Incest continues with Mom and wild sister

Things got a lot out of control in part 1, if you didn’t read the first part of ‘My Shattered Mom’, enjoy it.


Basically my hot Mom had a lot of bad luck and at her weakest moment I made a move on her and we made love. We became infatuated with each other and our sex was awesome. Then I caught my sexy sister masturbating and we started a kinky relationship. Not wanting to screw up a great situation, I decided to tell my sister I had sex with Mom.

The next day after my sister Hanna got home from school she began to tease me with her hot body. As always she was dressed in skimpy clothes and looked way too sexy to ignore. We began to kiss and feel each other up. We both were getting turned on, this was my best chance to explain my situation.

“Hanna, I need to tell you a few things.” I said, stopping our make out session.

“Ok David, what do you have in mind, you sexy man?” She asked excited.

“We better stop for a minute, sit down Hanna. This is serious.” I said sadly.

“What is it bro? Is everything Ok?” She asked with concern.

I sat her down at the kitchen table and sat across from her. I took a deep breath and continued.

“Hanna, I love you very much. I’m totally attracted to you and will never do anything to hurt you, or harm you.” I said seriously.

“I know that,” She said in an understanding way. “What’s wrong David? This sounds serious!” She said waiting for my answer.

“Well you know the weekend Mom got her DUI?” I asked as kindly as I could.

“Yes.” She said impatiently.

“I bailed her out and spent the weekend with her.” I said sadly.

“I know that.” She said with a smile.

“Well…” I paused.

“Well what?” She asked not blinking.

I decided to make it sound more stupid and innocent. I didn’t want to upset her or cause a huge mess.

“Mom and I got drunk and ended up sleeping together.” I said quietly.

“So that’s Ok, wait did you sleep with Mom or did you SLEEP with Mom?’ She asked confused and concerned.

“Hanna, we SLEPT together, this happened before we started messing around together. I’m so sorry, I don’t want to hurt you or Mom.” I said, hoping she wouldn’t freak out.

“OMG David, that is crazy. Are you serious?” She asked almost laughing, with a big smile.

Again I wanted to make this easy on her so I told a few more lies.

“We were both troubled and ended up getting drunk that Saturday night together. One thing led to another and our hug turned into a kiss and before I knew it…” I said apologetically.

“No way, that is hilarious.” She said encouraging me for more details. “What happened next?” She asked with extreme curiosity.

I wasn’t expecting this type of reaction from her and I continued with more details.

“Well, I made a move on Mom and she didn’t resist. Actually, she didn’t say anything either. We ended up having sex in her bed that night and the next morning.” I explained sincerely.

“That is crazy David, are you serious?” She asked holding a hand to her mouth.

My little lies continued…

“Yes Hanna, honest to god. I fucked Mom good and hard. I made her cum like crazy and now she wants to continue our sex, when you’re not around. Last night she kissed me a few times when you left the room. I wish I hadn’t started this up with Mom now. You turn me on so much more, trust me you are the hottest, sexiest girl in the world.” I said hoping for sympathy from her.

“Oh David, it’s Ok. I think it’s hilarious.” She laughed out loud and held my hand.

“I don’t want to hurt you Hanna and Mom is very vulnerable right now. I don’t know what to do, maybe I should get back with Chris and move back in with her.” I said sadly.

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