I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

A few months after my wife died, I decided I needed something to do at least a couple of evenings a week. Evenings always seemed lonely with just me and the Rocky in a big, empty house. After considering my options, I decided to volunteer at the local community concert venue. It used to be a downtown movie theater before the 10 screen cinema franchises moved in and put it out of business. Now it was the home of a small community theater group and often served as a spot where lesser known musical acts (at least lesser known to the mainstream music outlets) and “classic” rock musicians would appear. As a volunteer, I could be doing anything, selling tickets, taking tickets at the door, tending bar or a myriad of other jobs.

One Friday evening, I was collecting tickets at the door for what was going to be a very crowded show when when a voice said “Oh, hi, how are you tonight?” I looked up to see Rose, a woman who worked in the local coffee shop and who was always friendly when I stopped in for my morning cup of joe before heading in to work.

“Oh, hi, I’m doing well thanks, and yourself?” I replied with a smile.

“I’m doing well, my mom has my kids for the weekend and my girlfriends dragged me along to get me out of the house.”

“Well enjoy the show” I replied before returning to my assigned duty.

Later, I moved behind the bar to give the cute young bartender a chance for a potty and nicotine break. While she was gone, Rose walked over and ordered a vodka and tonic. As I prepared her drink, she said “I notice you don’t have a wedding ring on anymore, did you get divorced?”

“No”, I replied, “I became a widower about 6 months ago and finally decided that if I was ever going to meet anyone, I should probably take it off.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize” she said a bit embarrassed as I handed her her drink. I smiled and told her that she had no way of knowing.

“How long were you married?”

“Almost 40 years. I was never unfaithful, so this whole trying to meet someone I might be interested in thing is a bit foreign to me.”

“Wow, I was married three years and I don’t think my ex was ever faithful for even 40 days.”

“Well, then he was a fool. A good looking young woman like you deserved much better.” I replied, figuring a bit of flirting would make her day as well as mine.

It apparently worked, because she blushed and stammered “I’m not sure sure about good looking, but I’m definitely sure the young part doesn’t apply.”

“Oh, you can’t be older than thirty two, which makes you young in my book.”

“You’d better get those glasses checked mister, I’m 37.”

“I remember 37…..vaguely” I smiled and excused myself to wait on another customer further down the bar. When I got back, Rose had returned to her friends inside.

Kelly returned from her break to take over the bar again, so I wandered around and checked out the bands’ merchandise table and then went through the door to listen to a bit of the show. I saw Rose with a her girlfriends, swaying to the music, and thought to myself that her ass was even nicer than it appeared in her barista uniform.

Later as the crowd was leaving, Rose found me again and asked how long I’d have to stay to clean up. I told her my jobs were to vacuum the lobby and make sure the bar was stocked for tomorrow’s show, but that it should take me only a half hour or so. She said she and her friends were going up the street to have another drink and if I wasn’t busy, why didn’t I stop by. I told her that being seen with a bunch of young females was always good for my ego and that unless something disastrous happened I’d see them there in a little while.

By :Kozmic Kowboy

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