Interesting Evening – Meet the Stripper Neighbour!

There were just the six of us at Tony and Val’s place that evening, myself and my wife, Sue, and our friends Pete and Annette. We had known Pete and his wife for ages, but Tony and Val had only moved into the area a few months back. They had invited us round for a meal and a “get to know you” chat. I should have said – we were all fairly close neighbours in the same road.

We had had a great meal and the wine had flowed throughout the evening. The conversation had been interesting, but had mainly consisted of the four of us telling Tony and Val about ourselves. Then, as we relaxed in their lounge after the meal, they opened up to us. It emerged that Tony used to run a small club in the US which had made him quite a pile of money and he had returned to the UK after about 20 years “across the pond” to retire and enjoy life. When we asked him what sort of club it had been he told us that Val had been an “exotic dancer” there, so we could imagine! He grinned at us and I think we all felt a bit uncomfortable – this was not what exhwe were expecting, essentially all of us being in comparatively safe and boring jobs locally. He told us not to be shocked, but explained that he and Val had always had a high sex drive and that Val likes being a bit of an exhibitionist. He had run a bar initially but after hooking up with Val, they had used her talents to move into something slightly shady, but very popular. He’d had a number of dancers, and Val had been in charge of them, but he maintained that she was always “the sexiest, most erotic and most popular of them all. And she just loved the attention!”

I looked at Sue and she was sitting there white-faced. She didn’t know what to say. So did Annette. Our wives exchanged glances and I thought for a moment they were going to get up and go, but maybe the wine, or intrigue, made them stay.

Eventually Sue said “I can’t imagine how any woman could do that – I assume you mean stripping?”

“Yes,” said Val. “It’s not such a big deal. I was always proud of my body and the effect I had on boys in my youth. I liked dancing, and I think the human body is beautiful. It just grew out of dancing around to disco music for myself, then developing some moves and trying them out in clubs. I found I could make a lot of money in strip clubs, but also found I got really turned on by exposing my intimate parts – it was something about the effect on men, how they were panting for me, how I could get them in a state of pure lust and excitement and have total power over them. I could get them to do things and humiliate themselves just by how I flaunted myself in front of them. I loved it. And I didn’t have sex with them or anything, I could walk away and leave them hanging…”

“And come and have great sex with me afterwards!” grinned Tony. Val beamed.

Then Annette asked Val exactly what she did, what her act was like. “Well, I had some fabulous outfits and I used to make myself up quite heavily. I’d start by dancing and then make the moves more and more erotic and teasing. I’d get shy looking audience members to undo things for me, sit on their laps and so on, then..”

“Hold on”, said Tony, “this is silly. Why don’t you show them? You’ve still got most of your stuff haven’t you?”

I couldn’t believe my ears; I crossed my legs as surreptitiously as I could to hide the movement in my trousers and watched Sue and Annette. Annette spoke: “Oh I don’t think that would be right. I’m not sure about that at all”.

“Neither am I,” said Sue, and I felt very disappointed.

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