Impregnated by the Black Mountain Man

My husband and I rescue a black man after a flood and he ends up impregnating me.

The floods in Colorado in the fall of 2013 caused devastating losses thought to exceed two billion dollars. It rained for several days and the water accumulated in the mountain foothills and eventually came roaring out of the valleys and canyons in historically-destructive swollen creeks and streams. Roads were completely washed away in many places and the landscape was changed by the sand, rocks, and debris that were moved by the flood waters. My husband and I live in one of those valleys but were spared the worst of the flood.
We live in a modern, log home built in an isolated canyon. Our property is about one hundred yards from the nearest creek, and at an elevation of fifty feet above the normal high-water level. We have no close neighbors and are pretty much self-sufficient with a well-stocked food cellar, plenty of firewood, and an emergency diesel generator for power. We also have well water and satellite service for television and internet access. We were well provisioned and comfortable during the emergency, even though all the access roads out of the canyon were washed away.
My name is Leah, and my husband, Ed, and I have daughter who was five months old at the time of this story. I was still nursing our daughter, and we were trying to get me pregnant again. Ed was twenty-eight years old and I was twenty-six. He’s a mechanical engineer and was fortunate to be able to convince his employer to allow him to work from home most of time, only having to drive down the mountain to his office two or three days a month.
I’m a registered nurse who works in a small clinic in the closest town. I was on extended maternity leave at the time of the flood. We own our home free and clear and enjoy our isolated life in the mountains. Our frugal lifestyle allows us to live very comfortably on Ed’s salary.

This story is primarily about our experiences with a man that we rescued from the flood-swollen creek. But it is important to the narrative for me to first digress and explain my history. Then you will be able to understand how our somewhat unusual sexual habits contributed to the situation.
My childhood was normal, and I only realized during the summer before my junior year in high school that, compared to other girls, I have unusually large genitalia. My mother certainly lectured me about the evils of premarital sex, but she was also realistic about teenage sexual practices. That was especially true since I’m blessed with a pretty face and nice D-cup breasts on my five feet and three inches tall and one-hundred-and-ten-pound body. Mom took me to her gynecologist right after my sixteenth birthday for a check-up and to get a prescription for birth control pills.
It was embarrassing having the doctor between my legs probing my pussy, and it felt like she spent more time than necessary pushing her instrument very deeply into my vagina. After it was over she had me get dressed so we could talk.
She said, “Everything looks good and I don’t see any problems. But I do need to make you aware of something. There is naturally a lot of variation in the depth of women’s vaginas. When not aroused, they can range in length from about three to five inches. But most are less than four inches. And vaginal diameters can be from about one inch to maybe two inches, with most a little over one inch. But vaginas are very elastic. When sexually aroused, they can expand to from five to eight inches in depth and two to at most three inches in diameter.”
I was starting to freak out a little as she continued, “According to my measurements, your vagina is about seven inches deep and two inches in diameter. When aroused, it will likely expand to at least twelve inches deep and three inches or more in diameter. The size of a vagina is not necessarily proportional to the size of a woman. Though, it is a little extraordinary for a petite girl like you to have such a big one. Your vulva is also about fifty percent longer than average and your labia majora, your outer lips, are prominent and protrude even when not aroused.”
Tears were flowing down my face as I asked, “What does that make me, some kind of freak or something?”
She placed her hand on my shoulder to comfort me and said, “No, Leah, you are definitely not a freak. You just happen to have larger than average genitalia. When you do become sexually active, and I’m certainly not encouraging you to do so anytime soon, it’s just that it will be more pleasurable for you if you are with a boy or man who is well-endowed.”
I had a lot of friends and was popular with the boys in high school. But it still took me a long time to overcome being self-conscious about my larger vulva. Some of the girls stared at my labia in the shower after gym class, but none of them said anything or gossiped about it. I didn’t let any boys get into my pants until my senior year, but I was eventually fucked by a boy with a six-inch cock. It wasn’t that enjoyable for me, but he was happy to get into any wet pussy, even if it was a little loose. I then understood what the doctor was saying about finding well-endowed boys.
