Interesting Evening – Meet the Stripper Neighbour!

There were just the six of us at Tony and Val’s place that evening, myself and my wife, Sue, and our friends Pete and Annette. We had known Pete and his wife for ages, but Tony and Val had only moved into the area a few months back. They had invited us round for a meal and a “get to know you” chat. I should have said – we were all fairly close neighbours in the same road.

We had had a great meal and the wine had flowed throughout the evening. The conversation had been interesting, but had mainly consisted of the four of us telling Tony and Val about ourselves. Then, as we relaxed in their lounge after the meal, they opened up to us. It emerged that Tony used to run a small club in the US which had made him quite a pile of money and he had returned to the UK after about 20 years “across the pond” to retire and enjoy life. When we asked him what sort of club it had been he told us that Val had been an “exotic dancer” there, so we could imagine! He grinned at us and I think we all felt a bit uncomfortable – this was not what exhwe were expecting, essentially all of us being in comparatively safe and boring jobs locally. He told us not to be shocked, but explained that he and Val had always had a high sex drive and that Val likes being a bit of an exhibitionist. He had run a bar initially but after hooking up with Val, they had used her talents to move into something slightly shady, but very popular. He’d had a number of dancers, and Val had been in charge of them, but he maintained that she was always “the sexiest, most erotic and most popular of them all. And she just loved the attention!”

I looked at Sue and she was sitting there white-faced. She didn’t know what to say. So did Annette. Our wives exchanged glances and I thought for a moment they were going to get up and go, but maybe the wine, or intrigue, made them stay.

Eventually Sue said “I can’t imagine how any woman could do that – I assume you mean stripping?”

“Yes,” said Val. “It’s not such a big deal. I was always proud of my body and the effect I had on boys in my youth. I liked dancing, and I think the human body is beautiful. It just grew out of dancing around to disco music for myself, then developing some moves and trying them out in clubs. I found I could make a lot of money in strip clubs, but also found I got really turned on by exposing my intimate parts – it was something about the effect on men, how they were panting for me, how I could get them in a state of pure lust and excitement and have total power over them. I could get them to do things and humiliate themselves just by how I flaunted myself in front of them. I loved it. And I didn’t have sex with them or anything, I could walk away and leave them hanging…”

“And come and have great sex with me afterwards!” grinned Tony. Val beamed.

Then Annette asked Val exactly what she did, what her act was like. “Well, I had some fabulous outfits and I used to make myself up quite heavily. I’d start by dancing and then make the moves more and more erotic and teasing. I’d get shy looking audience members to undo things for me, sit on their laps and so on, then..”

“Hold on”, said Tony, “this is silly. Why don’t you show them? You’ve still got most of your stuff haven’t you?”

I couldn’t believe my ears; I crossed my legs as surreptitiously as I could to hide the movement in my trousers and watched Sue and Annette. Annette spoke: “Oh I don’t think that would be right. I’m not sure about that at all”.

“Neither am I,” said Sue, and I felt very disappointed.

“Oh don’t be so daft” said Val, “I’ll just do a little show for you. Its not as if we’re having an orgy or anything, no-one’s going to make you do anything – we’re not like that, but I do enjoy doing my dances and I’m sure all the guys would love it – and I bet you ladies are a little bit intrigued aren’t you?”

Sue went bright red and quietly admitted “well, I suppose to a certain extent I am. I’ve never seen a strip in real life, just in films. I guess it would be quite interesting.”

“Oh, OK” said Annette, “go ahead Val. But I think I need another drink!”

So we all had a top-up from Tony while Val left the room. Then Tony arranged his two settees so the four of us were in a line and there was a space in front of us in his large lounge for Val to perform. Tony got a CD ready to play. There was an air of anticipation in the room. After about fifteen minutes of hushed discussion between ourselves about what was going to happen, and lots of reassuring of the ladies that this was not about wife-swapping or having sex, and that none of us would have to remove our clothes, Val called down to Tony to “get the music on”. Tony obliged and immediately some loud sleazy blues erupted from his stereo.

