Jamie’s naked adventure

The old saying that you should never bet on anything less than a sure thing is an old saying for a reason.

At least that’s what Jamie thought as she eyed the small, thin, gold chain dangling from her fingers in the light.

He couldn’t be serious.

Two months earlier, Tom and Jamie had made a wager; they’d bet on the outcome of a stupid baseball game. Truthfully, while watching baseball was something they did together, Jamie really didn’t know as much about the teams as Tom did.

She’d made the bet based on some stats she’d seen on television earlier in the day. Unfortunately, for her, the game had been an upset for the favored team. The underRocky had come from behind in the bottom of the 9th and won by a run.

Jamie and Tom often made little bets on things. Tom usually won, and had Jamie perform sexual favors for him. It was part of their sex life, and they both enjoyed it.

This time had been different though.

After losing the bet, Jamie had assumed that Tom would want her to blow him in the car, answer the door naked, or some other kinky thing like that. He loved her to show off that way.

But after the game, when she asked him about it, all he said was, “you’ll see.”

As time went on, she’d brought it up on several occasions, but Tom just smiled. “Just wait, you’ll see…” was his only answer.

Two months later, she’d actually forgotten about it, until the small, plainly wrapped package arrived while he was at work.

Inside, she found a card, a thin golden chain, and a pair of wicked black heels…her size. The card read: Hey babe, this is your costume for the Halloween party tonight. You’ll be Lady Godiva. Don’t bring anything else. A bet’s a bet. See you at five-thirty, love, Tom.

Now, holding the chain up to the light, Jamie furrowed her brow in disbelief. It was a waist chain. Did he really expect that she was going to saunter out of the house and show up at his employer’s Halloween party wearing nothing but this thin chain and the heels?

He was out of his mind.

Yet, the thought of walking naked through the crowd at his place of work was kind of exciting.

Still though, that was crazy.

Tom had pushed her to some pretty wild stuff in the past…opening the door naked for the pizza guy, skinny dipping in the apartment complex pool late at night…and she did those things willingly for him because they in fact turned her on as well.

She was somewhat of an exhibitionist, but this was just insane.

She thought about calling him and telling him that she wasn’t going to do it.

But, then, a bet was a bet. There’d been times when he’d lost too, and she made him do some pretty crazy stuff.

There was the time that she’d made him masturbate in the park. There hadn’t been anyone around of course, but still it had excited them both.

Exhaling, she decided to at least try on the “costume” to see what she looked like.

After stripping naked, she chose her makeup carefully: Lots of blush, blue eye shadow and ruby-red lipstick, finally finishing it off with thick, black eyeliner. Then she pulled her long, dark hair into a single ponytail that fell the length of her back to her waist.

Stepping back she took stock. Her blue eyes were framed by the makeup and her lips looked big and pouty. The blush and eyeliner made her look like a regular slut. She giggled at her reflection.

Entering the bedroom, she stood before the full length mirror and donned the chain, clipping it in back. Then, she slid into the heels.

That was it.

In the mirror, she turned this way and that.

Her large, tear-drop shaped breasts, capped by dollar-sized pink aureole stood up by themselves. She took care of her breasts, and thought they were one of her best features…to which Tom readily agreed.

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