been out shopping together and eating… she then suggested we go get a few drinks together at a pub before we called it a night.. We each had two beers… then wandered off aimlessly around the district near the university, which was also where I lived in an apartment…. I suggested why we don’t go hang out at my apartment I was renting. Since it was past 12am and she was now locked out of the dorm on campus…. I wanted to live off campus. .. We then went to my place… we were sitting around watching TV a while then I kissed her cheek briefly… then one thing eventually lead to another and we had sex. It was amazing.

We had sex that night unprotected, since it was sort of unplanned… Let me tell you… The sex we had was the best I’ve ever had! eventually we both passed out from having multiple orgasms and going at it for at least an hour and a half…. I woke up the next morning very groggy and a bit hazy memory about exactly what happened… but I knew most of it… I then realize she’s still there and naked and…Of course already up… watching me sleep…. (Why is it that women do this…) I woke up… then she was like… hi…. morning sleepy head… I then was like… oh… hi… then she smiled… She looked at me and then spoke in a very soft and hushed tone of voice and said like she didn’t want anyone else to hear her…. “does this mean we are dating?” I was like… hmmm we were shopping together… I took you out to eat… and I paid… we came back here… and we had sex… you are still here… so if that’s not dating. I don’t know what is… She then was very happy kissed me, giggled and then gave me a hand job until I got hard and… Then we ended up going at it again. Hell of a way to wake up in the morning

about a week later… We hung out again. During that following week, I tried to find condoms that fit me right but to no avail… Went to different places… The condoms they were selling in Korea didn’t work well for me. To tight, too small or just didn’t fit comfortably for me. I told her that the next time we spent time together. She said she didn’t mind if I didn’t have a condom. We ended up having sex again unprotected that night a week later after the first encounter.

We were going on hunky dory…got busy with our classes.. then we had a mini scare about a month later…. she thought she was late on her period or something had the dates mixed up… was a bit of a short scare.. But nothing came to be, so to speak…..and her period did come… Later the “lateness” was written off to lots of stress from school… and other things going on…

After that minor scare, I made her get on the pill with my help. We went to the doctor together to get her put on it. Every time from then on, when we slept together… we did so unprotected…
She loved me Cumming in her… she would moan every time I came in her as she felt it shooting into her… and she was like ooooh.. So warm… yes… I feel Ur sperm in me…She would always yell or scream nasty stuff when we had sex. She was quite wild in bed, which was very amazing as normally she is/was quite calm and quiet in public. I think she had a bit of a cum fetish as well. She seemed to get off on me Cumming inside her and would babble on moaning stuff in Chinese and then say in English… oh babe cum in my Chinese pussy etc etc….and she knew how to get me going and eventually took onto my fetish. As we made love, she would moan and scream things like ooooh make me pregnant babe ooooh u can’t now… mmhmh.. babe.. shoot your sperm inside me…. she would go bonkers every time we got between the sheets.
It was amazing Cumming inside her… I loved the feeling of her tight pussy clench me as I came inside her…like her pussy was milking my cock for its “product”
we had sex regularly …3 or 4 days a week and multiple times…. was amazing .. Her pussy always had a load of my cum in it… She never shaved her pussy and we had sex… often… and always ended in a creampie….a nice… thick bush… and thick white cum matting her pussy hair down
Every time we slept together. We always role-played that I was fucking her to get her pregnant with our interracial babies.

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