After high school I attended a community college studying nursing, so I would be qualified to take the exam to be a registered nurse. I was able to date a few boys who had seven and eight-inch cocks that are of average thickness. It was more enjoyable fucking them than the boy in high school, but I still yearned to find boys with larger cocks. By the time I graduated, I realized that really large cocks are few and far between.
Jobs were hard to find in the city at that time. I ended up with working as a nurse in a small clinic in the mountain town near where we live now. That’s where I met my husband Ed. He lived in an apartment in town and commuted down to the high-tech company where he worked as an engineer.
He came into the clinic one Saturday after getting a bad cut on his hand while working on his car. We hit it off immediately. He showed me a lot of respect and didn’t try to fuck me until after we had been dating for several months. By that time, we were hopelessly in love. So, it didn’t bother me that he has an average five-and-a-half-inch-dick which is also of average thickness.
Ed always makes up for his short dick by sucking my pussy both before and after we fuck, and he does shoot big cum loads. He just loves pressing his face into my large and puffy vulva and will suck me for as long as I will let him. We both know that his dick isn’t satisfying to me. Over time he started bringing home dildos that he uses on me and I also masturbate myself with them when he isn’t home.
We moved in together in his apartment three months after we started dating and we were married six months later. We stayed there for another four years while saving every penny to purchase our property and log home in the canyon. I was always sexually satisfied, either by the dildos or Ed sucking my pussy. I sometimes didn’t think too much about whether he was being satisfied. But one night I came home earlier than usual from the night shift at the clinic and found out that I had been neglecting his needs.
Ed didn’t hear me when I came in because he was in the bedroom with the television playing loudly. We were both surprised when I walked into the room and caught him watching a porn video and stroking his dick with one of those clear, silicone masturbation sleeves that’s about six inches long. The video showed a white man fucking a petite white woman, and his cock had to be eleven or twelve inches long and almost seven inches in circumference.
Ed’s face turned red and he was obviously embarrassed being caught masturbating. He looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry that you found me like this, honey. I didn’t want you to know that I was using this sleeve to masturbate. Sometimes I just need to feel some tightness around my dick.”
I stood there quietly for a few moments as he continued to slowly stroke himself. I really wasn’t mad or upset and just wanted to understand what was going on, so I said, “No problem, honey, since goodness knows I use my dildos a lot. But why are you watching that video? Are you fantasizing that you’re the man in the video fucking the woman? Or, are you imagining that another man is fucking me?”
His face got red again as he said, “I have to admit that I am fantasizing about another man with a big cock fucking you. I know that we would never do that. It just turns me on so much thinking about it since I know that my little dick doesn’t satisfy you.”
I was surprised that he was fantasizing about me fucking another man. I wanted to find a way to stimulate him even more and to enhance his fantasy, while also involving me. So, I started removing my nurse uniform and lied a little saying, “Damn, honey, I’ve also fantasized about a big-cocked man fucking me when using my dildos. Maybe there’s a way for both of us to enhance our desires. I’ve never seen one of those sleeves before. But it looks like it might be just the right size to push into my pussy. Let’s see if it will fit into me and you can fuck me while wearing it.”
Ed smiled and moved over in the bed to make room for me. I laid down next to him and spread my legs as wide as I could as he moved on top of me. I reached down to hold my large, plump labia open as he started pressing his dick and that sleeve into me. The outer surface of the sleeve isn’t made for that purpose, but I was amazed how good it felt squeezing into me.
Then Ed started stroking into the sleeve. It was tight for him but still well lubricated. I could tell from the look on his face that that was the first time he was able to experience what it feels like to fuck a tight pussy since before we started dating. The fullness in my vagina felt wonderful. But the sleeve wasn’t moving enough in me to give me the sensation of being fucked, and it’s too short to fill me completely.
It was a delicate balance for Ed to have enough lubrication to fuck the sleeve, but to still provide enough friction to let the sleeve slide back and forth in my pussy. The thickness was stimulating me, though and I was just having my orgasm when Ed’s cock exploded and he flooded my pussy with his cum.
