Japanese-American gets a Seikan massage

Eriko had always been close to her Grandmother, who had spoken at length about her life in Japan until she died last year. Eriko was amazed at the stories her grandmother told, things that her mother would never even mention. During her grandmother’s life, the sexual norms in Japan were quite different, woman submissive to men. There was also a booming fuzoku or Japanese adult services. While most catered to men, there was one that also catered specifically to woman, Seikan Massage. Woman would go there to satisfy their sexual desires without any complications.

Eriko was Japanese or Japanese-American, her parents born in the United States just as Eriko was. Her black hair hung down almost to her waist. She had rather large breasts for an oriental, full hips and a luscious ass, or at least the boys were always telling her. She wore short skirts that always showed a lot of leg, but it was more the style then her desires. She was a bit shy, although you wouldn’t know it unless you dated her. Then you would find that she was modest, almost ashamed of showing her naked body to anyone, though she had lost her virginity to her last boyfriend, finally giving up her innocence after twenty-one years, quite an accomplishment nowadays. That was her problem. Her boyfriend broke up with her almost as soon as he took her virginity in a quick sexual encounter in the back seat of his car. It was as if he only wanted her virginity and then he discarded her for one of the cheerleaders at the University they attended; Eriko sure that the cheerleader was more sexually experienced. Eriko had taken it hard, not dating for over six months now.

That was when she started to devise the plan. She had never visited Japan. She was going next week with her parents and she had been planning a side trip for months now, inspired by her Grandmother’s stories. She was surprised that the fuzoku was still booming in Japan, the Internet providing more than enough information to begin to plan. She found that in Tokyo, there were at least four Seikan Massage parlors that catered only to women. Her Grandmother’s sexual exploits as a young girl in Japan made Eriko want to try something daring. She would go to a Seikan Massage parlor and get a massage. She only hoped she could keep her nerve once the day came.

* * *

They had been in Tokyo for three days, but Eriko was unable to escape from her parents. Finally the opportunity came. The big banquet for her Father’s company was tonight and Eriko faked a stomach illness, easily able to fool her father but not sure if her Mother bought the whole story. They finally relented, letting Eriko stay in her hotel room while they attended the banquet. She hurriedly dressed as soon as they left, slipping into a short skirt and sweater. She would have at least eight hours before they would come back, as the banquet was expected to run late. Eriko slipped out the back of the hotel, not wanting anyone catching a glimpse of her. She walked around to the corner and quickly hailed a cab, at least three pulling over, men always paying attention to a girl with a lovely body. She got into the first one, hoping the driver spoke English. She gave him the address, a surprised look on his face.

“That’s Shinjuku Eastmouth you know,” seeing that she was American even though she was oriental. “The Kabukicho is there.”


“Yes, the red light district. A lovely girl like you do not look like the type that needs the Kabukicho.”

“Just take me there or I’ll find another taxi that will,” trying to sound adamant, though she was more embarrassed than anything else. She hoped he would take her, not wanting to go through this again.

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