Indian Couple enliven marriage by swapping

My name is Alisha Saxena. I am a 29 year old housewife. My husband’s name is Udit. We have been married for nine years now and we have tremendous love and respect for each other. Sex between us is still good but not great. Over a period of time our lovemaking had become pretty much predictable. Sure, we’d tried a lot of various positions and explored our desires. We were very happy with our marriage, still are, even possessive to some extent but we wanted to get rid of the monotony that was stalking us. We were so frank with one another that we’d often talk about people( and that included Udit’s elder brother) we’d like to have sex with.

I am 5 feet 5 inches tall in my bare feet whereas Udit is almost 6 feet tall. We make a good pair at least that is what we hear from our friends. I am slim, weigh about 55 kgs (Udit teases me saying that I am all 5 so perhaps he is the fifth man in my life, and if he is the first then four more will follow. He is really mean!), breasts are 34 C. Udit is someone who likes good sex ( don’t all men?) so I keep the pussy properly shaped to suit his tastes. Sometimes he wants the lips fully exposed sometimes covered with a little bit of hair. I go along with him but tell him that since I take so much trouble, surely somebody else too should get to see the pains that I take. Even the models who do all this get paid handsomely and I just get a good round of lovemaking. Of course, that round is excellent but who doesn’t like more admirers?

One day we watched an X rated film which dealt copiously with the topic of wife swapping and the couples appeared to be very happy with the outcome. X-rated movies fascinate me because the male actors are always so well endowed, or at least they are projected to be so. Till date I don’t know whether that is real or a photographic trick. Udit’s about average in size I guess, not that I’ve had much to compare it to. I’d only been with one other guy and that was shortly after I met and fell in love with Udit. He was a close friend of Udit and since the circumstances were so interesting I will narrate them for the benefit of readers.

One day the three of us, Udit, myself and his friend Dileep had been returning from Bombay by car. I was sitting on the rear seat whereas Udit was driving with Dileep sitting by his side. It was very hot and these two had fortified themselves with liberal helpings of beer. To give them company I too had joined in but of course I had consumed far less. As happens so very often, they stopped by the roadside to relieve themselves. Just as they were standing side by side, I couldn’t help wondering that they could perhaps see each other’s cock but they were so nonchalant about it. Well, even we girls are quite cool if we happen to see one another’s breasts.

Just then the mobile phone of Udit rang. It was an important call and I hurriedly got down barefooted to give Udit the phone since I had taken my sandles off. The road was hotter than I expected and I virtually ran and handed him the mobile. He too had finished and moved to one side with the mobile leaving me standing with Dileep. Whether he did it deliberately or unknowingly I still do not know but before zipping he turned around and I got to see his semi erect cock.

Dileep is quite fair and somehow shamelessly my eyes were transfixed there as it slowly got more and more stiff before he forced it inside his trousers and told me in a conspiratory tone. ’You saw this without my permission. Now it is your turn to show me.’ I was dumbfounded but since he was staying with us, I returned the favour and how.

He was staying with us and one day in the morning I decided to tease him a bit. I was pottering about the house in a my sleeveless nightie, barefooted, as busy as any housewife is in the morning, my anklets making a tingling sound as I went from one place to another a scene not unusual in any Indian home except for the fact that I was attired in a sexy nightie. Udit came out from the bathroom and got ready quickly whereas Dileep was still having his bath.

Although it is not a part of my regular goodbye activity, I deliberately unzipped Udit’s trouser and gave him a nice oral. It was a tense moment because we both knew that Dileep could perhaps emerge any moment Udit obviously did not want to be caught by his friend with his cock in his wife’s mouth. Just as the sound of the water became inaudible, Udit disengaged himself and promptly went down to the car telling me to send Dileep as soon as he got ready.

