Incest Crossdressing Story – With Aunt (Bua)

Hi friends, let me introduce myself. My name is Vikram. I am a male and my age is 25. I love crossdressing from a very young age. I used to stay at my home with my parents. My dad would return from office at 10 pm. In the evening, my younger brother used to play cricket outside for 3 hours and my mom used to go for evening walk with her friends.

At this time I stayed at home and got a good chance to crossdress. I used to wear my mom’s bra, panty, blouse, petticoat and then a saree. I wanted to dress like Kajol, the most beautiful Indian Actress. Thus I had saved her wallpaper in my computer.

I would get dressed in Mom’s saree in evening, imagine myself like Kajol. Then I would wash utensils, clean the house etc. These activities give me a feeling as if I am a female. Then I would browse through pics of Indian Actresses and then Masturbate thinking that I am one of them and some handsome young man is fucking me.

I am a bit plump, so after dressing in mom’s clothes, my figure is around 36-30-36. But now time had come when I had to leave home for higher studies. Though I wanted to stay alone in the new city so that I can indulge in intense crossdressing but Dad asked me to stay with his sister who is 38 years old and unmarried.

I call her Seema Aunty. I don’t know why she didn’t marry and stays alone in a flat. However she has a very nice job in one of the MNCs.

I reached her flat and she welcomed me. She hugged me and said “Vicky, you are so grown up. I saw you 5 years ago when you were so young.”
Seema Aunty was wearing a t-shirt and denim jeans. I started staying in her flat and also got admission in college.

One week passed and what I noticed about Seema Aunty is that she always wore T-shirt jeans, Formal shirt and pant. She had boycut hair. If we talk about figure, then she is a bit flab. Her figure must be around 34-30-36. I never saw a bra or a panty of hers. This day on Sunday, we were having lunch. Seema Aunty asked me about my college life. I replied to whatever questions she asked.

Then I asked her “Aunty, I have noticed one thing. Why do you always wear t-shirts and jeans? Why not ladies clothes like salwar kameez and saree?”

She replied “Vicky, I am very comfortable in what I wear. I have dresses and sarees however I don’t wear them.”

I said “But Seema Aunty, you don’t wear ladies tops too. You always wear men’s T-Shirts, trousers etc. Why so?”

Aunty smiled and said “Vicky, I don’t know why but those clothes don’t appeal to me. You can say I am very tomboyish.”

I said “Yes I have noticed that. You are very dominating like men. Is that why you didn’t marry?”

She said “Well, there is no reason as such, I’ll tell you later. It is a very personal thing.”

I said “In a way, you live your life as a male.”

She smiled and said “Why do you say so? Only because of the clothes I wear?”

I said “No aunty, not only clothes, your behavior, and you also don’t apply lipstick, kajal. You don’t wear any jewellery too.”

She said “Oh my God, you have noticed so much about me. What else?”

I said “Aunty, in other words, I can say that you are a female to male crossdresser.”

She was taken aback by what I said. Then she told me “How did you get to know about this crossdresser word?”

I said “I just know.”

She said “Yes, you can call me as a female to male crossdresser. I love living life as a male. And you know what, I like women. I am quite attracted to women, not men. Thats why I have short hair like men. Anything else you noticed?”

I gathered courage and said “Aunty, you keep the washed clothes on the balcony for drying. But I have never seen a bra or a panty there.”

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