In Realtion with My Pastor’s Pretty Wife

Al Grover was good at selling new cars, a proven fact as he had been the top salesman in the L.A. midtown dealership for the past year. Over the years, he had come to learn just who to cater to, giving them an extremely good deal, especially if that person could bring in future business. With popularity of SUV’s increasing dramatically over the past few years, Al enjoyed seeing his commissions increase substantially in size. But what Al enjoyed most with the upswing in the SUV’s popularity was the increase of beautiful women, coming in to view and test drive the new models, lovely married beauties with young children.

On this particular afternoon, after getting a call from one of his good customers, Al figured that the potential sale to the party he was sending over would be a non-profit one of which he’d have to chalk up to goodwill. The fellow who had called him, Robert Churchill, had bought several cars and an SUV from him over the past few years. Now, the guy was asking a favor of him, advising that he sat on the board of some church and sought a bargain deal for the pastor of tat church. Hearing that the church would be paying for the new vehicle, Al assured the man that he’d waive his commission on the deal, plus do the best he could on the trade in of an old station wagon the pastor would be bringing in. Al sighed in total disgust as he would be working for free on this fucking sale.

At the time the pastor would be showing up at the dealership, Al looked out the window and saw an old blue wagon pulling into the lot. Seeing the man get out of the driver’s side, Al sized the fellow up to be in his early to mid-thirties, looking rather square and exactly as he had anticipated a pastor to be. Then the other doors of the wagon opened up and two young children appeared out of the back. Al hook his head, wondering what kind of commotion those rugrats would create, with the young boy seeming to be about 6 years old and the girl about a year younger, both dressed in soccer uniforms.

But as the children’s mother stepped out of the front passenger’s door, Al’s jaw dropped wide open in total awe. ‘Damn, what a fuck’n beautiful little bitch!’ Al muttered to himself as he gazed upon the nicely dressed woman in her pink dress and white 3″ heels. ‘Shit, I should become a fuck’n preacha if that’s what it takes to land a fuck’n sexy beauty like that!’ he pondered. One thing that always turned Al on was a lovely sophisticated beauty! And this lovely woman certainly had him turned on, not a fucking plain Jane as evidenced by the throbbing length growing in his pants. Mentally stripping the young wife and mother of her clothing, Al could only dream of crawling up onto the beauty’s soft sexy body, imagining her hand pushing at him in an attempt to escape his lust.

Introducing himself and shaking Pastor Hasting’s hand, Al gazed at the lovely wife who was instructing the children to behave themselves. Then, upon being introduced to the succulent blonde beauty, Al felt his cock jerking madly as he took the soft petite manicured hand in his much larger one. He could only wish and dream of having this beauty’s hand on his throbbing boner. Putting on the charm, chatting with the couple and showing them the features of the SUV, Al listened as the pastor asked “Well, Melanie, how’d do you like this to drive around with? It’d sure beat all the problems the wagon is giving us now?”

Upon being introduced to Mr. Grover, Melanie swallowed as she looked up at the big towering man who would be showing them the new car, feeling so tiny as her petite hand was enveloped in his large black one. The man appeared so overwhelming to her, over a foot taller than her, causing her to stammer “How ……………how do you do, Mr. Gro ……..Grover!” Her body shuddered as his hand held onto hers for much longer than customary, causing her heart to thump madly in her chest as her breathing nearly stopped at this point.

Melanie was glad that the children began acting up a bit and running onto the showroom floor, allowing her to run after them and away from the rather overpowering black salesman. There were many black men and women in her husband’s congregation, so Al Grover was not the first black man she’d come into contact with. But for some unknown reason, this man seemed all so powerful to her, towering more than a foot over her with that confident smile on his face that totally unnerved her.

With the lovely wife getting in behind the wheel, Al stood next to her husband and watched as the pastor’s wife attempted to adjust her carseat. Seeing the sexy beauty struggling to move her seat forward, Al rushed forward to assist. In doing so, Al moved right up next to her, just inches away from her petite and succulent body. Knowing the luxury car inside and out, he could have found the button to adjust the seat blindfolded. Pretending to bend down to locate the button, knowing the effect he was having upon her as he heard her suddenly pant for breath, Al’s eyes widened as they focused upon the milky white thighs now bared just above the knees of the young wife.