He immediately pulled out of me and moved down to suck his cum from my pussy. Then he said, “That was so good fucking you that way. I have to admit that I was imagining that I was the guy in that video fucking you. I’d like for us to be able to keep doing this honey. We need to experiment with different sleeves and dildos to find a better fuck sleeve for both of us.”
Ed is very handy with tools and his background as an engineer gave him insight into the materials used in the dildos. We started by shopping online to see if anyone was already making a product that would work as both a dildo and a masturbation sleeve. None were available. So, we ordered some dildos made of elastomer material that has the look and feel of real cock skin and are also firm and heavy.
The one that I liked the most is twelve inches long, and about seven inches in circumference, and happened to be mocha in color. Then Ed ordered a variety of the silicone masturbation sleeves and experimented with hollowing out the dildo to allow him to glue the sleeves inside it. He even hollowed the dildo all the way to the tip so his cum could spray into my pussy through the dildo.
After he found a dildo that ‘s the right size and shape on the outside, while still allowing a sleeve on the inside, he added a ball ring to the base of it to hold it loosely in place while we fucked with it. Then we experimented with right type and amount of lubrication to use to give his dick the most realistic feeling in the sleeve, while allowing the outer dildo to move properly in my very wet and oversized vagina.
The final design allows the dildo to slide back from the elasticity of the ball ring when he pulls out. Then he pushes the dildo back into me as he pushes his dick back into the sleeve. That’s like using a strap-on dildo except that it also allows his dick to slide inside of it and be stimulated.
That new, twelve inch, combination dildo and masturbation sleeve has been an amazing enhancement to our sex life. It became routine for us to fantasize that he’s a stranger fucking me, and also that he’s eating another man’s semen and sperm from my pussy. I didn’t really understand Ed’s attraction to the fantasy of eating cum, but he really got off on it. For the first time ever, I was getting my large vagina almost completely filled with the fake cock. And Ed was getting the almost-realistic feeling of fucking me as if I have a normal-sized vagina.
So now back to more recent times in the story. We had been in our new home for only about six months at the time of the flood. Our family was home at the time the heavy rains started. We weren’t that concerned since previous heavy rains had not caused serious floods. We were comfortable that our preparation and supplies were sufficient to sustain us for at least six months.
The rains began in the evening and we stayed inside until the afternoon of the second full day of rain. We heard the roaring of the creek and decided to bundle up our daughter and walk down the trail to see it. We were amazed to see that the creek, which is normally about fifteen feet wide and three feet deep had swollen to one hundred feet wide and twelve feet higher than the normal high-water level. There were trees and parts of cabins rushing down the creek and many of the trees adjacent to the creek were either leaning over or totally swept away.
We walked up and down the creek a little way, and Ed spotted what looked to be a man lying in the rocks and partially submerged in the water. We got closer and realized that it was a large black man wearing jeans and a flannel shirt that had been ripped and torn by the debris in the creek. He was moaning and only barely breathing and had scrapes and bruises all over his body, at least the parts that we could see.
Ed looked at him closely and said, “That looks like Black Mountain Jack. He’s a local legend in this area and he has, or at least did have, a cabin about a half mile upstream from here.”
I knew that we had to get him out of the cold water, but I took a moment to ask Ed, “What’s that about him being a local legend? I’ve never heard of him.”
Ed smiled and said, “He’s about forty-five years old and you can see that he is big a man, at six feet and four inches tall and probably two hundred and thirty pounds of solid muscle. He inherited his cabin, which is only a few feet above the normal high-water level of the creek. He works odd jobs as a lumber jack and miner, or anything else he can find to make a little money. He’s pretty much a recluse and seldom goes into town. But when he does go to the tavern looking for women, the men usually try to fight with him to show how tough they are. Of course, Jack always kicks their asses. He’s mainly a mild-mannered and gentle guy, until people fuck with him.
He paused for a moment and chuckled to himself before continuing, “Jack is a mystery to most of the folks just because he’s the only black man in this mostly-white area. And the main reason he is a legend is because of his cock. Rumor has it that he has never been able to satisfactorily fuck the strippers at the tavern, because his cock is too large. But once he gets in the room with them and becomes aroused, it’s hard for him to calm back down and leave them alone. I heard that he has almost injured a couple of the girls with that thing.”
