Jerry shares his young bride with Uncle Hank.

Jerry and Suzy were a recently married young couple. They were high school sweethearts that had married after Suzy had graduated from high school. Although sexually inexperienced, having only been with Jerry. Suzy was certainly was a big flirt.

She was the hottest girl in school, always wearing the short cut-offs that showed off a bit of her ass cheeks. Suzy was well endowed with full firm C cups that looked great on her with a slim waist and flared hips that highlighted an ass to match her tits. Standing at only 5′ 4”, she was at the perfect height for Jerry, who stood 6′ tall. Jerry loved that she always dressed so revealing, as a matter of fact, he would encourage her to dress that way. He loved the attention she received, knowing he was the envy of all his classmates. It certainly fed his ego knowing he was dating the hottest girl in school.

Reading the sexual exploits of others, Jerry started getting ideas of wanting to watch Suzy fuck another man while he watched. His thought was that it would need to be a stranger, as it could only be a one time thing. When he finally gathered the courage to broach the subject with Suzy, they were still newly weds, having been married for only a couple of months. He immediately regretted it. She expressed her disgust and felt repulsed at the idea of having sex with anyone other than Jerry. She burst into tears, asking Jerry if he even loved her. He apologized profusely and soon the subject was dropped.

A year after getting married, Jerry’s uncle came to town for a visit. He had left town many years ago right after high school and never moved back, only visiting on rare occasions. He attended UCLA and had become a very successful real estate agent. So much so, that now at 52, he was semi retired, taking on only *********** clients.

During his visit, Uncle Hank invited the young couple to move out to California to try their luck. They had always lived in the same small town their entire lives, so the idea immediately appealed to them. Hank was a handsome older gentleman with a head full of hair with some gray hairs around his temples that made him look very distinguished. Suzy had noticed, but did not admit to herself that she was attracted to him. His muscular physique at 6’1” added to her unspoken attraction.

A month later they arrived in LA and moved in with Uncle Hank.

Right away Hank made some calls and helped Jerry get a job with a buddy that owned a car dealership. He would be starting off in the service department, washing and detailing cars, with the idea that he would be moving up over time. He told the young couple that he would be helping Suzy also get a job, only that his other friend was out of town and would not be back for a couple of months. He suggested that she help around the house with chores. Her beauty was not lost on him. He was going to enjoy having her around the house.

Hank mostly worked from home and rarely went into the office. He enjoyed having Suzy around the house. She was a big flirt and as time went on, she continued to get more and more comfortable around him. When she would get bored, she would come into his office to check in with him. It was always a pleasure to have her visit. She always looked great whether she was in her bathing suit lying by the pool or in revealing clothing walking around the house. Hank certainly appreciated her big tits and smooth legs.

Jerry secretly loved the way his Uncle looked at Suzy. Once again, he felt proud of having such a beautiful wife. It inflated his ego knowing his uncle lusted after his wife. It made him proud knowing that he had the hot wife most men only dreamed of.

About a month after their arrival, during breakfast on a Friday morning, Hank informed Suzy that he needed to meet a client at his office and would probably not be back until after 2. They finished breakfast and Hank got showered and dressed. He grabbed his briefcase and keys and said good bye to Suzy on his way out the door.

Upon arriving at the office, Hank received a voicemail from the client he was supposed to meet that morning. He apologized over and over several times, explaining a personal emergency had come up and he would not be able to meet with him. They would need to reschedule. Already at the office, Hank decided to catch up on some work until noon and then head home. It was such a beautiful day, he decided to surprise Suzy and take her out to lunch to a nice restaurant by the water. However, the surprise would be on him.

He got home and ran straight upstairs to change out of his suit and into some shorts and a T shirt. He did not find Suzy in the house so he headed out to the back yard, knowing she would most likely be laying out on a lounge chair. When he stepped outside, he could not stop staring. The short tight blouses she wore around the house showed off her tits very well, but actually seeing them in all their glory was breathtaking. He found himself frozen and just staring at Suzy while she laid on her back while tanning topless. She had pulled down the top half of her one piece swimsuit, allowing her breasts to hang free.

She was the exact definition of a goddess – a gorgeous face with blond hair that came down to just above her ass with large ripe tits that looked firm on her young body.

He had probably been standing there no more than a minute when she felt his presence. She opened her eyes and immediately tried covering herself when she saw him. She did it more out of obligation, but for some reason she enjoyed the look on his face. She was reminded of what she had felt when she first met him back home. Being a flirt, she covered herself but had a big smile on her face.

“Oh my god, Uncle Hank. Were you staring at me?”

“You’re beautiful.”

“…and you are a naughty, naughty man. I’m a married woman.”

“Of course. My nephew is a very lucky man.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, I’m done early so I came to take to you to lunch. Would you care to join me?”

“I would love to.”

Her heart was beating at a very rapid pace. The whole time he had not stopped staring at her and she was feeling her nipples getting hard and she could feel her pussy starting to get moist. There was something about this man that was making her do things she just couldn’t control. She reminded herself that she was a married woman and wondered what the hell was wrong with her.

