Jessica’s Sexual Awakening

“You guys be safe! And be home by midnight!” Jessica’s father shouted as Jessica left the house. She would most likely not be home by midnight. Her dad didn’t care. She was a great girl and she always made sure to take care of things when she was supposed to. Normally a father allowing his daughter to stay out past midnight with her boyfriend would sound crazy. John actually liked her boyfriend Allen. He was a very nice young man and he treated John’s daughter like a queen. As long as he continued to treat her like that, John would be fine giving him a little leeway. He didn’t really like to think about the things they did so late at night, but as long as his daughter didn’t end up pregnant at 16, he would be ok with it.
Jessica closed her eyes and let the sun’s rays come down on her face and chest. It was so nice riding in Allen’s car with him at the wheel. She felt so content and safe when she was with him. She was so lucky to have found someone who treated her so well and got along with her parents. Most teenage girls end up dealing with at least a couple bad boyfriends before they find one as good as Allen. Jessica didn’t even need to look more than once. They had been dating now for about 4 months and the farthest they had gotten was 2nd base. Truthfully it wasn’t even Jessica that was holding things up. Allen just didn’t even push that far. Jessica had made her mind up though. She was going to push things along a little farther tonight. She was tired of having all of these pent up sexual feelings that she was forced to deal with herself.
As they got to their normal spot, Jessica decided that she needed to push Allen’s buttons in order to make him move things a little farther. Their spot consisted of a cabin that Allen’s parents owned out on the lake. It was a nice cabin and it was secluded enough that they didn’t need to worry about anyone bothering them. They usually came out here to spend their evenings laying around and relaxing.
Jessica wore her bikini top under her shirt. She hadn’t told Allen that she was wearing it. In fact, it wasn’t even swimming season just yet. The warm early June weather had not given way to the heat of summer just yet. However, swimming was not the reason Jessica wore this top tonight. She knew that Allen had only felt under her top and he had not seen her boobs yet. She figured showing a little skin might get Allen’s teenage hormones raging and it would be enough to push him over the edge and actually move things to 3rd base finally and all the way if she was lucky.
As they got out of the car, Jessica asked Allen “Have your parents set up the patio chairs on the dock yet? I wanted to get some sun.”
“I’m not sure, we can go check.” Allen said.
As they walked over to the dock, Jessica slowly took her top off to reveal a small bikini top that barely covered her 34C boobs. Allen turned to look as Jessica gave him a view of her wonderful breasts. He was staring so hard that he almost tripped over the step up to the patio. Allen was eventually able to collect himself as they walked up to the patio to find that Allen’s parents had set up the chairs the weekend before.
“Oh great!” Jessica exclaimed. “Now we can lay out for a little bit.”
As Jessica started to lay her purse down, she decided to enact the second portion of her plan. “Oh damn! I forgot to change into my swimsuit bottoms. You don’t think anyone is going to see us laying out here do you?”
“No.” Allen replied. “The closest neighbor is about ½ mile away. Why do you ask?”
“I think I’m just going to lay out in my bikini top and my underwear then. I don’t want to have any tan lines from my shorts.”
Allen almost fainted. “Um, a, ok babe. That’s fine.”
“Can you rub some tanning lotion on me babe? I want to get a nice tan so I’m ready for swimming season,” asked Jessica. She looked down at Allen’s shorts. He was developing a visible tent in his crotch and she could tell that her plan was starting to work. What she was about to do next was going to throw Allen into a frenzy. She had worn her most sexy boy short panties that she could find. When they were chatting on Facebook about a month ago, he had mentioned that those were his favorite panties. They highlighted her nice firm teen ass.
As she pulled her shorts down, Allen’s eyes were glued to Jessica’s body. Jessica realized that this was the day that she was going to get Allen to push past 2nd base.
Jessica laid there as Allen’s hands slowly worked over her skin. His hands felt so warm and strong as he massaged the oil into her skin. Slowly he worked his hands down towards her ass and legs. Each time he would rub towards her pussy, she would open her legs just a slight bit more. The longer that Allen rubbed her body down with oil, the more Allen realized this was a setup.
He was so nervous because he had never gone past 2nd base with a girl. He had read a lot in magazines and on the internet and so he figured he would rely mostly on that information. Inch by inch he was getting closer to the crotch of Jessica’s panties as he conintued to rub the oil on her skin.
The first time that Allen’s hand brushed up against Jessica’s pussy, she felt like a fire was ignited in her womb. Electrical impulses shot through her body as Allen began to get more and more bold with his advances. At this point, he was rubbing her pussy through her panties. Jessica needed his fingers inside of her and she needed them now.
Softly she moaned to Allen, “Please finger me.”
Allen didn’t need any more encouraging. He removed her boy shorts to reveal a wonderful ass and a shaved pussy. Slowly he began to work a finger into Jessica’s tight hole. Jessica felt like she was high. The amazing feeling she received when his finger was inside of her was just as empty feeling when he pulled his finger out. Jessica rolled over to face Allen.
“Eat me.” She said to him.
Allen tentatively brought his head down to her pussy. He was so nervous, but he soon realized that he didn’t need to be nervous at all. Jessica was not afraid to tell him exactly where to lick, how hard, and how fast. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as his tongue came across her clit and she was racked with her first of many orgasms. As she was slowly coming back to reality, she looked down and realized that her poor boyfriend’s cock was threatening to bust out of his shorts. She started to unbutton his shorts and he quickly got the hint and took them the rest of the way off along with his boxers.
Jessica was mesmerized with his cock. It wasn’t huge, nor was it very thick. It seemed, to her, to be average size, maybe 6 or 7 inches. What amazed her, was how beautiful it looked. Immediately she pushed him down into the chair to where he was laying down. She kissed down his chest and his stomach to his cock. She was so afraid that she was not going to do a good job. She had to return the favor, however and so she continued down to his cock with her mouth.
As she took the head into her mouth, she looked up at Allen’s face. All of her worries evaporated when she saw the look of pure bliss on his face. She continued to allow the cock to slide in and out of her mouth as Allen’s breath got quicker. Allen’s who body tensed up as he unloaded a torrent of cum into her mouth. It wasn’t the most pleasant tasting thing in the world, but for her boyfriend, she wouldn’t mind.
As he continued to lay there, she decided to run to the car to get her cell phone so that she could check it while they laid there. What she would find on her phone waiting for her, would change her life forever.

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