I have to admit to being more than a little interested in Jack’s legend. At that moment though, it was important to get him out of the cold creek and up to our cabin. So, Ed and I struggled to pull him out of the water as gently as possible. Then the baby and I stayed with him while Ed went back to our home to get the wheelbarrow. There’s no way we could move his dead weight back to the house without rolling him.
We finally got him back home and placed him in the bathtub. I knew from my nurse’s training that we needed to keep him dry as well as warm. But after being in that contaminated creek, with all those cuts, scrapes and contusions, I was worried about his wounds getting infected from the bacteria and other contaminates in the water.
Jack was barely conscious as Ed helped me remove his tattered clothes. When we removed Jack’s pants and underwear, I could hardly believe the size of his cock and balls. Even after being in that cold creek for goodness knows how long, his soft, uncircumcised cock was still eight or nine inches long and about six inches in circumference. His balls are the size of eggs, and hung down five inches, even though they were shriveled up.
I gently washed him in warm water with some special anti-bacterial soap from our first-aid kit, being careful with his wounds. Then Ed helped me rinse him and dry him before we treated and bandaged his open wounds and moved him to our spare bedroom. It was obvious that he was suffering from hypothermia. The shivering was a good sign that at least his heat regulation systems were still active. His slow, weak pulse and slow, shallow breathing were some of the signs that he was suffering from hypothermia.
We got him into bed, lying somewhat diagonally because of his height, and covered him with extra blankets. Ed threw more wood into our wood stove. I stayed by Jack’s side monitoring his breathing and pulse.
After several hours he wasn’t showing much improvement.
That’s when I called Ed in and said, “I don’t know how long Jack was in that frigid water, but he doesn’t seem to be improving. I think we need to try to contact the air evacuation unit to see if they can lift Jack out of here by helicopter and get him to the clinic or a hospital.”
Ed agreed with me and was heading out of the room to contact them online, when Jack weakly and almost inaudibly whispered in his deep baritone voice, “No, please don’t call evac. I don’t have insurance and can’t afford the cost. Please take care of me here.”
I thought about it for a few minutes and decided that since Jack didn’t have any major injuries and he was still shivering, we should try to safely treat him in our home. He did need to eat though. We tried several times to spoon-feed him soup and other warm liquids. He threw up everything we tried, probably somewhat because of bacteria he ingested in the creek. His skin was still cool to the touch, and I reasoned that we needed to get him warmed up more quickly, which might help him hold down the food.
From my training I knew that if the blankets weren’t warming him up fast enough, then body to body contact could help. I discussed it with Ed, and he sure didn’t want to get under the covers, skin to skin with a black man. So, we decided that I would get undressed and snuggle against his back. I couldn’t help but think that Ed was envisioning some of our recent bedtime fantasies, using our mocha colored dildo and sleeve, when he so eagerly agreed for me to get into bed with Jack.
After having the baby and since I was nursing, I weighed about one hundred and twenty-five pounds and had very full and round DD breasts. I still felt so tiny pressed up against Jack like that. Ed went into the other room to watch television and I stayed in bed with Jack, planning to get some sleep.
I felt myself just starting to drift off to sleep when I felt Jack almost imperceptibly moving his back against me. The way he was shifting and flexing his back on my nipples almost seemed like he was doing it on purpose, reacting to the feeling of my big, warm, cushy breasts pressed into his back. His movement on my breasts was mildly erotic, but I thought that I should take a break and try to breast feed my daughter before I fell asleep.
My daughter wasn’t very hungry and only sucked for a few minutes on each of my breasts. I let Ed know that I was going back under the covers with Jack, and planned to lie on his front side that time. I was hoping that it would help raise his core temperature faster if I was up against his chest and stomach.
Ed just smiled at me and said, “That sounds a little risky, Leah. What do you plan to do if Jack revives enough that he tries to fuck you?