Licking his lips, Al wished that he could lift her skirt just a few inches more and bury his face up into her panty covered crotch. Never had he seen such long beautiful flawless legs such as the sexy pair just inches away from him. ‘Damn, I jest gotta git me a piece of this sexy little bitch! Bet this limp-dick pastor she’s married to ain’t got nothing to compare with Big Al! Ohhhh, baby ………………….I’d sure as hell’d luv to hear ya screaming when I shove it up yer tight little twat!’ he chuckled to himself.

Frozen in the driver’s seat, Melanie fought to get her breath as she could now feel the hot breath of the salesman’s upon her thigh. ‘Oh, God ………………..oh, God!’ she shuddered, praying that the man would move away from her. Something about this man told her that he was pure evil, that she should get as far away from him and as quickly as possible.

Taking the couple into his office, as the children played out front in a small play area was set aside for such a situation, Al wished that he could find some way to get into the beautiful bitch’s tight little panties. Making chit-chat with the pastor, asking about his congregation, Al then got the pitch he had been expecting to come and visit the church on a Sunday. He also learned that the pastor’s lovely wife taught Sunday school at the church and that she also helped out in decorating the church when not called on by the nearby schools as a substitute teacher.

Advising that he would have someone drive the car around the block and appraise it, Al watched as the trusting pastor set the keys upon his desk. Having called for the new apprentice in training, Al normally would have the young man take the car for a spin and do the appraisal. However, seeing the ring of keys on his desk, Al could make out one being a housekey. After introducing the young salesman to the Hastings, Al advised “Jerry, you need to learn how to fill out these forms! This would be a good opportunity for you to learn by asking Pastor Hastings and his wife the necessary questions. Tell you what, I’ll do the car appraisal this time and check over the paperwork when I get back!”

Telling the beautiful young wife and her pastor husband he’d be back in fifteen minutes or so while they filled out the paperwork, Al departed out to their station wagon. Getting into the old wagon, Al started it up and pulled out of the lot. Rounding the corner, he then pulled up to the hardware store and parked the car. Getting out, he then sorted through the keys, finding the one he was looking for. Going into the hardware store, he smiled at Harry who owned the store and held the housekey up for a duplicate to be made.

Pulling back into the dealership’s parking lot, Al chuckled at the stupidity of the trusting pastor who had handed him the set of keys. ‘Preacher …………..ya jest way too trusting a man! Heh, heh …………….giving me the key that’ll let git me into yer purty little wife’s panties! Damn, I can’t wait to git those fuck’n sexy white legs wrapped around me!’ he thought. Going back into the sales office, Al then advised the pastor that he’d see to it that they’d get the high end of the blue book for the old station wagon.

With the pastor thanking him for obtaining the top blue book value, Al smiled at him and advised “It’s the least I can do fer ya and yer beautiful wife!” Going over the paperwork that had been filled out, Al made sure he could read the home address. Knowing the general area where the church was located, he then asked the pastor how close he lived to the church and learned that he and his family lived just a couple of blocks away.

Off out in the showroom, the two youngsters could be heard arguing with each other, causing both parents to turn and look at what was taking place. With the lovely beauty turning a bit in her chair, the sight of her white thighs being bared by the movement had Al’s eyes riveted to the sexy sight. To Al’s delight, as the concerned mother leaned back to try and peer over to where the children’s came form, she had unconsciously parted her thighs and given him a clear shot up to her lacy white panties.

Seeing the youngsters bickering with each other, Melanie felt that she should go on out to keep them company, especially since all the paperwork had already been signed. As she turned to excuse herself, while Boyd was still looking towards the location of the children, Melanie gasped upon seeing that the lewd salesman’s eyes were focused in her direction ………….down towards her legs and trying to peer up under the hem of her dress. Glancing down, seeing her legs spread open a bit and that her dress had moved up from her earlier movements, Melanie felt a warm flush of embarrassment come over her.

