Joy and the electricians

My wife Joy works in an office building doing mostly secretarial work. I often share her with different guys and she loves to fuck.

Joy had decided to stay late and finish some last minute correspondence. Even though it was her birthday, she had lingered to finish. Besides, she was sure I had let it slip his my again. She knew she was alone in the building except for the team of electricians who were placing new lines for a computer upgrade, so she left her door open and continued to work. At times, she could hear them in the hallway, laughing about some unheard joke. Soon one of the men appeared at her open doorway, somewhat surprised that anyone else was in the building. Exchanging pleasantries, Joy and Stan, as she soon learned his name talked of the weather and other generalities.

“Do you mind if I work in here a while?” Stan asked eventually.

Soon he had brought in some tools and began to work .. As Stan climbed up on a ladder to measure for a conduit, Joy noticed the huge bulge extending down the left leg of his jeans. Hearing her gasp loudly, Stan asked if everything was alright.

Joy, unable to lift her gaze said, “Oh, my , yes”.

Stan, sensing her attraction then asked if she could hand him a pencil from the floor. Joy, more than willing to comply, walked over to the base of the ladder and retrieved the pencil . Standing beside him, Joy pulled her top slightly lower, exposing the rounded mound of her breasts and the lacy top of her bra. As she handed Stan the pencil., she pretended to lose her balance, grabbing his leg as she fell. Her hand contacted his cock at upper thigh and slowly slid it’s length
feeling the massive head at its terminus. Stan groaned, smiling, and asked if she was hurt. As she stood at eye level with the biggest cock she could ever imagine, she looked upward to the man saying simply , “Show me…”

Joy, at 43 years old , is still very attractive. Her hair is brown and her brown eyes still glimmered when she was excited. Though she thought herself overweight, her figure remained nice with ample breasts that terminated with constantly erect
nipples. Her pussy was still very tight and the mere feel of her panties rubbing against her clit kept her moist. Looking at Stan’s growing bulge, Joy decided that now was the time to be adventurous.

Stan, smiling slightly now, turned toward her, still standing on the ladder. Unhooking his tool belt, he handed it to Joy. Then unsnapping his jeans, he slowly started to unzip them. Reaching down, he now took Joy’s hands and placed them on the waistband of his pants. Her face now directly in front of him, she could smell his sweat and muskiness through his pants. Pulling down slowly, she noticed he was wearing no underwear and as she tugged harder, more and more cock came in to view. Finally, with his pants almost to his knees, the whole thing swung free and dangled inches from her widening eyes. In front of her was a huge shaft at least 10 inches long still soft and so thick, she doubted her hands could encircle it , thick veined with a mushroomed head glowing with sweat and a trace of sticky pre-cum. Joy groaned a low moan and holding it with both hands lifted the still flaccid cock away from Stan’s leg , licking the tip and caressing the underside with her tongue. Pulling the monster to her, Joy opened her mouth as far as possible and greedily worked the
throbbing, hardening head into her hot mouth. Stan now groaned loudly and reached in his shirt pocket for a small radio. Joy, busy sucking and stroking the now hardening monster with both hands did not even notice him speaking softly to someone on another radio.

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