It was then that I got my chance and proceeded to give the same treatment to Dileep as I had given to Udit. He was kind of unprepared for this onslaught and after I licked the underside I took the head in my mouth and just as he started getting erect, I disentangled myself and rushed to the kitchen shouting from there to Udit that Dileep wanted to discuss something. Just as Udit got into the lift to come up, I slid the nightie off my shoulders to give Dileep a full look of myself and proceeded to tease his cock again this time not usimng my hands at all; just my lips to roll the foreskin back. Just as the lift landed at our floor, I picked up the nightie and walked into the bathroom leaving Dilee to talk to Udit with his erect cock.

We had started visiting adult sites on the net where one could get to see pretty nude girls and well nude hunks. One day we stumbled upon a site where one could actually register and get to meet like minded people. Since we were absolutely resolute that whatever we would do would be with the knowledge and consent of one another, we registered ourselves as a couple who were seeking similar couples.

During this period I also made a couple of friends; one girl named Simran who is young, married and has more sex outside marriage than I had ever imagined and another person who is lively and over a period of time has become a good friend.Imagine our surprise when out of all the responses that we received at least 80 percent were from single men or men with wives but who had registered themselves alone wanting to have sex with me.

‘Well, Alisha, I see that there are many admirers of yours, all wanting to have sex with you. If we invite all of them, I will be able to make good money by filming you with them and selling the film to one of the X rated producers.’ Udit said while peering through the letters on the computer screen. It was late night. Udit was wearing his boxer shorts whereas I was clad in my diaphanous peach colored nightie. I could see that although all the offers were for me still he was getting a hard on. Big problem with men. Unable to hide their excitement.

‘Come on, do you think I am that desperate?’ I said good humouredly and then added naughtily ‘Sure, a change would be welcome but a change for the better. Not just for the heck of it.’

Udit lifted my nighty up over my head and took his shorts off. While kissing my brown thick succulent nipples, he then assisted me to sit on his lap facing him. I reached down to aim his by-now hard cock so that I could slowly ease my pussy down on it. This was a general routine for us during our nine years of marriage. I raised myself up high enough on my toes to be able to see his cock pull nearly out and then go back in.

Udit said, ‘ Well, if anyone appeals to you, we can give it a try.’

I stood on my toes again, so as to be able to sit back on Udit’s cock with additional gravitational force, and said, ‘ There are so many questions. Even if we run into a couple. I mean suppose I like the husband and you don’t like his wife. Or the other way round. How are these things taken care of?’ I said grinding my pubic bone against his.

‘That is true. But no harm in meeting anyone, is there. I mean the chances that you will be raped appear to be remote.’ He said laughingly.

‘You will be surprised to know that one gentleman I was corresponding with threatened to rape me.’ I said tying my hair into a pony as I rode Udit.

‘Really?’ Udit appeared surprised.

‘All in fun. Don’t be serious.’ I assured him.

‘Well, it is good that they have not actually seen the pussy otherwise there would be many who would be tempted to attempt such a thing.’ Udit said.

‘You and your compliments.’ I laughed as Udit’s teeth bit into my nipples.I had never met Simran but when I mentioned this to her, she did not appear to be very surprised and this surprised me.

‘You mean you meet with other couples and have sex with them?’ I asked.

Simran smiled. ‘ Come on now, Alisha. Don’t be a prude. None of us does it on a sly, so what is the hitch? Damn right we do and we love every minute of it. There’s nothing like it. We have two other couples that we meet on a regular basis and sometimes all get together for a big party……… orgy, as some people crudely refer to it.’

At first, I thought Simran was just pulling a fast one but when I questioned her she appeared to be dead serious. I was a little shocked at first but I had to ask questions and since I am a bit reserved in asking this personally I sent her an E Mail. My main question was how it affected their marriage, had it caused any problems of any kind. I was afraid maybe she and Ashok ( her husband) were having problems with their marriage and the “swinging” was a way to temporarily cope with it.

‘ No way are Ashok and I having problems, in fact, our marriage is stronger now than it’s ever been.’

‘What about jealousy, surely there’s a chance someone could have a problem with that’ I asked.