Quickly pulling down the hem of her pink dress, tightly closing her open thighs, Melanie stammered “Ex …………..ex …………excuse me while I go and check on the children!” Seeing the lewd salesman lift his eyes up to hers, along with that knowing smile, Melanie was both embarrassed and upset at the audacity of this ogling and brazen man. Exiting the room quickly, heart pounding madly in her chest, Melanie wanted to go back in and tell her husband that they should leave immediately and not go through with the purchase of the SUV.

Glancing back towards the sales office as she slowly made her way towards the children, Melanie wished that the papers weren’t signed, not wanting to have that awful man make any commissions on the sale of the vehicle. ‘My God ……………..what an awful man! He was so evil, not even having the decency to turn away when I caught him looking up my dress! God ………………..he ……………he just leered at me and had the nerve to smirk when he saw that I had caught him at it!’ she thought.

Station wagon traded in, riding back home in the nifty new SUV, Melanie did not feel the joy and exhilaration that the rest of her family was exhibiting. With the children climbing in from the rear door on the driver’s side, as their father helped them up into the vehicle, Melanie had stepped up into the front passenger seat as Al Grover held the front passenger door open for her.

When Mr. Grover had said loudly “Let me show you a feature with the seatbelt, Mrs. Hastings!” she froze upon feeling his hand touch her bare thigh just above her knee. “This is how you adjust it ……………………!” the man continued, but it was merely to draw off any suspicion from her husband as the salesman’s hand caressed her, brazenly sliding up under the hem of her dress. All Melanie could was gasp in her surprise at the audacity of this man’s absurdity, unable to do anything to prevent his bold caresses.

Unable to yell out, nor scream, all Melanie could do was to clasp her hand down over her dress and try to keep the caressing hand from advancing any further. She captured his hand that was under her dress, holding it still, but Melanie was unable to prevent his thick middle finger from tracing up and down along the outline of her puffy slit that suddenly began to leak her oozing juices. Weak from the touch, her grip on his hand eased, giving the bold man even greater access to roam. Squeezing her thighs together, trying to steel herself, Melanie trembled as she emitted out her slick juices, dampening the crotchband of her panties.

Even now, twenty minutes into the drive back to their home, Melanie’s juices continued to flow freely. Continuing to drip out of her juicing slit, Melanie squirmed about in the leather seat as her panties had now become sopping wet. ‘God ……………why …………why didn’t I yell out ……………scream at the horrible man to stop ……………….slap him for doing such a thing? Letting another man ……………..a black man ……………touch me that way! And with Boyd and the children just a mere six feet away!’ she asked herself.

Back at the car dealership, Al sat back in the privacy of the sales office, reflecting on his recent boldness with the pastor’s pretty wife. He had grinned widely upon seeing her astonished face as he slipped his hand up under her dress, feeling the power of control that he wielded over the petite beauty. Making a copy of the sheet with the beauty’s address, he then put it into the clasped envelope along with the duplicate housekey that he had made. ‘Damn ……………….that bitch is a hot little firecracker! Someone jest needs to light her fuse and she’ll go off with a fuck’n bang! Ahhhh, baby ……………..Al Grover’s gonna light that fuse of yers ………………..soon ……………very soon! And when I do ……………ya’ll be on fire ………………and I’ll be right there to put that fire out!’ he chuckled, stroking his throbbing cock which would be used to hose her down with.

That next Sunday, after the church services concluded, Melanie dismissed the youngsters from the Sunday school class that she taught. As she was putting the classroom back in order before going out to mingle with the congregation, her husband suddenly appeared at the doorway. Then her heart stopped upon seeing the smiling black face immediately over her husband’s shoulder. As her husband and Al Grover entered the classroom, Melanie was unable to breathe as her husband advised “Honey, look who came to the services and has expressed an interest in joining our congregation!”

Forcing a smile, seeing the large hand being extended to greet her, Melanie was forced to extend her hand to be engulfed by that of the evil man’s. “Mr. Grover says that his dealership is interested in making a donation to the church, particularly in the betterment of our Sunday school program! You know the Sunday program best, honey ……………so why don’t you go tell Mr. Grover about it and what’s needed to improve it! Meanwhile, I’ve to go and mingle with the congregation! When you get done, can you take Mr. Grover around and introduce him around to the members!” her husband requested and then he was gone, leaving her all alone with the evil man who had felt her up earlier that week.

