Jake finds his “sole” mate at Christmas

I walked down the corridor to my bedroom wondering what Sandra had in store for me. I had been sitting on the couch watching the news when she’d popped into the living room and told me to meet her in the bedroom in fifteen minutes. Lately things had not been going so well for us, and our sex life had been suffering because of it, so I certainly was not going to argue. Just the thought of her lying in the bed, and knowing I was going to get some, had me hard before I even turned the doorknob.

When I entered the room I was not disappointed. There were candles lit and Sandra was lying on the bed, wearing just a pair of skimpy red panties. Her long black hair was fanned out around her, and her olive skin appeared to be glowing in the candle light. My eyes immediately focused on her large round tits with their gorgeous rose colored nipples.

“I have an early Christmas present for you Jake.” She whispered, beckoning me with her finger.

“I can see that.” I said, approaching the foot of the bed.

“No, you can’t.” She smiled. “Well you can’t see the best part yet.”

“There’s more?” I asked, as I stripped my shirt off.

“Hmm-mmm” She purred as she stretched on the bed.

Her tits pushed out even further and I started to crawl up onto the bed eager to suck on them.

“Hey,” Sandra said. “Hold on, don’t you want your gift?”

“I’m trying to get it.” I laughed.

“It’s right there under the sheet, Jake.” She pointing at the bottom of the bed. “Go ahead and unwrap it.”

I looked down to see that her legs from the knees down were still covered with the sheet. What could be under… Yes! I thought and could feel my cock stiffen even more.

My excitement must have shown on my face, as Sandra smiled and nodded.

“That’s right honey, I promised you I would let you, so go ahead, they’re all yours.”

Feeling like an excited kid, I yanked the sheet back.

“Oh goddamn,” I whispered.

Sandra was wearing a pair of black stiletto heels that had a series of straps crisscrossing across the top of her feet. The straps wound around her ankle and all the way up to her knees. Sandra’s toes were painted a bright pink and she was wearing silver rings on her toes. As I stood there all but drooling, she raised her leg and put the heel of her foot against my chest.

“Well?” She asked smiling. “What are you waiting for honey? Show me how much you like your gift.”

Grabbing her ankle, I lifted her foot to my face, and eagerly slipped my tongue out between her toes.

“Ooooh” Sandra moaned. “Oh, Jake that does feel nice!”

I swirled my tongue around between her toes, then started sliding it between the others, before taking her big toe into my mouth and sucking on it. The entire time I was enjoying her toes Sandra was cooing and purring. My cock was hard as a rock and I was only just beginning! Oh, how I was going to take my time! Reaching up, I unwound the strap from her leg, and slipping the shoe off began to kiss and lick the side of her foot.

“Oh, honey!” She exclaimed. “You were right! This is so nice; I’m going to let you do this every night!”

As excited as that made me, it was nothing compared to her next words.

“Take your cock out and rub it on my foot Jake.”

Placing her foot on my shoulder, I all but ripped my pants down. My cock sprang free and to my delight Sandra immediately took her foot and started rubbing the heel of the shoe along my cock. Grabbing her ankle I brought her foot to my lips and sucked her toes into my mouth while I watched her shoe slide along my cock. Pulling her foot away, Sandra bent her leg, and unlacing the shoe slipped that one off as well. She pulled her foot from my mouth, and lowering it to the bed placed it alongside the other one.

By :lovecraft68

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