Jimmy impregnates both his granny and mother, and also accidentally impregnates his sister

This sick story is
meant as an putrid fantasy not real life.

When Jimmy’s mother Margie (4 months pregnant with
Jimmy’s son) decided to move in with Jimmy and Jimmy’s
grandmother Addie (who was 8 months pregnant with
Jimmy’s twin daughters), Jimmy expected his 9-month
fuckfest with Addie to come to a screeching halt a
month ahead of schedule.

Jimmy was hoping to continue fucking eager (though
hugely swollen) Addie right into her 9th month, but he
doubted that would be practical with his relatively
prudish mother around; though Margie was undoubtedly
pregnant with Jimmy’s baby, she had only gotten that
way after Addie and Jimmy conspired to knock her up on
New Year’s Eve, taking advantage of her thoroughly
sauced condition.

“Someone needs to keep an eye on you two,” Margie told
her 18-year old son, “so it might as well be me.”

“Jeez, Margie,” Addie said, crossing her arms over her
hugely-swollen boobs, “you ruin everything.”

“All the same, Mother, Jimmy needs to focus on school
and he doesn’t need distractions bothering him like
those babies you’re going to pop out in May. I’ll help
look after the babies so Jimmy can focus on college.”

Fortunately for Jimmy, though, things weren’t quite as
bad as they seemed. For one thing, Addie was still
determined to get fucked as often as possible and took
considerable delight in fucking Jimmy whenever Margie
was distracted elsewhere.

Typically, Addie would wait until Margie was shopping
or taking a bath, then throw Jimmy onto the nearest
couch or bed and sink his instantly-hard babymaker into
her slippery-wet cunt. Or if Addie was feeling
especially frisky, she might frig herself to the edge
of an orgasm in her own bedroom, then prance (heavily)
into Jimmy’s bedroom on her high-heeled sandals and
plunk herself down on Jimmy’s lap while he was trying
to study.

“Hurry, Jimmy!” Addie said, struggling with the fly of
his jeans. “I need it now!”

“All right, all right,” Jimmy said, flipping out his
seven-inch pole, “keep your pants on…”

Of course, Addie never wore pants; rather, she favored
short dresses (even in her gravid condition) that
allowed Jimmy easy access, and usually no panties if
she figured there was a good chance of getting laid
soon. Like now, for example: after an awkward moment of
fumbling about (with Jimmy trying to reach around
Addie’s bloated belly from behind to feel for the
entrance to her pussy), the unlikely lovers had his
cock plunging deep into her hole, then proceeded to
fuck with the furious passion of people who didn’t know
how many more chances like this they would get. With
Addie 38 weeks along, she might literally pop any day

“Oh, Grandma…damn! You’re so wet…!”

“Oh, that’s it…” Addie grunted, feeling Jimmy’s balls
slap her labia with every downward thrust, “get it
deeper! Deeper!”

Soon Addie was coming–shuddering from her climax–and
Jimmy was coming as well; clutching Addie’s ponderous
breasts, he stabbed his penis upward against Addie’s
womb (where his daughters were now kicking, probably in
some irritation) and squirted his sperm deep inside her
body. Thoroughly sweaty, Jimmy and Addie then rested a
moment with Jimmy still up to his nuts inside Addie.

“Grandma,” Jimmy said, “you’re kind of heavy…”

“Oh, sorry,” Addie said, pushing herself up off Jimmy.
“I guess I got carried away there…”

Then, suddenly, Addie’s mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ of

“What is it?” Jimmy said (with his pants still around
his knees).

“Oh, Jimmy!” Addie said, clutching her belly and
looking up at Jimmy, “I think it might be time…!”

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