It all has to start somehwere

Well it all started for me the first time I put on a pair of panties and my young cock got harder than a rock. I was thrilled at the feel of the soft nylon on my skin and the way they fit and held me. I walked around in them and rubbed myself through the soft material getting more excited by the minute.

From that moment on I felt like I should have been born female. I found myself looking at boys in gym class and the showers. Looking at their cocks and wondering what it would be like to touch them as I had touched myself. I went through the playboy stage and found myself jealous of the women who had pussys and titties. I got hard with desire but found that it was from a desire to be like them. I did the usual fooling around with girls and managed to feel real titties, and ass. Then eventually a pussy and sex.

But I still felt unsatisfied from all that. Then one night a friend and I did the you show me yours thing and touched each others cocks. I was electrified with desire as I stroked his cock and t grew hard in my hand. We did little more than that and again I was left feeling I was missing something.

It wasn’t until after high school that I found XXX bookstores and theatres were around. I had continued to wear panties for the pleasure they brought me as well.

One day I was in a XXX bookstore that had females who let you see them for money of course. And I had been jacking off to watching one girl and hadn’t locked the booth door and an older guy looked in and saw me with my cock in hand. I continued what I was doing and he watched and then closed the door. My time expired and I decided to see if he was still there.

So I walked around and found him in a regular booth area where you could see videos watching, he was watching one of a guy blowing another guy. I watched through the cracked open door for a few minutes and he was just standing there watching the video. So I opened the door and looked at him and he looked at me and motioned me into the booth.

So I stepped in and we were standing there watching the video together waiting for someone to make a move I guess. He didn’t know I was wearing panties till I decided to drop my pants. He then saw my panties and said did she turn you on, meaning the girl in the viewing booth, and I said yeah. And he reached over and stroked my ass through my panties and said what else turns you on? Well as he stroking my ass, the first time a man had touched me like that, I was harder than ever. I said you do.

I couldn’t believe I was dressed in panties being caressed by another man while watching a video of a man sucking another man’s cock.

I could see his pants bulging with his hard on as he caressed my pantie clad ass. Then he slid his hand under my panties and touched my bare ass. I thought I was going to cum in my panties right then and there.

He said I hope you like me as he smiled at me and caressed my ass. I said yesss yesss I do.

He turned a bit and I could clearly see his cock bulging in his pants. I couldn’t help myself as I reached down and unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his 7inch hard cock and felt it throb in my hand.

I started to stroke it and look at how large and hard it was. I could see precum on its head and rubbed my fingers in it.
It felt warm and gooey to me.

I felt him move his hand down my ass to my cunt hole tickling my anus with a finger, I was on fire with his touches.

I leaned over and for the first time in my life I put another mans cock in my mouth and licked his head of the precum. It jumped in my mouth as a living throbbing organ. He was salty tasting but pleasantly so.

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