Innocent wife is now a full prostitute – Wife Deborah Taken By Boss

The story told by her husband, George:

Deborah has now officially become a working prostitute. She told me of earning her first $250 Amy forced her to make. She sucked and fucked her first “john” in his car while they were parked behind a building downtown. He gave her $100. She sucked on his dick as he drove around. He got harder and harder until some precum leaked out into Deb’s mouth. She then pulled behind the building and she straddled his dick as he moved over and lay the seat back. He had her tits out the whole time and anyone walking by could have easily known she was fucking him.

She then walked the streets some more and picked up a “date” with two younger men who made her suck them both and swallow their cum. One of the men fingered her(she wasn’t expecting this) as she sucked the other. She was commanded to hold her mouth tight as he shoot his big load down her throat. The second man jerked out and shot his cum on her face and tits before sticking it back in her mouth and making her suck him dry.

She then was finally able get a fat middle aged man to pick her up. He only had $60, but she gave him a suck and fuck anyway, just so she could go home. His dick was short and fat. He hadn’t bathed either. It was hard for Deborah to get his dick into her pussy in the confines of the car. She could barely get him in, but he held her tight against his belly as they fucked. His mouth was right at her tits and he sucked and bit them as she rode him. He left red bite marks on her tits.

Amy has her working the streets now once a week at least, usually Friday nights. Amy has made me ride with them several times. She lets Deb out and we park and watch as she makes her “dates”. The first time I saw her get into a car with a stranger, I shook. I was really worried. Just watching her walk along the street with her tits and ass mainly hanging out gets to me. When Deb bends over the car window, I know her tits are out and I have seen the men grab them as she sets up her “date”.

Amy makes me buy Deborah’s condoms. If she runs out, Amy tells her to go bareback, which she hasn’t done, but I know that I better keep her amply supplied. Deb used 12 condoms last Friday, the most so far in one night. She also made over $800 that night. Amy gets all the money. Amy gives a cut of it to one of the local pimps for allowing Deb to work “his streets”. The pimp, a tall black man, gets to fuck Deborah when he wants.

A couple of weeks ago the pimp fucked Deborah in the back of his car while Amy and I were parked across the street. He has a large, long, very black dick. Deborah came back to Amy’s car after it was finished. Amy had me to eat his cum out of Deb. He hadn’t used a condom. That’s one of his ‘perks’.

Last Wednesday, a night Deborah used to go to church, Amy had her to come over to her house. All I know is that they had some sort of lesbian party. Deb licked, sucked, and fucked the women and they fucked her. She came home with her pussy and ass both red and gaping. She said that women are worse than men.

Deborah has been gangbanged a few times, as Dan or Amy has set them up. The most she’s done so far is eight men at once, and six women at once, in two separate gangbangs. Dan has told her that he is setting up a “huge” one for her, whatever that means. I got to go the eight man gangbang. Of course, I didn’t get to have sex with my wife. I got to watch and “fluff” the men if needed. “Fluffing” is either sucking or hand stimulating the men to keep them hard.

They had Deborah start the gangbang by dancing for them and stripping. Then she was forced to her knees and went around the circle jacking and sucking each of the men. She then laid down on the mattress, spread her legs and held her pussy open, as she asked, “who’s first?” From then on, it was one in her pussy and one in her mouth at a minimum.

She started getting on top of a man as he lay down, so her ass was easily available. She did two in her pussy and two in her ass as well. I couldn’t believe she could take two, but seeing is believing. Some of my fellow workers were there. A few of them had me suck their dicks after they did Deborah in the ass. I had to swallow some of their cum. That just made a little less for Deborah to swallow, or be pumped in her.

There’s hardly a night when someone from the company doesn’t call her for sex. She goes to their house, or often, they come to ours. They like knowing they are fucking my wife in our bed while I’m in the living room waiting for them to finish. They get pissed off if Dan or Amy has her out someplace else. Deb always has me eat her out after the men leave. Sometimes I even eat her out while they’re watching. I think the men and Deborah alike get off watching me eat another man’s cum out of my wife.

Deborah finishes the story:

I’m pretty much tired most of the time. Last night two men from George’s work didn’t leave until almost midnight. They DP’ed me and had me suck them and tongue their asses until I think I literally got all the cum they could possibly produce out of them. Besides having dicks and dildos up me all the time, I get to tougue a lot of asses. I was repulsed by it at first, but now it’s just part of what I do. I do make George eat me out good after. I fall asleep after I cum.

I can make a woman cum hard and fast now. And I can even cum from a woman licking me. Amy has me wear a butt plug every day. She keeps getting them bigger and bigger. She says she wants my “gape” to be permanent. It does make it easier to take a big dick, or a big dildo. I often have to keep anal beads in my pussy. The combination makes me walk with my ass stuck out and my tits pushed out. The men all seem to love it, as well as Amy and her friends.

Next Saturay is the gangbang. Dan tells me he has got over 40 coming…and cumming. Oh, well, tonight I go to work on the streets again.

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