I was already thinking of that possibility and asked, “I don’t know, honey. What would you want me to do? Our fantasies never involved black men before, even using that brown dildo, but this would be a perfect opportunity for us.”
Ed wasn’t telling me no, but I had to wonder what he was really thinking. Then I got at least a partial answer when he asked, “What about birth control, honey? You can’t possibly forget that we’ve been trying for another baby. We don’t have any condoms here, and don’t have any way to get them with the flood.”
I thought for a moment and replied, “I know that, Ed, but he’s probably too weak to try anything anyway. And besides, I think I’m in the safe part of my cycle. The main thing is to get his core temperature up.”
Ed didn’t say anything further as I left to return to the bedroom. I slid back into bed with Jack on my left side, pressing my breasts against his massive chest. I was careful to let my right arm rest over his side. As much as I wanted to get another feel of his huge cock, I didn’t think it was right to take advantage of his weak condition. I laid there for almost an hour trying to go to sleep. Since the baby didn’t drink nearly enough of my milk, the pressure on my breasts was getting a little painful. That’s when I had one of my brilliant and fateful ideas.
It occurred to me that my mother’s milk might be gentler on Jack’s stomach than the other food we tried. It was also at body temperature and even more nutritious. He had not been awake or said anything since he asked us not to have him evacuated. I thought his natural reflexes would take over, so I slid up farther on the bed until my elbow was resting on his pillow, and my right breast was barely touching his mouth.
I used my hand to move my breast, rubbing my nipple against his thick, black lips. Then I said, “Open your mouth and try to suckle me Jack. We have to get something warm and nutritious into your belly.”
Jack didn’t even open is eyes, but just started weakly sucking my breast. As the flow of milk began he sucked harder. After it felt like he had taken maybe five ounces from me, I found myself becoming aroused with him sucking so hard on my nipple. Then I laid back a little farther and shifted my left breast to his mouth. Jack latched on immediately and wrapped his left arm around my back to help hold me in place.
I stroked his forehead with my right hand and said, “That’s it, Jack, drink down this nutritious milk from Leah’s breasts.”
After another five minutes, it felt like Jack had consumed a total of about ten ounces of my milk. I was very aroused by then but thought it was best to take a break to see how his digestive system handled the milk.
I gently pulled my nipple from his mouth and said, “We better give this a rest for now, Jack. Let’s just keep you warm and we can try feeding you again later.”
I slid back down under the covers and pressed my breasts against his chest, pulling the covers around us. Jack moved his left arm around my back, and gently held me against him. With the difference in our heights, my crotch was up against his stomach, and I felt his hardening cock pressing against my thigh. It was obvious that the milk in his stomach and the stimulation of sucking my breasts were reviving him. My pussy had gotten wet from him nursing me and I was sure that he felt and smelled my juices on him.
Jack was still too weak to be able to make any sexual advances on me. I knew that Ed was taking care of the baby and could feed her some of my milk that I expressed earlier in the day. I felt very relaxed being held up against Jack’s body, and it was about 9:00 pm when we fell asleep. It must have been about 2:00 am when I awakened when Jack started moving a little in the bed. There was enough light in the room from the nightlight that I saw his eyes open for the first time. It felt like his body temperature was starting to return to normal, and I heard his stomach growling with hunger.
He looked at me and said, “I’m so hungry. Please feed me again.”
We were still in a side-by-side position when I slid back up to push my right breast and nipple to his mouth. He started sucking me immediately and held me against him with his left arm. I knew what to expect that time, having a man sucking milk from my breasts, and my pussy was soon wet.
His eyes were partially open, and I thought it was a good time to explain his situation saying, “I’m so happy that you’re doing better, Jack. My name is Leah, and my husband, Ed, and I found you lying in the rocks, partially submerged in that frigid creek water. We brought you to our home yesterday afternoon to take care of you. We got you cleaned up and bandaged your wounds before trying to warm you up. My breast milk is the only food you’ve been able to keep down, and I know that it’s helping you regain your strength.”