Again, Melanie felt herself go weak, unable to talk or move as Al Grover edged ever so very close to her. Feeling her hand being grasped once again, Melanie could only pant in fear as it was being drawn towards the bold black man ………………..hand being drawn towards his crotch. ‘Haaaaaaa …………………oh, Goddddddddd …………………it …………..its so bigggggggggggggg!’ she thought as her fingers pressed down to clutch at the throbbing bulge through the fabric. Instinctively, wondering just how long it was, Melanie traced its length that was hidden beneath his pants. Panting, she concluded ‘My God ……………it ……………it must be over a foot long! It ……………..its not humanly possible!’

“Take it out, Mrs. Hasting! Ya know ya wanna touch it ……………to see what my big black cock looks like in yer purty white hand!” Al confidently advised. “Yeah, that’s it, Mrs. Hasting …………..pull my zipper down! Now put yer purty hand in my pants and see what I brung fer ya!” he advised. Feeling her soft petite hand and fingers wrap around his throbbing cock, Al shuddered with pleasure and moaned “Oh, baby …………ahhhhhhhh …………………..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Lovemaking with her husband, the only man she’d ever been with, had always taken place while in the darkness of their bedroom. Never had she handled her husband’s manhood in a manner such as this. Looking down, Melanie was mesmerized by the large snakelike monstrosity that she was pulling out of the man’s pants. Reaching out with her other hand, Melanie jerked upon it, watching it throb and expand even further under her ministrations.

Panting, stroking and jerking upon the lengthy black cock, Melanie could not comprehend what she was actually doing. It seemed as if her hands were acting on their own, pumping and fisting the man with no thought of the consequences of what would occur if she continued. Faster and faster she pumped, amazed at its thickness which she estimated to be close to three inches in diameter and over twelve inches in length. “Ahhhhhh ……………ahhhhhhhhhh!” she heard Mr. Grover groan loudly.

The man’s groans snapped her out of her trance and Melanie realized that she and handled him to a point where he was about to ejaculate his sticky seed. Quickly, she pushed the monstrous cock over to the left. Just in time as it suddenly burst, hosing stream after stream of sticky white semen onto the top of her desk. She couldn’t let go, for if she did, it would spring back towards her and the sticky mess would end up soiling the front of her skirt.

Suddenly, small footsteps could be heard running down the hallways towards the classroom, with her daughter’s voice yelling “Mommy, Mommy ………………….the ladies are asking for you!” Dropping the now dwindling cock, hearing the limp meat plop onto the desktop, Melanie turned to face the doorway and block the sight behind her. As her daughter appeared at the doorway, Melanie swallowed in fear as she heard the sound of a zipper being pulled up behind her.

Quickly, Melanie moved towards her daughter, trying to block the child from getting a view of the sticky wet mess that now lay upon the top of her desk. With Al Grover walking immediately behind her as they stepped out of the room, Melanie reached back to close the door and lock it, not wanting anyone to find her desk in such a messy condition. As her daughter ran ahead, Melanie shuddered as a large hand suddenly was fondling her ass, grasping and squeezing at her asscheeks. Then she trembled with fear as Al Grover leaned down to whisper “Ya want it, dontcha, Mrs. Hasting? Ya wanna find out what it feels like to get fucked by my big black cock, huh?”

That evening, Melanie wondered just how she got through the day. It felt so wicked and sinful to be introducing the awful man to good members of the congregation, especially after what had occurred in the classroom. Tilting her cup up to her lips to sip at the refreshing punch, Melanie shivered as the stench of the cock she had handled earlier wharfting up from her nearby hand. ‘My God …………… could I do such an awful thing? And right here on the Church grounds …………..where I teach Sunday school!’ she wondered. Still, she could not resist the temptation to bring her smelly fingers right up to the tip of her nose to inhale the manly stench that was upon them.

With the congregation now departed, Melanie had the children ride home with their father, advising that she needed to finish the cleanup of the classroom. As the church had a daycare program for pre-school children during the weekdays, using the same classroom, Melanie dared not leave it in its current condition. Going to the restroom, she got a wad of paper towels, wetting a bunch of them to clean and wipe her desk with.

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