It Happened One Evening

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is
Dave and my wife’s name is Lena. We have been happily
married for the past 7 years . Our sex life has always been very good
and we are both a little kinky. How this all started
I’ll never know, but now that it has it’s hard to put
an end to it.

About a year ago my best friend Kyle came down
to our house to spend the evening watching a few movies
and check out some new programs for the computer. The
kids had gone to their grandmothers for the weekend
and we had the house to ourselves. I decided we needed
some beer and perhaps some spaghetti for supper. Lena
suggested we all take a ride to the store and pick up
what we wanted. Everything was going well and we had a
nice supper and drank a few brews. Lena had also picked
up a bottle of wine and was feeling fine.

Later, we all settled down on the couch to watch
a movie. I was sitting on the end, with Lena in the
middle and Kyle on the other side. We were all getting
into the movie when I felt Lena’s hand start to rub my
cock through my pants. Well, it was kind of dark and I
wasn’t feeling to bad myself so I just enjoyed it and
started to feel the tit closest to me, discreetly.

Kyle was still enjoying the movie so I decided
to get a little more daring. I reached up under her
shirt and started squeezing her bare breasts.

Let me tell you, my wife has the most magnifi-
cent tits with nipples that stand out a good half-inch
and they were rock hard. I guess having her tits felt
up while another man was only inches away was a real
turn on for her.

She nonchalantly laid her head on my shoulder
and arched her back so I could get better access to her
beautiful tits. While we were doing this she was
drinking more wine and getting more daring in her
actions. She lifted her shirt, exposing one of her
breast and kissed me deeply.

I think Kyle was starting to feel a bit un-
comfortable but just continued to watch the movie
pretending to be oblivious to what was going on. But
Lena continued to heat up and lifted her shirt
exposing both of her tits; she was moaning slightly
as I continued to massage them for her.

At this point I could see Kyle stealing glances
at her exposed chest but pretended not to notice. Like
I said before, she has a gorgeous set of tits and I was
getting extremely turned on knowing another man was
enjoying the view.

Lena shifted her body and laid her head on my
lap with her feet were resting on Kyle’s lap. She made
no effort to cover her exposed breasts and I continued
to play with them. I think it was at this point that
Kyle lost all interest in the movie and got really
interested in what was happening in front of his eyes.

Well after about five minutes of massaging her
tits I wanted more. I placed my hand on her pussy and
started rubbing it through her shorts. She really
seemed to like this and started moaning a little
louder, squirming around between Kyle and me.

While I rubbing her ass and pussy I noticed her
feet had made their way to Kyle’s crotch, and he was
rubbing them for her. I really didn’t know what to
think, but at that moment she slowly unzipped my pants
and took my cock out, and Kyle rubbing her feet was
the least of my concerns. I tensed, not having ever
been is a situation like this before. It was strange
being exposed in front of another guy, even if it was
my wife doing the exposing.

She took her finger and placed it in her mouth
looked me in the eyes and started sucking on it. During
all this her tits were totally exposed and Kyle was
getting an eyeful. Then She took her saliva moistened
finger and started running it in a circular motion
around the head of my cock.

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