After a few more minutes, I pulled away slightly, so I could change to my left breast. As I was getting repositioned Jack started to speak. His deep voice was still weak, but he said, “It’s unbelievable what you two have done for me. Most of the people in these parts don’t care too much for black folks. Someone else might have let me die in that stream. And feeding me directly from your beautiful breasts is really going beyond what anyone could expect. Does Ed know that you are feeding me this way? I don’t want to take advantage of this situation.”
Jack took my left nipple into his mouth as I responded, “No, Jack, Ed doesn’t know that I’m feeding you this way. He knew that I was going to try to warm you up, skin on skin though, so I don’t think he’ll mind. Just relax and keep drinking from me so you can regain all of your strength.”
The way we were positioned Jack was leaning over slightly towards me, and I felt his heavy, soft cock lying across my thigh. He was sucking me harder than before and pulling my areola into his mouth along with my nipple, which caused me to get even more aroused. I couldn’t help myself when I reached down to feel his cock with my right hand.
Jack stopped sucking for a moment and said, “You’ve been so kind to me, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to get something started. I might be weak right now, but that won’t stop me from trying to fuck you. I don’t want to dishonor your husband either. You’re such a petite little lady and I don’t think you’d be able to take me inside of you anyway.”
His cock felt so huge in my hand, and it was hardening when I said, “Ed told me about the legend of your cock being too much for the girls in town. We’ve been fantasizing about big-cocked men fucking me, and I think Ed would even want to watch. If you don’t mind me asking, just how big does it get?”
He forced a weak smile and said, “One of the girls measured it a while back, and said that, on hard, it’s fourteen inches long and between seven and eight inches around. I’m afraid that it’s abnormally large and way too much for you.”
I cradled his head and pulled his mouth back to my nipple. Then as I continued rubbing his foreskin and cock head I said, “I’m somewhat abnormal myself, and you’d be surprised what I can take.”
Jack’s cock was fully hard by the time he finished draining my breasts. My hand couldn’t even fit all the way around the thick shaft as I slid his precum-soaked foreskin back and forth across the massive cock head. Jack was starting to breathe harder and he used his left arm to hold me to him as he rolled over on his back, with me on top of him. The headboard slightly banged the wall as I gripped it to catch my balance, and I knew that Ed would hear it in our bedroom on the other side of the wall.
I began sliding down Jack’s body. Because of the difference in our heights, and since his cock is fourteen inches long and was pointing upward, I soon felt his cock head pressing against my hairy, soaking wet vulva. My face was even with his at that point, and on impulse, I kissed his soft, thick lips. Jack moaned into my mouth as our tongues intertwined. Then we broke the kiss and I slid farther down on his cock.
Just as the thick cock head parted my labia, Jack said, “I sure hope you know what you’re doing, Leah. If it starts hurting you, I’ll stop if I can.”
Jack’s cock is bigger than any of the dildos that Ed and I tried, but I was able to take his thickness as I continued to slide down on him, and he began thrusting his hips. Ed and I had been using that twelve-inch dildo which bottoms out on my cervix with only an inch still to go. As Jack’s cock got farther into me, it soon pressed up against my cervix. I wanted all of him in me and I swiveled my hips and continued pressing down until I felt my uterus shift and he was in me to his huge balls.
His cock was tight in me, but not at all painful. I began to thrust up and down on his huge fuck meat as Jack gasped and said, “Holy fucking shit, white girl, no woman has ever taken my whole cock. Your pussy is so fucking tight and wet on my huge cock. This is the best fuck I’ve ever had, and you’re not even one of those whores from the bar.”
I sat up on him as I continued riding his cock, and Jack held and squeezed my breasts which helped me keep my balance. His cock is so long that I bounced on him with long strokes, just loving every inch of his meat as it invaded my adulterous, married cunt. That was better than any of our fantasies. At one point Jack looked over towards the door with a startled look on his face. Ed heard the headboard bang against the wall and our talking, and was standing there watching us, while rubbing his cock through his underwear.
Jack wasn’t sure what to do and started to lift me off him, when Ed moved closer to the bed and said, “I know you’ve got a big pussy, Leah, but I can hardly believe that you’re really taking Mountain Jack’s huge black cock to the balls. Lean forward on him, honey, so I can see his cock sliding into you better.”