“Um, Uncle Hank, do you mind turning around so I can pull up my suit?”

While she spoke, he slowly made his way over to her. By the time she finished her sentence, he was standing two feet away from her.. He reached out and grabbed both her arms that she had crossed in front of her chest to cover her breasts. He gently grabbed her wrists and started pulling her arms away from her chest. He was determined to get a close up look at her full round breasts.

“Can you do your Uncle a sweet favor and allow me the opportunity to see your breasts for moment?” he asked, not really waiting for an answer as he pulled her arms away. Her nipples were hard as pebbles and she just stood there, allowing him to do as he pleased. Her pussy was wet and she loved the look on his face as her breasts were completely exposed to him.

“My god, sweetheart. They are perfect, you’re perfect. Do you mind?” he asked as he gently stroked her breast with the back of his fingers, softly caressing her nipples and driving her crazy. Her closed eyes and open mouth told him he was free to proceed. Her tanned breasts had nice light pink nipples and matching areolas. She knew it was wrong, but it was now her turn to stand there frozen, unsure on what to do. His gentle touch felt amazing and she was enjoying it too much.

Hank knew he needed to take his time. After all, Rome was not built in a day. He pulled his hand away and told her they needed to get ready to go to lunch. She snapped out of the trance she was under and quickly pulled up her top. She made her way to the room she shared with her husband to get ready. She chose a very flirty sundress that showed off plenty of cleavage and her beautiful legs. She should have felt shame. Instead, it excited her being in the same room she shared with her husband and purposely getting dressed in a sexy outfit for another man to appreciate her body. There was something about Uncle Hank that excited her.

It was another beautiful, sunny day, so he decided to take the Porsche and brought down the top while he waited for Suzy. When she finally walked out, he gave her a cat whistle, telling her she looked great. She blushed, knowing that only a few minutes before she had stood topless in front of him while he caressed her tits. He walked with her to the other side and opened the car door for her. They were soon on the freeway and on their way to the spot that he knew would impress her. Gladstones on Highway 1.

Throughout lunch and with liquid courage from several margaritas, Suzy was being a bigger flirt than normal. She would constantly touch his hand or slap him on his arm. After finishing their lunch, they moved to the bar, sitting at a corner table that offered them some privacy. He looked at her and thanked her for his surprise, telling her he enjoyed her breasts.

“Sweetheart, that was certainty a surprise I will never forget when I walked out to the pool earlier today. Your breasts are beautiful”

“You’re a naughty man Uncle Hank. But you can never tell Jerry, he would never forgive me.”

“Relax honey, I can keep a secret.” he replied as he slowly caressed her thighs. She was several drinks in and not thinking straight. She did not push his hand away, but turned to him, telling him he needed to stop.

“You can’t do that Uncle Hank. I am a married a woman.”

“Do you not like how I make you feel?”

“That’s not the point, I can’t let you do that.” but still, she did not bother moving his hand away. Her mind was telling her not to let him continue, but her body was begging her to let him do as he pleased.

“Sweetheart, I will move my hand away as soon as you push it away.” he said to her as he felt her legs spread for him. He slowly brought his hand up and felt her drenched silk panties. He knew it was only a matter of time before he would have his fingers deep in her pussy. He started stroking her pussy over her panties as he leaned in closer to her and whispered in her ear.

“Does your pussy really want me to stop?”

She slowly shook her head, never breaking eye contact with him. They stared at each other as he pushed her panties to the side and started playing with her clit. He would assume a sexy woman like her would’ve shaved her pussy, but he could feel plenty of pubic hair. He wasn’t necessarily fond of pubic hair, but he had no plans of stopping what he was doing.

“Do you like how your pussy feels?”

She nodded her head. The whole situation of being in a public place while having a man that was not her husband stimulating her pussy had her so turned on that she was unable to speak. She never thought she would be unfaithful to Jerry and yet here she was with his uncle’s fingers in her pussy while Jerry was at work. What had become of her?

All of a sudden she was startled back to reality when her phone rang. She reached for her phone and saw that it was Jerry calling. She answered the phone as calmly as possible, while trying to control her breathing. She apologized to him, telling him they had gone out to lunch and had lost track of time. Hank quickly grabbed the phone and spoke with Jerry, telling him they’d had a few drinks and were having a great time. He suggested they go to a bar closer to home so he could join them as they continued their evening. Having to work the next day, Jerry agreed to it, telling him it would only be for a few drinks.

They met at home and walked to Hank’s regular drinking hole. It was a bar visited by mostly locals, except for Friday and Saturday nights, when they brought in a live band to attract the younger crowd. As a regular, he knew he would have no problem getting them in, regardless of their age. They walked in and quickly found a table. Jerry and Suzy sat down while Hank made his way over to the bar to order a pitcher of beer ,along with three mugs. Hank sat down next to Suzy, so she was now sitting in the middle. They chatted about their day, with Suzy telling him about the nice restaurant next to the ocean that Hank had taken her to and how she had overdone it with the margaritas. She apologized, but he told her there was nothing to worry about, so long she was having a good time. After all, she was safe with Uncle Hank.

