Jerry shares his young bride with Uncle Hank.

Jerry and Suzy were a recently married young couple. They were high school sweethearts that had married after Suzy had graduated from high school. Although sexually inexperienced, having only been with Jerry. Suzy was certainly was a big flirt.

She was the hottest girl in school, always wearing the short cut-offs that showed off a bit of her ass cheeks. Suzy was well endowed with full firm C cups that looked great on her with a slim waist and flared hips that highlighted an ass to match her tits. Standing at only 5′ 4”, she was at the perfect height for Jerry, who stood 6′ tall. Jerry loved that she always dressed so revealing, as a matter of fact, he would encourage her to dress that way. He loved the attention she received, knowing he was the envy of all his classmates. It certainly fed his ego knowing he was dating the hottest girl in school.

Reading the sexual exploits of others, Jerry started getting ideas of wanting to watch Suzy fuck another man while he watched. His thought was that it would need to be a stranger, as it could only be a one time thing. When he finally gathered the courage to broach the subject with Suzy, they were still newly weds, having been married for only a couple of months. He immediately regretted it. She expressed her disgust and felt repulsed at the idea of having sex with anyone other than Jerry. She burst into tears, asking Jerry if he even loved her. He apologized profusely and soon the subject was dropped.

A year after getting married, Jerry’s uncle came to town for a visit. He had left town many years ago right after high school and never moved back, only visiting on rare occasions. He attended UCLA and had become a very successful real estate agent. So much so, that now at 52, he was semi retired, taking on only *********** clients.

During his visit, Uncle Hank invited the young couple to move out to California to try their luck. They had always lived in the same small town their entire lives, so the idea immediately appealed to them. Hank was a handsome older gentleman with a head full of hair with some gray hairs around his temples that made him look very distinguished. Suzy had noticed, but did not admit to herself that she was attracted to him. His muscular physique at 6’1” added to her unspoken attraction.

A month later they arrived in LA and moved in with Uncle Hank.

Right away Hank made some calls and helped Jerry get a job with a buddy that owned a car dealership. He would be starting off in the service department, washing and detailing cars, with the idea that he would be moving up over time. He told the young couple that he would be helping Suzy also get a job, only that his other friend was out of town and would not be back for a couple of months. He suggested that she help around the house with chores. Her beauty was not lost on him. He was going to enjoy having her around the house.

Hank mostly worked from home and rarely went into the office. He enjoyed having Suzy around the house. She was a big flirt and as time went on, she continued to get more and more comfortable around him. When she would get bored, she would come into his office to check in with him. It was always a pleasure to have her visit. She always looked great whether she was in her bathing suit lying by the pool or in revealing clothing walking around the house. Hank certainly appreciated her big tits and smooth legs.

Jerry secretly loved the way his Uncle looked at Suzy. Once again, he felt proud of having such a beautiful wife. It inflated his ego knowing his uncle lusted after his wife. It made him proud knowing that he had the hot wife most men only dreamed of.

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