Ed got down between our legs, watching Jack fucking me. I was having my fourth orgasm when Jack tensed up, and I felt his thick cock throbbing in my pussy. He held me tight to him and groaned, “This is the first time I’ve ever been able to ejaculate with my cock buried in a cunt. I sure hope that you’re on birth control, white girl, because I shoot a huge load of baby batter. Fuck, fuck, fuck, feel it shooting into your womb?”
We were coming down from our orgasms, and Jack’s cock was beginning to soften in my pussy. I felt Ed move farther between our legs, and he began to suck and lick the junction where our fuck juices were oozing out between Jack’s cock and my pussy. When I felt Ed’s lips on my pussy, I knew that he also had to be licking and tasting Jack’s cock. After a few minutes of that I slid forward off that big cock, and Ed covered my hairy vulva with his mouth and began sucking Jack’s cum out of me. That had to be the culmination of all his cum-eating fantasies.
When my pussy and inner thighs were clean of all the cum, I looked back as Ed lifted Jack’s soft, but still huge cock to his mouth as he sucked it clean. Jack seemed a little taken aback at first, feeling Ed sucking him, and I assumed that must have been the first time a man had sucked his cock. I wanted to support Ed in the fulfillment of his cum-eating and cock-sucking fantasies.
I said to Jack, “Just relax, Jack. You just got to fuck his wife, so let him enjoy your cock too. I honestly don’t know where his desire to suck cock and eat cum came from, but he sure seems hungry for it.”
By the time we finished that first fucking, it was after 3:00 am and Jack and I were exhausted. Ed went back to our bedroom and left Jack and me together. Jack spooned in behind me and pushed his soft, but still huge cock into my pussy. We fell asleep that way and didn’t awaken until 7:00 am. It took me a few moments to realize where I was and all that had happened only hours earlier. Then I felt Jack’s cock hardening in my cunt. He held me there and fucked me slowly and gently until we both had huge orgasms.
I turned around in bed, so Jack could suck my breasts again, and I felt his massive cum load running out of my pussy and onto the bedding. It was apparent from Jack’s movements fucking me and how aggressively he was sucking my breasts, that he had recovered some of his strength. Ed came into the room while Jack was nursing me, and he shifted my position, so he could clean what remained of the cum from my pussy.
After Jack had his fill of my milk, we helped him to the bathroom, so he could urinate for the first time since we brought him to our home. Then we went to the kitchen, so he and Ed could talk while I fixed us some hot cereal for breakfast. Jack was reluctant to talk about the sex we had together, but I finally got the conversation going by telling him about my unusually large vulva and vagina, and how Ed and I had been using a large, mocha-colored dildo and fuck sleeve in our sex lives.
Jack got stronger over the next several days, and we started a routine where he fucked me every time he nursed from my breasts. Ed was always there to clean my pussy and suck Jack’s cock clean, and he even started sucking Jack’s huge balls and scrotum. We were finally able to walk with him up to see what was left of his cabin. Only part of the concrete foundation remained, and the rest had been washed away by the flood.
He was devastated when he saw that his home was gone, and we insisted that he live with us while he rebuilt his cabin. He had enough land there to be able to move to a new location far above the flood level of even that latest storm. Jack only had a small savings, and it took him a year to rebuild, using the money he earned from working as a lumberjack and a miner.
Jack slept in the spare bedroom for the first couple of weeks, but then Ed volunteered to move to the spare bedroom since I was fucking Jack so much anyway. I got pregnant three weeks after the first time Jack and I fucked, and there was little doubt who the father is. And sure enough, nine months later, I gave birth to a black baby boy. Ed and I are raising the baby as our own to give it a good home.
Jack has remained an almost constant visitor to our home, and we go up to visit him in his cabin as well. He continues to fuck me, averaging at least once every day, so he no longer needs to go to town to try to fuck whores at the bar. I never seem to be able to get enough of his huge cock. Ed also loves to eat his big loads of cum from my pussy, as well as to clean Jack’s cock and balls after we fuck.

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