Joan and the adult theatre

Joan was a woman of wealth, not super rich or even rich enough to be a spoilt brat but at 32, she had an ex husband whom supplied the alimony payments which meant she did not have to worry where the next dollar was coming from. There was one more thing of note, despite her blonde hair, steely blue eyes and trim 36,24,35 figure; Joan was a slut. This was probably the one thing her ex-husband failed to detect, otherwise he would not have needed to stray and ultimately divorce this sexually needy woman.

Joan simply felt something was missing in her life and began trolling the internet trying to find that missing piece. She never even connected that when reading adult stories, she always found the ones where submissive women made to perform strange sexual favours the most exciting and stimulating. And so it was, one day she found a writer whom, really triggered a nerve with her; as she read how this woman was simply told to go to the ladies room and seduce the next woman whom entered the toilet, they lady never said a word and simply trotted off to the female toilets and undressed in a cubicle waiting for the sound of the door to open. Just as described in the story, as the woman waited for that tell-tale sound, Joan also found her pulse begin to race as her cunt became hot and irritable. She could not resist as she hitched up her skirt and pushed her hand down inside her panties.

Her hand brushed passed her fine curly pubes and she silently groaned as she found her cunt hot and slick with pussy juice, eagerly she scanned the next few lines of text but the author had deviated away from the slut in the toilet and was now describing the Manageress of the coffee shop. Joan had two fingers buried in the heated juicy entrance to her cunt, as she sensed the terrible wait the slut was having to bear. Suddenly in Joan’s mind there sprang a question, to say she was asking herself the question would be a lie, it was if her mind was challenging her resolve as the question posed, How do you seduce a total stranger why you don’t have the choice of finding someone you are attracted too? Even worse for Joan was the thought, could I obey that demand?

Her heated cunt challenged her that the answer would be yes, some way she would have found the courage to obey the instructions. Joan was seconds away from her own orgasm, when she read that the manageress was the one to enter the female toilets, now her eyes glued to the monitor as she read, the slut opened the cubicle door and naked approached the manager silently from behind. The manageress pretended not to see the reflection in the mirror and waited to see how the slut would handle the situation as described to her by Master Roy.

The slut, whom by this time had taken on the appearance of Joan, suddenly tapped the manageress on the shoulder and as she turned round, the slut suddenly kissed her full on the lips and pushed her tongue towards the pale pink loosely closed lips of the manageress. There was a small amount of resistance before their tongues touched and the there was equal pressure pushing back towards the slut, whom now found the manageress squeezing the slut’s nipples and making her squirm to boot.

Just as the manageress broke the kiss, she ordered the slut to kneel before her and to lick her cunt through the manageress’s panties. The manageress grasped a large chunk of the slut’s hair and almost dragged her down on to her knees. The slut licked furiously at the nylon material between her tongue and the woman’s cunt but for Joan, she imagined pulling the panty gusset aside and as she licked fresh air, she imagined the taste of this stranger’s cunt.

By :Niteowluk2003

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