Simran’s reply was ‘Couples who are jealous of each other don’t stay in the lifestyle for very long. They drop out before it gets to be too big a problem. And it is always better that couples should be somewhat similar. If the man is too good well, he will corner all the females and if the female is too good, all the men will flock to her. So the best thing is to look for similar couples and well, honesty is the best policy. That takes care of jealousies.’ Simran’s letter talked about a lot of the aspects of the swinging lifestyle including a few do’s and don’ts. I read mesmerized. The more I read the more interested I became.

‘Do you think you and Udit would be jealous of each other having sex with other people?’ Simran wrote.

‘I don’t think I would be jealous of Udit but I’m not sure he could handle the idea of me being with another guy. I’m not really sure and there is nothing I want to do without him.The idea is ti enliven our marriage, not have flings to destroy it.’

Simran suggested she felt it best if Udit and I sat down and really talked it out before giving “swinging” a try.

‘Make sure it’s something you both think you’d like to try and both of you can handle without any problems afterwards.’

‘OK, we’ll talk about it this evening and I’ll see if I get any sort of hesitation from Udit if I tell him I’m interested.’

Over a couple of days which extended into weeks we did manage to zero down to a couple who seemed to be fitting the bill. I still had goosebumps in my stomach. Initially we did not think we would ever meet and so with the benefit of anonymity, I had written to them about the shape of my pussy and how Udit made love to me and how we almost always slept in the buff. This part about sleeping nude was partly correct; I mean at times one does wear some clothes; rather one has to.

Now that the opportunity to meet them was actually approaching I was filled with a terror that could hardly be described. The man would see me and immediately the thought would come to his mind that this is the lady who keeps her pussy trimmed in a particular way so as to keep the lips visible with just a little crop of hair on the mound or who likes to be made love to in this particular fashion. I told her Udit and I wanted to give it a shot and see how we both handled it. If we have any doubts about the fact that it could be harmful to our marriage, we would steer clear of it.

’Sounds like you’ve got the right sense of mind about swinging, it isn’t for everyone. But, you never know until you’ve tried it. And it is not a must. Sex is not the sole purpose of life. Good people try it and good people don’t try it’ Another E Mail friend I was corresponding with from England wrote philosophically.

’Well, how do we get into it? You know. How do we meet couples, especially couples that we might like and hit if off with?’ Udit asked.

‘I’ll fix it up with the couple that we have finalized for Saturday evening, provided you are game.’ I said looking Udit in the eye.

Frankly I was a trifle unsure as to how he would react if I told him that I had told them intimate details about ourselves.

‘Its okay with me provided it is with you. ’ Udit said.

‘We’ll just move to different rooms after an initial ice breaking that will take in front of you……and me.’ I mused.

‘I guess that should be fine.’ Udit said. ‘And the first meeting would just be breaking the ice, is that not so?’

The couple’s name was Raj and his wife was Manisha. Now that I had received the go ahead from Udit I mustered up the courage to exchange telephone numbers with Manisha.

’How about you and Udit coming over to the house this Saturday evening for a drink with Raj and I? We’ll all get a chance to talk it over together. It’ll give us a chance to all know each other better. Just talk and a few drinks, no commitments.’Manisha said.

’No commitments? You mean we won’t be doing anything……….sexual. Right?’

’Right. Just a social meeting. We can take it from there later on.’ replied Manisha.

Udit was all excited about meeting Raj and Manisha socially and finding out more about the swinging lifestyle and their experiences. I’ll have to admit I was just as excited at the idea. I think knowing that we weren’t going to be doing anything sexual kept me from being nervous and scared. Saturday evening rolled around and Udit and I prepared to go over to Raj and Manisha’s.

I emerged topless from the bathroom with a towel draped around my waist. The henna tatoo that I had recently acquired over my belly button during the recent holiday to Goa with the image of a rising sun and its rays made it look all the more sexy. In addition to that there was a heart shaped tatoo over my left breast, just above the nipple and a dragon shaped one over the right buttock. Udit had teased me about where I had gone to get it.