Val made her entrance. And what an entrance. She looked a little like one of the women from Abba. Long purple boots with platform soles, a long purple skirt that was slit up the front until it met a zip that went up to the waist. Above this she had a very tight matching purple zipper jacket that was low-cut and showed a significant amount of cleavage. It appeared at least a size too small as her breasts were clearly quite constrained and pushed upwards quite considerably. She had tied her hair up on the top of her head and applied purple eye shadow, heavily lined eyes and deep red lipstick. I looked at Sue and she looked back at me with raised eyebrows.

“Val, you look great” I said. Well it would be rude not to say anything.

“Yes, fantastic” echoed the girls and Pete.

Val began a sensuous dance around the room. Occasionally she would sit on a straight-backed chair that Tony placed for her. As she did so she would stretch out a leg and slide it outwards, opening the slit in her skirt so we could see that she wore tan stockings underneath. Sue shifted around a little. Val came over to us all and bent down in front of Pete, cupping herself to emphasise even more her magnificent cleavage. Now Pete went red and looked sheepishly at his wife. But then Val turned her back and gyrated her bottom at Annette, just inches from her face, and it was Annette’s turn to colour up.

Val next approached Sue and stood in front of her with her legs apart, the slit in her skirt under pressure and her knees slightly bent. As she stood there she bent down and very slightly opened the zip, making the slit longer and showing more of her stockings. “Go on Sue, just pull my zip up a little further for me – not too far, I want to keep something hidden from these men a little longer!”

Sue looked mortified but Val just stood there swaying to the music. Eventually Sue reached out to the zip and moved it about six inches up towards Val’s waist. I caught a slight glimpse of silver before Val sprang back and continued her moves.

Then Val went over to Annette and got her to unzip her tight jacket. “Nice and slowly Annette, please” she instructed. Annette pulled the zip down and the jacket opened. Underneath the jacket Val was wearing a heavy under-wired silver bra. It was magnificent. Her breasts were really pushed up by it, and it was a substantial item of underwear. Her jacket hung loosely now and she came over to Pete and asked him to remove it – which he did with shaking hands. Then, freed from the jacket she resumed her sensuous dance. Now she made great play of her breasts and the bra, cupping it, squeezing the cups together, leaning forward towards us, etc. Then she would put a hand inside each cup tantalisingly.

I turned to Sue and asked if she was still OK with it. “I suppose so” she smiled at me “the wine is helping – it’s quite erotic isn’t it?” Blimey!

Now Val turned her attention to her skirt and legs. We had already had a glimpse of stocking (reminds me of a song, that) and now she raised the zip further upwards. As she did so more of her stockings came into view; she sat down and spread her legs apart as she pulled the zip up completely. Then she lifted her legs up and outwards and we were treated to a view of what appeared to be silver shorts, and a very nice gusset indeed! This was super-erotic and my prick was stirring mightily in my trousers. Sue looked slightly flushed as Val opened her legs further and then bent her knees, affording us a great view up her silver crotch. Her stockings were held up by a matching silver suspender belt, under the shorts, which I now realised were hotpants, also with a zip up the front, between the legs and up the back! As she lay back she ran a finger gently along the zip across her gusset. She beckoned Sue forward.

Hesitantly at first Sue went up to her. Val asked her to remove the skirt, which was now only held at the front. Sue did so and the skirt fell away. “Don’t sit down yet, Sue” said Val, “I have something else for you to do”. And with that she stood up and got Sue to undo her bra at the back. Sue complied then almost ran back to sit beside me again.

“I didn’t think she’d actually take her top off – will she?” whispered Sue to me. I just shrugged, but I was hoping…

Val held her hands over the bra cups and slowly moved the bra across her ample boobs, never quite showing them to us, teasingly bending over us all and appearing just about to let the bra fall away. Then she turned her back and the bra fell to the floor, leaving her back totally bare. Then she turned around but quickly covered her tits with her hands.

Then with a “nothing you haven’t seen on a French beach!” Val moved her hands away and clasped them behind her neck, showing off her gorgeous breasts to us all; dark nipples really standing proud. Annette and Sue both gasped.

