The Samuels household is invaded by three men looking for easy money. Edie Samuels and her two young daughters pay the price when the three men don’t get what they’re looking for.

Chapter 1

 The house was off in the country, out where they were spaced better than a mile apart. It was a modest three bedroom split level ranch style house, with a four year old Ford in the driveway.

It was nine o’clock on Friday, a warm autumn night. Edie Samuels, divorced for five years now, had just relented and said that her youngest daughter, eighteen year old Samantha, universally known as Sam, could stay up another hour and watch the end of the movie she and her older sister, nineteen year old Patty were watching.

Patty refilled the bowl with the popcorn she had just made, and the family settled down to finish the movie, Edie dividing her attention between the movie and the book she wanted to finish reading.

The Samuels were an attractive family. Edie was 36 years old, a well-built five foot eight inch brunette, with deep, heavy breasts, a waistline thicker than she’d like, and nice hips. Her waistline was steadily shrinking, and she had firmed up all over. She was working out with Patty, who was a cheerleader. Edie could have filled in for one of the girls on the squad if needed; she had learned all the cheers and could now keep up with Patty as she went through her routines.

Patty was nineteen and built along same lines as her mother. She had big breasts like her mother’s, a slim waist and wide hips, her ass taut and firm. She stood an inch taller than her mom. Her brunette hair like her mother’s too, coarse and thick. Both women had attractive faces and brown eyes. Patty was still a virgin, but she did give head to her boyfriend, and was quite good at it. She had sucked her first cock when she was thirteen, and she enjoyed it, blowing a steady procession of boyfriends.

Little Sam was eighteen years old, and just starting to bloom. She too had the thick, coarse hair of her mother’s, but hers showed a touch of auburn in the sun. She was destined to be a petite girl.

Sam’s little body was hard and fit, she danced ballet and played field hockey. She had good-sized tits for her age, pointed, cone shaped little breasts about the size of baseballs with fat, puffy nipples. Her hips were just starting to flare out, her waist was slim, her ass round and firm and her legs strong and shapely. She went to high school, and currently had a boyfriend she only saw at school.

Her boyfriend didn’t mind that she was not allowed to date, they took lunch together in the furnace room, where he had finally persuaded her to suck his cock. She’d only been doing it for three weeks, but she liked it. She wanted him to make love to her, but he’d flatly refused. He couldn’t get any condoms, and he wasn’t about to chance knocking her up.

The driver of the beat up Chevy van killed the lights and turned into the driveway, turning onto the grass and pulling around to the back of the house, where it stopped, out of sight of the road.

The side door slid open and two men piled out, one heading for the phone line, cutters in his hand, and one going to the back door and peering into the darkened kitchen, and then looking in a window dimly lit by the light from the living room.
The man at the window whistled a low, soft note and held up his hand, three fingers in the air, telling his partners that he had the three occupants of the house in view. There was a soft snick, and the phone line was cut.

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