Joyce has a lesbian encounter

It’s Saturday! I thought to myself as I awoke to the sun shining into my window through slightly cracked blinds. Saturday is the day I always spend with my best friend Jennifer. We have been friends for years and stayed friends through my teenage pregnancy as well as two subsequent divorces.

Through all that Jennifer has stayed a true and steady friend. So even though we met in school and could easily have drifted apart, we just stayed close. I always think of her when I see a funny meme, or I get a random fact stuck in my head.

At thirty four my circle of friends has significantly shrunk. Especially after my divorces. My ex apparently bad mouthed me all over town and my so called friends look down their noses at me now when I see them.

Anyhow, It’s Saturday and I get up and do my morning grooming routine. Then I dress and hop into my car. I make decent money as a software engineer. It allows me to work from home and make a decent living. So my car is a fully restored 1967 Ford Mustang fastback. I had it painted fire engine red and made sure I got a model with the 390 cubic inch engine.

At three hundred twenty horsepower, my little darlin purrs like a very angry kitten. Anyways, I shifted gears and backed out of my driveway. I took the long way to Jennifers house and rolled down my window. It was brisk and the trees were turning beautiful gold and red. I live in a city called Middleton in the northern half of the continental United States.

My hair whipped around in the wind as I drove, tickling my neck. I usually put it in a ponytail but today was my most casual day. I was wearing jean shorts, the ones with spandex in them. What? They are so much easier to put on. My ass is bigger than it used to be and I need all the tricks at my disposal.

I pulled into Jennifers driveway a little after 8 AM and walked to the patio door on the side of her house. It doesn’t lock and I just slipped right in. I could hear her in the kitchen, clanking and banging pans together. So I snuck around the corner and jumped out at her. “Boo, got you!” I said after I landed with my hands in the air and my feet spread ridiculously.

Jennifer jumped a foot in the air, a frightened look on her face. When she landed she spun toward me and started cursing. “What the fuck, Joyce. Are you trying to give me a heart attack? If you ever fucking do that again I swear I will… why are you laughing so hard? This isn’t funny!” I was nearly bent double I was laughing so hard. I tried fruitlessly to catch my breath, her red face and pissed look making me laugh so much harder, “Ha huff wait a sec, whoo wee that was funny!”

I took another deep breath and looked at her. She wasn’t so red anymore and she had a little grin of her own gracing her lips. “You nearly made me shit my pants Joyce, I hate it when you do that! I swear I’ll get that patio door fixed one of the days!” I giggled and walked over to her and gave her a big warm hug. Now Jennifer might seem small but its deceptive. Her manner and body language cover a feisty personality. She is about six inches shorter than me but in way better shape.

I always wish I had the drive to work out as much as she does but I guess most people wish the same, especially when friends with someone like Jennifer. Her body has been many guys wet dream I’m sure. “So what are you making?” I asked her. She blinked up at me for a moment then stepped back from our embrace and walked to the stove.

“Well I was making an omelet before you scared me into next week.” She said as she resumed poking at her omelet with a spatula. I sat at the counter after pouring myself a cup of coffee. I know where all her cups are and everything else in her house of course. I’ve been here a million times after all.

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