The Samuels household is invaded by three men looking for easy money. Edie Samuels and her two young daughters pay the price when the three men don’t get what they’re looking for.

Chapter 1

 The house was off in the country, out where they were spaced better than a mile apart. It was a modest three bedroom split level ranch style house, with a four year old Ford in the driveway.

It was nine o’clock on Friday, a warm autumn night. Edie Samuels, divorced for five years now, had just relented and said that her youngest daughter, eighteen year old Samantha, universally known as Sam, could stay up another hour and watch the end of the movie she and her older sister, nineteen year old Patty were watching.

Patty refilled the bowl with the popcorn she had just made, and the family settled down to finish the movie, Edie dividing her attention between the movie and the book she wanted to finish reading.

The Samuels were an attractive family. Edie was 36 years old, a well-built five foot eight inch brunette, with deep, heavy breasts, a waistline thicker than she’d like, and nice hips. Her waistline was steadily shrinking, and she had firmed up all over. She was working out with Patty, who was a cheerleader. Edie could have filled in for one of the girls on the squad if needed; she had learned all the cheers and could now keep up with Patty as she went through her routines.

Patty was nineteen and built along same lines as her mother. She had big breasts like her mother’s, a slim waist and wide hips, her ass taut and firm. She stood an inch taller than her mom. Her brunette hair like her mother’s too, coarse and thick. Both women had attractive faces and brown eyes. Patty was still a virgin, but she did give head to her boyfriend, and was quite good at it. She had sucked her first cock when she was thirteen, and she enjoyed it, blowing a steady procession of boyfriends.

Little Sam was eighteen years old, and just starting to bloom. She too had the thick, coarse hair of her mother’s, but hers showed a touch of auburn in the sun. She was destined to be a petite girl.

Sam’s little body was hard and fit, she danced ballet and played field hockey. She had good-sized tits for her age, pointed, cone shaped little breasts about the size of baseballs with fat, puffy nipples. Her hips were just starting to flare out, her waist was slim, her ass round and firm and her legs strong and shapely. She went to high school, and currently had a boyfriend she only saw at school.

Her boyfriend didn’t mind that she was not allowed to date, they took lunch together in the furnace room, where he had finally persuaded her to suck his cock. She’d only been doing it for three weeks, but she liked it. She wanted him to make love to her, but he’d flatly refused. He couldn’t get any condoms, and he wasn’t about to chance knocking her up.

The driver of the beat up Chevy van killed the lights and turned into the driveway, turning onto the grass and pulling around to the back of the house, where it stopped, out of sight of the road.

The side door slid open and two men piled out, one heading for the phone line, cutters in his hand, and one going to the back door and peering into the darkened kitchen, and then looking in a window dimly lit by the light from the living room.
The man at the window whistled a low, soft note and held up his hand, three fingers in the air, telling his partners that he had the three occupants of the house in view. There was a soft snick, and the phone line was cut.

The driver got out of the van, a roll of duct tape in one hand. He moved to the kitchen door and quietly tried the knob, and grinned broadly as the door opened. He motioned to the other men and pointed to the open door.

The three men dashed into the house, the driver in the lead, and burst into the living room.

“Nobody move!” shouted the driver. All three of the Samuels family screamed in shock and fear as he loomed over them.
Patty reached for the phone and caught a slap in the face for her trouble. The other two Samuels women sat where they were, paralyzed by the swiftness of the invasion.

The gang stood in the living room and Hoss said, “Mike, you and Fred search the house, grab anything that looks like its worth anything and bag it. Use the pillowcases off the beds. Load it into the truck as you bring it out. All right? Go!”
Two of the men scattered, to search the house, and Hoss directed his attention to his captives. “All right, you cunts, on your feet and up against that wall. Move!”

Edie and her daughters got out of their chairs and Edie gathered them together, trying to remain calm, and calming her children.

Mike and Fred returned with one item, a brand new iPod that Patty had just bought with money she had gotten from her father for her birthday. “Hoss, this is all there is! There ain’t shit in this place. It’s all crap, old shit that we won’t get a dime for.” complained Mike.

Hoss looked at him. “What about the kid’s stereo? Jewelry from Mama’s room? How hard did you look?”

