John is educated in sex by father’s cousins

I am country-bred at a small farm just outside Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden. My family moved there when I was young but my parents kept their jobs in a nearby town.

The farm had several houses. They were used by relatives as summerhouses. In wintertime we were quite lonely but in the summer there were more people around.

Two female cousins of my father, Lisa and Karin, had a house each for their families. In those times it was customary that the wife and the children spent the summer in the summerhouse and the father was left in town working. Our farm had an advantage. It was so close to Stockholm that the husbands could come there at weekends but the wives got a little bored anyway.

The hot summer of 1959 the cousins were in theirs mid thirties. They had two children each in about the same age and helped each other so they could get some free time on their own.

I spent the summer at home working on the farm and with the horses. At 18, I had grown since last summer and the farm work had developed my body. I was shy and inexperienced but very interested in the female body. I started to fancy about these women who went around in light summer clothing and sundresses not thinking much about me being around.

One day they had a couple of friends visiting, also with small children. They went down to the lake to swim and play. It was some distance away from the houses and an area was fenced to keep the cattle out. It also had a sun deck sheltered by planking to get privacy and to stop the winds. There were a sandbox and a bridge with a diving board. It was a nice place to spend summer afternoons, which we frequently did.

As usual I went down there when I had finished my duties. Lisa met me at the entrance. She held a small towel in front of her with both hands. It covered her front from breasts to upper thigh but hang loose and was not wrapped around her. Behind her I could see more naked females.

“John, you have to go somewhere else to swim today,” Lisa said. “We want to swim in the nude today since my friends didn’t brought bathing suits and it’s such a lovely weather. I am sure you can find a good place over there. Now go.” And she pointed along the shore with her hand and then patted me on my cheek. To do that she released the grip of one corner of the towel. The towel suddenly revealed her right breast and much more of her body. She didn’t seem to mind really. Maybe there was a smile at the corner of her mouth. She turned and walked slowly back inside obviously not bothered by the fact that she showed me her nude backside.

Now, this was a long time ago. Public nudity was unknown and even wearing a very modest bikini was not very common. I had never seen a woman’s breast, not to mention a nude backside.

I stumbled back, totally filled by the sight of these nude women. I went down the shore but not more than about thirty yards. There was a small spot with sand, with a few bushes, a natural place to take a bath. The bushes weren’t big enough to shield me but felt somehow as a cover.

I sat down and peered between two bushes. The two guests were in the water, Lisa and Karen was on shore, looking after the children. They were all plainly visible and must have known that I could see them if they were concerned. Which they didn’t seem to be. I guess that they still regarded me as a boy although they felt I shouldn’t be too close. After all it was not that many years ago I also was bathing in the nude like the children now.

I sat there looking. I just took the whole of them in, too inexperienced to really know what I saw. Today I would describe them better.

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