“Oh, Val, I didn’t think you’d actually go that far!” said Annette.

“What do you think happens in a striptease then?” countered Val and continued to gyrate and then run a finger over her left nipple, making it stand even more erect. I must say, I was pretty damn erect now as well, but trying not to let Sue and Annette see the effect this show was having on me. I glanced at Pete and drew the same conclusion.

To our wives surprise the show wasn’t over. Val lay on the floor on her front then opened her legs wide and raised herself with her arms. Then she bent her legs at the knee and opened further.

“What is she going to do now, Alan?” asked Sue.

“Haven’t a clue.” I replied. “Let’s just watch shall we?”

“If she takes any more off I don’t know if I can watch her – this is just so… rude” she replied. I smiled at her and adopted a quizzical expression, hoping it would seem neutral.

Meanwhile Val had turned onto her back, boobs still firm on her chest and one hand massaging them. The other hand slowly moved to her hotpants while she opened her legs again so we could see the full extent of their gusset. She reached for the zipper and gently began to pull it down.

“Oh no, Val – don’t”, said Sue, but Val just looked her in the eye as she continued opening up her hotpants. Slowly, slowly the zip descended, obscured by Val’s hand as she pulled it down across the crotch and up the back. Then, both sides of the hotpants fell away and we saw that she had a tiny red g-string panty just coving her womanhood. Sue gave a relieved sigh as Val stood up and came up to her. With the music still pumping out Val stood with her panty crotch inches from my wife’s face as she pulled the front down and showed Sue her shaven mound. Sue’s jaw dropped. She didn’t know what to do or say as Val pulled the knickers lower and we could all see the folds of her vagina peeping up from between her legs. Then, in a flash, Val had removed the g-string completely and stood completely exposed before us. All that remained of Val’s clothing was the stockings and the silver suspender belt.

Sue was flushed and panting. She really hadn’t expected Val to strip off completely, but began a nervous clapping, joined by Annette and us two blokes, presuming that Val’s show, and our wives embarrassment, was over at last.

Val stood stock still for a moment, but showed no sign of acknowledging the applause. Instead she said “Ladies! Strippers don’t stop there, we’d never make any money – you need to see the rest of my act, now settle down and enjoy…” and slowly turned her back to us, showing her lovely firm buttock cheeks. Then she backed towards Pete and Annette on their sofa and stood immediately in front of them, but with her back to them. Suddenly she bent right forward and touched her toes. Immediately her anus and vagina came into view, tightly closed between her bum cheeks, her legs close together. Sue put her hand to her mouth in shock and Annette turned her head away.

“Oh, come on, Annette” said Val, “you’ve seen these before – you’ve even got your own. I’m just showing you how to show them is all!” With that she stood upright again, moved forward a little and stood equally in front of us all. Then she spread her legs apart and slowly bent forward again. This time it was all completely on show. Her vagina and anus came into clear unrestricted view. In case we couldn’t see, she even placed her hands on her bum cheeks and pulled them further open.

“This is what my audience really like!” said Val. I recommend doing this for Alan and Pete ladies. They’ll do anything you want!”

As she spoke she bent her legs and swayed from side to side. Her holes opened further. I was transfixed. Her vagina was glistening. Her entire crotch area was wet; I guessed at a combination of sweat and her own juices. Sue and Annette both sat there looking stunned. My mouth was dry and I had to lick my lips. I hoped Sue didn’t notice. Val swayed more and as she did so her pussy opened and closed, her lips sticking and unsticking.

Then Val moved her hands down to her ankle and stayed in that pose, legs apart, head down, pussy and anus exposed.

“This is when my audience start taking pictures of me on their phones, I like to stay like this for a while as they get really hot and horny, then I call Tony over…”

We had forgotten Tony. He had remained at the side of the room throughout the show, keeping a low profile and just letting his wife get on with it. Now he moved across to Val, who still stood in her naughty pose. Standing behind her he now placed his hands on her buttocks and opened them up for us.