‘Guess’ I had teased him. Actually they were only stickers and could be applied by anyone in the privacy of their homes. Even Udit knew that while it was possible that the one over the breast and the belly button had been applied by me surely the one over the buttock could not have been stuck by myself. These were professional services and thankfully he did not probe much. While he was lost in his thoughts I applied lipstick. He quickly picked it up and applied it on my pink nipples.

’Behave yourself! Now the bra will be stained.’ I scolded him.

’I did this just in case you get to strip totally.’ Udit said with a grin.

’Very funny! Keep your silly jokes to yourself.’ I said putting on the bra and tying the hook. I looked at myself again in the mirror. The bra was not transparent but showed a generous amount of cleavage. Both of us knew that some display was not vulgar and in fact was appropriate for the sort of meeting we were going for,so no comments were passed. I took off the towel and I could see Udit staring at my well manicured pussy for the millionth time. I was very particular about the shape that had to be given. Virtually hairless it had a vertical broadish line of hair above the slit. This was the way it pleased him and in accordance with his likes, I changed the styles, somewhat akin to changing hairstyles. These too were hairstyles though of different hair.Udit wanted me to dress sexy, not like I’d dress for some social occasion. I put on a nice blue saree with a halter neck blouse. The saree was appropriately tied well below my belly button to show it off. I am quite proud of my belly button and have become all the more fond of it ever since Udit has told me that it turns him on tremendously when the belly button is on display.

The blouse was sleeveless so ethnic oxidized silver jewellery was adorned to accentuate the impact. Demure dainty anklets on my feet which Udit finds very very feminine.He put on a pair of Allen Solly trousers and one of his best dress shirts. We looked presentable.We drove into town and met Raj and Manisha at their new home. Raj’s a contractor and he’d built their home himself.

It was in one of the better neighborhoods, quiet without being in one of those opulent communities. I introduced Raj to Udit and the two of them shook hands and smiled at each other. I remember Udit having a big grin on his face when Manisha strode up to him. She put her arm around mine and escorted us both into their livingroom. The house was nice, not too loud or garish. Everything was tastefully done up. Manisha gave us a brief tour of the ground floor. Raj put his arm around my waist and guided me to the main room where they had a beautiful bar. Not a little dinky bar, but a bar suitable for a small nightclub.

Raj was quite the gentleman, pulling out a barstool for me and helping me get situated. Udit sat to my left with Manisha next to him. Manisha was wearing a cream coloured salwar suit. She was definitely plumper than I was. Her cleavage was positively visible and Udit was definitely enjoying the view. However my confidence increased in leaps and bounds when I noticed that she too was a trifle nervous. Raj poured us some very dry white, French wine. I’d never tasted any wine so good in all my life. It was a very good sipping wine without being too alcoholic. Raj and Udit had beer; something they seemed to feel was a “guy thing”.

We chatted about their house, work and latest news. Raj started conversing with me about my thoughts of swinging. I felt relaxed enough to tell him about my slight apprehension. He smiled and said it was normal for me to feel that way. I wasn’t the only one who’d felt that way. He related Manisha feeling the same way when the two of them had gotten into swinging and they or rather she was still new to the game, he said smilingly.

I shyly admitted to Raj that I was worried that Udit might get upset if I had sex with another guy even though he’d be busy with another girl.Frankly even I was undecided as to whether it should be sex or just some fun. Udit being with another girl didn’t bother me though. Raj and Manisha talked about meeting couples and attending swinger’s parties. Much to both Udit and my amazement, we didn’t realize there were so many couples into the swinging lifestyle. Couples of all ages, occupations and varied interests. Raj hit on the subject of bisexual women. Think maybe he was trying to get my reaction to the idea. I’d seen scenes of girl on girl sex in the porno movies and wondered about it. Just wondered, not really thought it was something I’d think about trying. Raj and Manisha’s information on the swinging scene seemed to have a calming effect on both Udit and I. They made it sound so cool to be involved in it. I was a little concerned that it might be like consensual rape. Just an idea I had in the back of my mind.

By : rupanita

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