“I’m telling you that it’s all crap!” said Mike. “The electronics in this place are all older than me, for Christ’ sake! And mama here must have a cheap fuckin’ husband, her jewelry is all costume. I found her purse and she only had forty-five bucks and two credit cards.”

Hoss rounded on Edie. “Where’s the money, bitch? Where’s the fuckin’ money?”

Edie answered him calmly as Sam clutched her, frightened by the shouting. “I… I’m afraid that’s all there is. I get paid on Mondays…” Hoss reached out and slapped her, and she fell silent, the outline of his fingers on her cheek.

“Bullshit!” Hoss shouted. “You must have more money around here! Where is it?”

“That’s all there is, I swear.” Edie answered, her voice shaking a little now. “I’m divorced, I don’t make much…”

Hoss slapped her again. “Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!”

Fred said, “Jesus, Hoss, you said we’d do good here. What are we gonna do now?”

“Shut up! Lemme think!” Hoss snapped. He looked at Edie. “She’s got something squirreled away. Her kind always does. Search the dressers, the clothes and boxes in the closets, under the mattresses, look everywhere. Mike! You search the kitchen, look in all the cabinets, the sugar bowl, the freezer, check it all.”

He looked at Edie again. “If you’re holding out on me, you cunt, you’re gonna regret it!” Sam started crying as Hoss yelled at her mother. “And shut that kid up!”

A half hour later, the house was a shambles and the gang gathered in the kitchen. Hoss was sure that Edie had told him the truth, and that they had everything of value in the house that would sell easily in the street.

Mike and Fred were sullen, he had promised them easy money tonight. “All right,” Hoss said, looking at his captives as they sat against the wall in the other room. “The cunt wasn’t lying, she doesn’t have anything here.”

“Great.” Mike bitched, “We wasted half the fuckin’ night on a wild goose chase. Just fuckin’ great!”

“Yeah,” added Fred, “I could ‘a gotten laid tonight instead a this bullshit.”

Hoss looked at them and smiled. He clapped Fred on the shoulder and said, “Freddie, my man, you are gonna get laid tonight. We all are!”

“What the fuck are you talkin’ about?” asked Mike.

“Take a look!” said Hoss. The three looked at the women in the other room. “Momma’s a pretty nice looking broad, and that older girl, she’s prime virgin cunt on the hoof, if I’ve ever seen it. I think we oughta have a little party. Whatdaya think?”

The other two slowly grinned at each other. “Dibs on the kid!” said Mike.

“Nope,” Hoss said, “She’s mine. It was my idea. You two can share the woman until I’ve popped the older girl. Then we’ll party with both of ’em!”

The other men grumbled a little, but it was purely for show. Then Mike asked, “What about the younger girl? We gonna do her?”

“No!” Hoss said, revealing an unexpected soft spot. “I’ll tie her up and stash her in her bed. Nobody fucks her, get it?” He glared at the two men. “Now follow my lead, and do what I tell ya, then we’ll party.”

“We’re gonna tie you up, and split.” Hoss told them. Just cooperate and we’ll be gone before you know it.” He handed the roll of duct tape to Edie. “You do the little one. And don’t do anything stupid.”

Edie soothed Sam, “It’s all right, darling. They just want time to get far away, so they’re tying us up so we can’t tell on them for a while.”

“Tell her to put her hands together, and then tape ’em.” Hoss ordered. Edie did as she was told, and soon Sam’s hands and feet were taped together with several layers of duct tape, her hands clasped together and taped from wrist to fingertips, and several layers around her ankles.

“Mike,” Hoss said, “Put her in momma’s room on the bed. Ok, momma, now number two, the same way.”

As Edie taped Patty’s hands and Hoss watched, Mike picked up Sam and walked upstairs with her, going into Edie’s room and laying her on the bed. She looked at him, eyes wide as he sat on the bed next to her.

“You’re gonna be a big girl and not make a fuss, right?” He asked her, his hand on her belly. She nodded. “Good girl!” he said. “How old are you?” he asked.

“Eighteen.” she whispered softly, mindful of his ‘not make a fuss’ remark.

“Good!” he said happily. “Oh, just one more thing.” He unwrapped about four inches of the tough tape from around her hands, tore it off, and suddenly pressed it down over her mouth.

