In the woods to my surprise

I woke up totally horny, my fingers were already wet. I must have been fingering myself before I even totally woke up. I had been dreaming a lot about this new guy in my high school and every thought I had about the great looking guy seemed to end with me riding his cock on a couch somewhere.

It was a Saturday, so I figured I would run off this feeling of wanting to finger myself all day. I threw on my running shorts and a tank top and took off. I ran about a mile and then headed up this hiking trail that lead up from a little picnic area off the main road through town. I had passed a couple of parked cars by the trail so I figured I would probably pass some hikers at some point.

In my hast to get out of the house I hadn’t peed and by this point my body was letting me know this fact. I was probably a hundred yards up the trail and figured this was as a good place as any, not that I enjoy peeing in the woods, but this was far from the first time.

I walked into the cover of some big trees and took off my shorts and squatted down. As I was peeing I heard someone’s voice. I looked around embarrassed that I might get caught, and there was no way I could stop the stream at this point. I couldn’t see anyone and guessed they couldn’t see me. I listened more intensely and almost thought that what I was hearing was moaning. I wondered if someone was hurt.

I finished peeing, grabbed a tissue from my sock and cleaned up. I then tried to find the noise I was hearing.

I walked another 10 yards into the woods and when I walked around this huge tree I came face to face with two guys. Both had their pants to their ankles. One was behind the other fucking him up the butt. I had never seen this before and I guess I just froze. The guys, on the other hand, didn’t stop.

My eyes naturally moved to guy’s cock in the front and it was huge. I hadn’t seen older guys cocks, so I didn’t know if it were normal, but for me it was at least twice the size of any teenager I had been with.

The guy being fucked saw me staring and said “come on over here, you can see it better if you get closer.”

I am super submissive and curious as well, so my feet just started moving and before I knew it I was only feet from the two guys. Although I was mostly looking at the cock on the guy in front, I also started watching the guy behind pump his dick into to the other guys butt hole. I was totally intrigued.

The guy in the back asked “you ever seen a guy get fucked like this?” I just shook my head. He then asked “do you like it in the ass?” I guess I didn’t answer for longer than I should have and the guy then says to the guy he is inside of “hey guy I should pull out of you and fuck this sweet little thing she likes it in the ass.”

I finally found my voice and said “I didn’t say that?” He looked at me and said “yeah, but you didn’t say you didn’t either, which means you do.” I didn’t know how to answer that. I was running to get the horniness out of me and now my body was on fire.

The guy in the back pulled out of the other and took off the condom he had on. His cock was nowhere as big as the other guy’s. The two of them were now facing me. I just kept looking from cock to cock. The fucking guy reached down to his pants pocket and pulled out another condom and a bottle of what I guessed was some kind of lube.

The other guy spoke for the first time and said “How about coming over and sucking my big fat cock.” Again my feet moved on their own and I moved to him. “You ever seen one this big, kid?” he asked. I just shook my head again.

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