It’s Christmas time again

I have to tell you that I really love the Christmas season. It is a time that my family and my wife’s family come out to stay for a couple of weeks. That makes me one busy guy. The things that go on keep me with a hard cock almost all the time.

There is incest on both sides of our family. It is the time of year that I have fun showing off my wife at parties and she likes it when I watch her giving in to different men to make me happy during the Christmas season. She says that it is part of my Christmas gifts.

During the year Debbie and I love to talk to each other and tell some of the times that she or I get it on with one of our family. For her it was with he father and for me it was with my older sister, although I did do my mother a few times also.

Debbie’s family was do in first and that was only two days away. But first there was her Christmas party. She works for the city that we live in. We were both really horny thinking about what might happen with our families and were playing with each other while we got dressed for her party. She let me pick out what I wanted her to put on for the evening. I picked out a nice black short leather skirt that zipped up in the back. Along with the skirt I chose a silk type blouse that hugged her body and buttoned up the front. I told her nylons with a belt would be nice, but no bra or panties. She called me a dirty old fucker, and said, that is why she loved me so much.

She had control of what I was to put on also. A pair of tan slacks that were tailored and fit rather snug. A nice shirt with tie and a sweater to go over the top of it. No boxers for me either. Once I had the pants on she looked at me and said, nice, I like it. You could see the outline of my cock very easy against the slacks.

I was waiting for her when she began to walk down the stairs. At the bottom looking up at her I had a nice view of the top of her nylons, plus I could see her beautiful trimmed pussy with every other step she took. When she came beside me her blouse was unbuttoned enough to make you want to try and look to see if her nipples might be showing. She was only 5’1”, so most men would be able to see down her top.

We got to the party that was held in the city gym and there was maybe 200 people there. There were tables set up all around the gym with name tags to tell you where to sit. We were seated with a couple of guys and their wives from Public Works, a couple of secretaries from the main office, with their husbands and two people from the Rec. dept..

I don’t thin the wives like the way Debbie was dressed but I know their husbands did. I also caught the women taking a look between my legs trying to size me up. I even let myself begin to get hard a bit so they had something to look at.

We had a great dinner and the band began to play just as we finished with the meal. Everyone had been drinking and the mood was a good one. Debbie was feeling no pain as she danced with a bunch of different guys, having a good time. I had my share of dances also. Some of the ladies would rub themselves against me wanting to feel what could look at.

Deb and I were dancing when she told me that the city manager was giving her the eye all night. The guy wasn’t bad looking, just a bit over weight. Well, I said to her? I know he would like to try, she said, he is always making comments about sex to me. Might be good for your job, I told her, just make sure I know about it so I can watch you. She handed me a key to her shop and said, I will give you a sigh if it is going to happen so you can get there and find a place to hide before we show up.

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