She tried to scream but the tape held her lips tightly shut. He caught her flailing arms and pinned them over her head with one hand.

“You know,” he said conversationally, “I haven’t felt any teen titties since I was eighteen. I think I’d like to feel yours. You tell me if you don’t want me to.” He laughed at his own witticism and slid his hand up her shirt and under her training bra, cupping the baseball sized mound of her little breast and playing with it for a moment.

She wiggled madly, trying to get away but couldn’t, and tears started leaking from her eyes.

“You got nice little boobies, kid.” Mike said, pinching her nipple and rolling it between his fingers. “Maybe I’ll be back and we’ll play some more games.” He slid his hand down over her pussy and groped her. He stood up. “Don’t go anywhere!” and laughed as he left the room, shutting the door behind him.

He joined the others as Hoss finished taping Edie’s hands behind her back. Patty’s hands, he saw, were taped in front of her.

“All right boys,” he said grandly, sweeping his arm towards Edie. “She’s all yours!” Edie gasped and Patty shouted “No!” Hoss grabbed Patty’s arm and dragged her to the convertible futon, saying over his shoulder, “Take her into the kitchen. I wanna give junior here all of my attention!” He laughed, as Patty screamed “No” again, and tossed her on the futon, on her back.

“Oh God, no!” Edie screamed as the two men descended on her like a pack of wolves. “Nooo! Not my baby! Nooo!”

Mike and Fred dragged Edie into the kitchen and Mike kicked the door shut. He turned just as Fred punched Edie in the belly and slapped the back of her head as she doubled up. He wound his fist in her thick hair and hauled her upright, shoving his face into hers and snarling, “No more screaming, bitch! One more scream outta you and this’ll feel like a lover’s kiss!” and he popped her in the belly again.

Edie gagged as she fought for breath, her head spinning, falling to her knees and folding over them, her forehead touching the tile floor. The two men left her there as they tossed a coin to see who went first. Mike lost.

Edie was still gasping as Mike picked her up and sat her on the small kitchen table, and ripped her blouse off her. She almost screamed but she saw Fred holding up his fist and managed not to.

Mike looked at her heavy bra and said, “Shit! How am I gonna get this thing off her?”

Fred tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Get outta my way.” Mike stood back and Fred produced an eight-inch switchblade. It snicked open and he inserted the evil looking blade under the bra between her heavy breasts and flicked it upwards, the razor sharp blade slicing through the tough material easily.

Edie moaned and bit her lip, trying not to scream as her lush breasts were freed from the restrictive bra and bounced free, gently swaying with her panicked breathing. Fred swiftly cut the bra and the remains of her blouse off of her, and then they both stood back and admired her magnificent tits.

“Jesus!” Mike moaned, “Would you look at the tits on that!”

Fred flipped the knife in his hand and threw it, the blade chunking deeply into the kitchen doorframe, ten feet away. He shoved his hand under Edie’s knee length skirt and violently stripped her panties off of her and dropped them on the floor, then roughly pushed her back so she was laying on the table, her head bouncing on the table top. Her taped hands and arms were trapped under her in the middle of her back.

Her unfettered breasts sagged to the side, but not much, and they held their shape, a remarkable sight, considering their size.

Fred’s hands popped the button on his jeans and pulled down the zipper, the noise it made echoing like thunder through Edie’s brain. He dropped his pants and stepped out of them and in between her legs. He pulled her skirt up to her waist, and stared at her, his hand stroking his eight-inch cock to hardness.
Edie sobbed, her ears straining for some sound from the other room, but all she could hear was the heavy breathing of the two men who were about to rape her. Fred’s thick finger suddenly invaded her snug vagina, and she let out a low, startled scream.

“Damn it!” Fred swore, and her head was rocked as he slapped her face. “She’s as dry as hell.” he said to Mike. “Gimme some butter or somethin’.” Edie was unsure if he had slapped her because she screamed or because her vagina was dry. Either way, it had hurt, a tooth had gouged the inside of her cheek and the copper taste of blood was in her mouth.
She gasped and flinched, Fred was ramming a cold stick of butter up her pussy to lubricate it. Tears leaked from her closed eyes as she fought to control herself, she had to keep it together, to watch for any chance to help herself, and her daughter.