“This really drives them wild,” he said as with one hand he began to lightly touch Val’s crotch. He traced his finger down over Val’s anus and along her vaginal opening. He slipped a finger inside her. “Lovely and wet, as usual” he winked at us. Then he added a finger and slowly frigged Val as we watched. I thought I was going to explode in my pants. I put my arm around Sue, almost to steady myself. I looked at Sue and noticed that she had her hand in the pocket of her trousers. As I watched her it became obvious that she was massaging her own cunt through her trouser pocket! Fucking hell, she was really turned on by this! I shot a look at Pete and Annette and saw that Pete had his hand down the front of Annette’s blouse, while she had her hand on the bulge in his jeans, rubbing slowly.

Tony had moved to Val’s side and was now transferring her juices onto her whole crotch area. She was sopping wet and she bent and straightened as he worked on her. Then he put a hand underneath her and began massaging her clitoris with his left hand while with his right, completely covered in her sex-slime, he put a finger straight into her anus, then followed this with a finger into her vagina at the same time. This was too much for me, I had to get some relief. Sue was rubbing her own cunt, so I undid my fly and got out my penis. Sue saw me and undid her own trousers, plunged her hand into her panties and frigged away. I held my cock tightly. Tony was double-fingering Val like there was no tomorrow, his fingers sliding effortlessly into her bum-hole and her cunt while he was rubbing her clit.

Then something amazing happened, as if it hadn’t already! I mean my wife was openly frigging herself in our friend’s lounge having expressed distress a short time earlier about her friend exposing her boobs! Anyway, Tony opened his flies and got out what was unarguably an enormous cock. Then he just pushed it up his wife’s anus. Just like that! Everybody gasped. Tony just set up a rhythm pumping in and out of Val’s bum-hole, while she mewed with pleasure and juices dripped out of her cunt. Then Tony called out “Sue, try this, you’ll never believe what its like otherwise, put your hand up Val’s cunt while I’m up her arse!”

Good God! Would she? Would she hell! Sue immediately went over to them and began feeling Val’s vaginal lips, underneath Tony’s pumping cock. “That’s it Sue, get your fingers up me,” commanded Val, and Sue obliged. We all watched closely, Pete and Annette kept up their frigging and wanking but their eyes were on Sue’s fingers and Val’s cunt-hole.

As we watched, Sue inserted two fingers into Val’s wet hole, then three, then four and, without much effort, as Tony slid in and out it was almost as if the suction took her whole fist into Val’s cunt. Right in. Sue looked at me with astonishment and began rubbing herself with her free hand.

“Oh bloody hell, that feels amazing” said Sue. “I can feel Tony’s dick against my hand. Oh that’s SO rude! Oh my God it feels amazing!”

“Can you imagine how it feels for me?” said Tony.

“Oh God, and for me!” said Val. Suddenly Val let out a wail and began bucking with orgasm. Tony just continued to plunge his erect cock into his wife.

Sue pulled her hand out of Val, took her trousers down and off, clambered onto my lap, facing me, and I entered her as she continued to frig herself.

I looked at our friends on the other sofa. By now Annette had Pete’s dick down her throat and his hand bringing her off.

Within a minute it was all over. Tony spunked into Val. I emptied my balls into Sue as she came. Pete exploded into Annette’s mouth and she rocked to her own climax.

No one looked at each other as we tidied ourselves up. Finally, Val, still virtually naked said: “Well, I think I can say that you all finally enjoyed that. I certainly did. And I love the fact that it all happened because of my little show. See, no harm done! Nobody made you do anything you didn’t want to! It’s just a matter of losing some inhibitions, and providing a safe environment to lose them in.”

She came round and gave all of us a nice kiss, then started to get dressed.

“Val”, said Sue “I’m sorry I carried on a bit. I was just so shocked. It was like nothing that had ever happened to me before. I think I was scared that it was going to be different somehow, that I would be jealous, or Alan wouldn’t want me anymore, or something. I could never have exposed myself like that, and I thought badly of you because you could. But then I ended up having sex in front of you all – even if you were all preoccupied! So I feel a bit guilty, but by God I really enjoyed it. In the end. I’m going to learn a little routine myself now, for Alan’s benefit only!”

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