Joys of swinging

For the next several weeks Sue and I talked about our
experience with Jim and Glenness and had some very hot
sex. In our conversations it came out that Sue loved
the feeling of being nasty and having been fucked. She
had enjoyed watching Jim’s big dick slid in and out of
her, and I told her I had enjoyed that also. I was now
more aware of men looking at Sue’s petite 5’4″, 34B
frame with a nice waist and curvy hips. Whenever we
went somewhere men noticed her cute face, then her nice

I brought home a large Dildo and told Sue to use it
during the day, get herself off with it, it would be

When I got home the next day I asked if she had used
the dildo and she happily answered “yes, you were right
it was a lot of fun.”

After dinner I suggested she show me how she liked it.
She went and fetched the dildo and stripped her pants
and panties off while sitting on the couch. Sue lubed
the dildo, leaned back on the couch pulling her knees
up and apart and rubbed the dildo between her wet pussy
lips. She closed her eyes and her mouth opened as she
inserted the dildo deeply into herself, she just cooed
as it bottomed out. It was here that I was struck by
the thought that she was simply uninhibited about what
she was doing. Also I realized that when it came to
sex, she was quite submissive, doing anything I asked
her to do. Watching her slowly move the dildo in and
out of her pussy really made me hot and I started
talking to her.
“Do you like that fat dildo in your pussy honey?” “Does
it feel good?”

“Oh yes, I like it, it was a good idea” she replied.

“Push it way in Sue, I want to see it way in you.”

Sue pushed the dildo in as far as it would go and
started shuttering in a climax. As she was coming down
from her climax I was getting hotter, I thought I would
see if I could get her to go over the edge once more.
“Sue, sex has been so good since you got fucked by Jim,
I think I should get you fucked again.”

Her breathing picked up right away and she resumed
moving the dildo in and out of her pussy. By now I had
my own dick out and was stroking it as I talked to Sue.

“Maybe I can find someone with a nice big fat cock to
fuck you silly.”

Her orgasm was building already and the dildo was
dripping with juice from her pussy.
“Would you like me to find a nice big cock to fuck you

I was hot as hell and waiting for Sue to answer.

Finally she said “if that is what you want, I would
like it” and she commenced to have a crushing orgasm.

I watched Sue as her orgasm subsided and she opened her
eyes to look at me, she had a sheepish grin on her face
and said “That was great.”

Still hot as a pistol, I knelt down between her wide
spread legs and slowly pulled the dildo out of her
pussy. As slick as it was it still had some resistance
to coming out of her due to its size and it made a
sucking sound as it popped out. This was the second
time I had seen her sweet pussy hang open and not close
up after having had something in it. I really liked
this. Her pussy was very juicy from using the dildo and
mycock slid in with almost no friction, it fell much
like it had after Jim had given her such a good

Looking into her eyes I told her “I want you to use
this dildo often so I can feel your pussy all loose and
sloppy like this.”

Sue nodded yes as she started a new climax. My climax
wasn’t too far behind as I was thinking how good her
sloppy wet pussy felt and how nasty we had been.

In the following days Sue asked me if I still wanted
her to have another guy and if so who did I have in
mind? We were still rather new to this small city and
didn’t know very many people outside of my work. As it
happened we were invited to take a trip to the nearest
big city and go bar hopping and site seeing with a male
friend from my work. He had friends where we could
stay for the weekend, Sue and I accepted the

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