She heard Mike’s zipper go down and the soft rustle of his jeans hitting the floor, and she opened her eyes to see what he was going to do. Mike was staring between her legs where Fred was still screwing her with the stick of butter, now about half its size.

She raised her head and peered through her cleavage with tear blurred eyes, just as Fred threw dropped the depleted stick of butter on the table, fisted his cock and rammed all eight inches into her greasy cunt, right up to his balls.

Patty fought like a wildcat as Hoss tried to get her tee shirt off her, right up until he punched her, and she fell to her back dazed and half unconscious from the blow to her solar plexus. Hoss pulled a four inch switchblade and swiftly cut her shirt and bra from her, whistling as her ripe, lush breasts were exposed, her thick nipples hardening in the cool room air.
She felt him tugging at her shorts, but she could not muster the strength to fight before she was lying naked in front of him on the futon.

Hoss whistled again as he stood and began to strip, his hot eyes raking over the lush bodied teen as he fumbled with his belt. His shirt had fluttered to the floor before Patty recovered from his punch, and her eyes widened and she screamed as she saw the naked man looming over her.

Hoss hammered her thigh with his fist and she gasped as the pain rocketed through her, and then he was on her, prying her jaw open and stuffing her mouth with her own panties, and tying them in place with a strip of cloth hurriedly torn from her tee shirt.

Hoss looked at the convertible futon she was lying on, then delivered a rattling kick to it, and it collapsed into a double bed. “That’s better.” Hoss said. He sat on the edge of the bed and just barely managed to duck in time to avoid Patty’s tied fists as she swung at him. He slapped her hard enough to turn her head and make her see stars, and used more of her ruined tee shirt to tie her bound hands to the arm of the futon. He used what was left of her tee shirt to tie each foot to the frame of the futon, and then she was helpless, her legs tied spread wide apart, her closely trimmed beaver wide open to his eyes.

He stood over her again, leering at her opulent body as he played with his soft cock, trying to make it hard. He sat beside her and sucked her thick nipple into his mouth, sucking and chewing on it as it involuntarily hardened in his mouth.
He spat it out and whistled again as he looked at it, turgidly erect now, the nozzle as thick as her little finger. He did the same thing to her other breast as his hand slid down over her firm belly, and through the neatly trimmed hair of her bush, and then he pushed two thick fingers into her virgin pussy.

Patty went crazy, her face and upper chest flushing brick red, her body bucking and writhing, trying desperately to dislodge his two fingers.

Hoss grinned as his fingers encountered her hymen. “Well I’ll be God damn!” he exclaimed. “You are a fuckin’ cherry! Fuckin’ hell! A body like that and ain’t nobody fucked you yet? How many boys you sent home with blue balls, girl?”

Patty’s struggles ceased as she realized she couldn’t keep him from fingering her pussy. Tears of rage and frustration leaked from her eyes as she glared at Hoss.

“No matter,” Hoss said complacently, “ain’t gonna be no blue balls here tonight.” He was still fingering her tight cunt, but despite his best efforts, she did not lubricate.

“Well, guess I’ll have to tongue things a little to get you goin’.” he said to her. He smiled as he leaned over her, saying, “I ain’t never ate a cherry cunt before, I wonder if they taste differ…” His words cut off as she humped her hips up as hard as she could, her hipbone catching him in the center of his forehead, and snapping his head back.

“Ooowww!” he hollered, his hand going to his bruised forehead and rubbing it. “Fuckin little cunt!” he shouted, and brought his open hand down on her taut belly, the crack of his hand against her flesh sounding like a gunshot.
Patty howled into her gag, and tried to double up but couldn’t, fresh tears flooding her eyes as her belly burned. There was a livid red handprint on her stomach, and her chest heaved as she fought for breath, the air whistling in and out of her nose.

Hoss grabbed her by the hair and yanked her face to his, and said in a low and deadly voice, “Listen up, you little cunt! One more thing! You do one more thing I don’t like, and I’m gonna go get little sis, and pop her fuckin’ cherry right here where you can watch! And I’ll tell her that she’s gettin’ fucked because you said better her than you! You pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down, bitch?”

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