After the first pitcher, Hank convinced Jerry to stick around for one more. As they continued drinking, the place started getting crowded and the music sounded great. By this time, Suzy was feeling no pain and she was in a dancing mood. She got up and asked Jerry to take her dancing. Feeling tired from work, he declined. She turned to Hank and he promptly accepted and they were soon on the dance floor, moving along with the other people dancing.

As he watched them dance, Jerry couldn’t help it. He saw her enjoying herself dancing with Uncle Hank as she flirted with him on the dance floor. He wondered if there was anything going on between them, but quickly dismissed it, telling himself he was being silly. At that point, he saw Uncle Hank whisper something into her ear followed by her looking back at him with a surprised look on her face as she playfully pushed him away. What Hank had whispered to her was that he enjoyed her breasts and would love to see the rest of her. Did she think Jerry would mind if he took her to bed tonight if he promised to return her in the morning?

They continued for another song before heading back to their table. She did not even sit down, she grabbed Jerry’s hand and dragged him back to the dance floor. After all that had happened since Hank had returned from work along with the alcohol, Suzy was feeling extremely horny. She quickly wrapped her arms around Jerry’s neck and started kissing him very aggressively, telling him how much she missed and loved him. He kissed her back and enjoyed the warmth of her body in his arms. Looking around, he could see a lot of guys staring at his wife. Both of his heads were getting big.

“Babe, do you remember what you had asked me to do when we were newly weds?” she asked him in a very sweet voice.

“What are you talking about, babe?”

“Do you remember you wanted to watch as another man fucked me?” she asked while she reached down between them and rubbed his stick cock.


“I think I’m ready.” she said with devilish grin.

“You are?” he asked excitedly. She had caught him off guard. He was not expecting her to ever again bring up the topic.

“That’s great! Who would you like to invite back home?” he asked as he looked around wondering which guy had caught her eye. His dick was hard at the thought of finally having the chance to watch his wife fuck another man.

“Uncle Hank.”

Jerry was befuddled. He loved the idea of her finally going through with it, but he was not sure that was such a good idea. It was supposed to be with an anonymous stranger that they could kick out once they were done. He wondered what would happen if she liked it. What if his uncle was a better lover than him? However, he wasn’t sure he would ever get another chance. Besides, he loved her and could never say no to her.

As soon as he agreed, she felt her pussy tingle. This was going to be only the second man to fuck her and she couldn’t wait. They quickly returned to the table, with Suzy taking a quick sip of her beer before dragging Hank back onto the dance floor. He quickly noticed a difference in her demeanor. She was being a lot more flirtatious, pushing her body up against his or grinding her ass against his crotch. His dick was getting hard and she was feeling it against her ass. He felt bigger than her husband and she was loving it. When the song ended, they returned to their table.

The pitcher was empty and Suzy was ready to head back home. Hank excused himself as he walked over the bar to settle the tab while Jerry and Suzy waited for him.

“Did you like the way I was dancing with him?”

“Babe, you looked so fucking sexy. I can’t wait to watch him fuck you.”

Jerry had decided to make the best of it and simply enjoy the idea of watching his sexy hot wife get fucked, even if that man was his uncle. He had wanted this for a long time and now that it was happening, he was going to enjoy himself.

Along the walk home, Jerry walked in front while Suzy and Hank followed. Suzy was hanging onto Hank arm, thanking him for a wonderful evening. She stopped him as they walked, standing on her tippie-toes to kiss him on the cheek. She pointed up to the first star in the sky and whispered in his ear, telling him that if he wished really hard, maybe his dream would come true. They were home by this time and he could not ask her what she meant by that.

They agreed to change into their bathing suits and meet in the hot tub. Jerry and Suzy went to their room while Hank went to his. Jerry was feeling especially horny, wanting a few minutes with his wife. He stepped into the en suite to take a leak and when he exited, he noticed his wife was gone. He couldn’t blame her, he thought to himself. She was excited about tonight. He put on his trunks and made his way out to the hot tub.

When he stepped out, he found both Hank and Suzy already in the hot tub, with Suzy giggling as she sat next to Hank rubbing his chest, telling him that she liked his hairy chest. Hank asked Jerry if he didn’t mind grabbing a bottle of wine along with three glasses. He turned around and made his way back into the house to grab what had been asked of him before making his way back to the hot tub.

Suzy had wasted no time. Jerry noticed right away that she was now sitting on his lap and it was obvious that she had removed her bathing suit. She was giggling, flirtatiously telling Hank he was being a naughty man. Jerry poured all three glasses and handed them out before getting into the hot tub. He felt a pang of jealousy, but he could also feel his cock getting hard as he watched Suzy actually going through with it. Suzy looked over and told him he was overdressed, telling him that they had decided to go skinny dipping, so he needed to remove his trunks. He reached to his sides and took off his trunks.

As he held his nephew’s young wife in his arms, Hank looked over to Jerry and told him what a lucky man he was to have such a beautiful wife. Jerry looked back and could only say thank you. Hank was really just testing the waters, wondering how far this could really go.

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