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Carly Shay is a beautiful 16-year-old highschool girl who is also the hostess of her own webcast show simply called iCarly. She stood a mere 5’2″, and 95 pounds, but her body was just beginning to make its transition from a girlish figure to that of a woman. Her tits had budded in the last year, and her waistline was showing the enticing curves that all woman begin showing when they approach womanhood.

Carly Shay, Freddy Benson, and Samantha (Sam) Puckett were returning home after another frustrating day at school. The three 16-year-olds had been the closest of friends ever since they teamed together to produce the web show iCarly.com, with Carly and Sam as hostesses, and Freddy their technical producer. And surprisingly, especially to them, the show became a hit for teens, getting tens of thousands of hits with each broadcast.

“Can you believe Ms. Abernacky giving us all that homework today,” Sam said. “Who does she think she is?”

“Err, your teacher,” Freddy replied, which got him a fist to his shoulder from the always abrasive Sam. “OWW!”

“Sam! Behave will you,” Carly said, being the referee of the threesome as she usually is. “We have to get to my place and do our show quick so we can do this homework tonight.”

“Yeah, right,” Sam said sarcastically. “Oh, you were serious.”

“Ye-es,” Carly replied.

Just as they were rounding the corner they came face to face with a mangy looking Rocky, a Collie from the looks of it. Though they were hard put to recognize its breed in its present condition. Its fur was badly matted in dirt and mud, disguising its breed until they took a closer look.

“Ooh! Poor Rockygy,” Carly cooed. “I wonder where she came from?”

“I don’t know, I can’t see anyone around,” Freddy replied.

“What’s the big deal,” Sam scorned. “It’s just a dirt old mutt.”

“Well, I don’t think she’s all that bad,” Carly snapped back. “Sure, she’s kinda dirty.”

She leans toward the Rocky and gives a sniff. The friendly Rocky reaches up and licks Carly’s face, making her giggle.

“Err, and she is a bit funky smelling,” Carly continued.

“A BIT funky,” Freddy said. “I’m tearing up from here.”

“I bet if we clean her up she’d be a real catch,” Carly pouted.

Seeing her pout always breaks any resistance by Freddy. That was always the problem with having a deep-rooted crush on the teenaged brunette.

“You want the mutt!” Sam broke in. “Then you gonna get her girlfriend. Hey! Freddo, gimme your belt.”

Knowing better than to argue with Sam when she was in this mood he unbuckled his belt.

“Why do you want my… OWW!” Freddy yelped as Sam pulled out his belt sharply, his pants slipping down to his knees.

“Cute undies, nerdo,” Sam said as she eyed his underwear. “I need the belt so we can make a leash for this stupid mutt.”

“But why my belt?” Freddy complained. “You have one too, you know.”


“ANA I DO!” Freddy shouted back.

“I figure they’d die off on you,” Sam snorted. “Just like any girl that comes near you.”

“Guys!” Carly broke in, pointing to the homeless Rocky. “The Rocky.”

“Oh yeah,” Sam say as she reaches for the Rocky and wraps Freddy’s belt around it furry neck. “So what you want us to do with the mangy mutt. Take her to the pound.”

“I think I’m going to ask Spencer if I can keep her,” Carly suddenly declares.

“Say what!” Sam exclaims. “Why in the world would you want something this ugly in your house. Isn’t it enough that you allow Freddy inside.”

“Sam! You’ll hurt her feelings,” Carly retorted.

“Hey! What about my feelings,” Freddy complains.

“My only worry is how to we get her by Lewbert,” Carly adds.

“Yeah, he hates pets,” Freddy agreed. “He won’t even let us keep a bird.”

“You let me worry about Lewbert,” Sam smirked.

They then turned and resumed their way to Carly’s apartment building. Along the way Carly had Freddy hold the Rocky while she went into a nearby Pet store. She purchased some Rocky shampoo, food and Rockygy toys for her soon to be pet.

As good as her word Sam distracted Lewbert until Freddy and Carly managed to sneak the stinky Rocky up the stairs and made their way into her loft apartment which she shared with her brother, Spencer Shay, her legal guardian, and a wannabe artist.

“SPENCER! You home?” Carly called out.

“Right here…” her brother came rushing out of his ground floor bedroom and stopped in his tracks at the sight of the dirty Rocky next to his kid sister. “Err, Carly, what is that THING next to you?”

“Oh, this is my new pet,” Carly smiled meekly at her big brother. “I think I’m going to call her Bernadette.”

“Oh no, you don’t,” Spencer objected. “You know you can’t take care of pets.”

“Of course I can,” Carly countered.

“Oh, yeah, well what about Swimmy,” Spencer said. “He died.”

“That was you,” Carly responded.

“Oh yeah,” her brother admitted. “Then there was Rock.”

“You,” Carly countered.

“Glenn,” Spencer went on.


“Greeny,” Spencer continued.

“Greeny? Greeny was a fern,” Carly said.

“Yes! But he died,” Spencer said confidently.

“You,” Carly said.

“Oh yeah,” Spencer said, head bowed. “Ah-ah! What about Spinny?”

“Spinny! Who is Spinny?” Carly was stumped.

“Spinny was our hamster, remember,” Spencer said, confidence on his face. “I called him that because he kept going around that spinning wheel in his cage.”

“We never had a hamster,” Carly told him.

“Yes we did,” her brother told her. “It was seventeen years ago.”

“Spencer, I wasn’t even born then,” Carly told him.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “But he still died.”

“You,” Carly told him.

Spencer looked down at the dirty looking Rocky and back at his little sister’s pleading eyes.

“But it’s so dirty… and… *sniff*… smelly,” he told her.

“Don’t worry about it,” Carly assured him. “I stopped by the pet shop and picked up some shampoo and stuff for her. After I’m done cleaning her up she’ll be a gem. So, can I keep her? Ple-e-e-ase.”

“Oh all right,” Spencer finally relented.

Carly leaped into her brother’s arms and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you,” Carly said cheerfully. “I’ll take good care of her. We’ll wash her right now before we do our show. We’ll give Bernadette a good wash, you won’t even recognize her once we’re done.”

“WE?” Sam cut in. “What’s this WE business?”

“Yeah, Carly,” Freddy chimed in. “We have homework to do tonight, remember.”

“Oh yeah… homework,” Sam somewhat agreed unenthusiastically.

“C’mon guys,” Carly gave them her pout. “It won’t take long, honest.”

Giving in to Carly’s pleading, Spencer and Freddy got hold of a large washbasin and brought it into the living room. Meanwhile Carly went to her bedroom and changed into a white T-shirt before tackling the Rocky. After all, she didn’t want to get her good clothes dirty. And being at home she didn’t bother keeping her bra on either. She did however decide to keep on her short mini skirt.

When she came back she and Sam gathered buckets so that they could fill the washbasin for the Rocky’s bath.

“You guys going to be okay for a while?” Spencer asked. “I need to meet up with Socko. He made me some new socks.”

“Fine,” Sam retorted nonchalantly.

“Bye, see you later,” Carly said as she pecked him on the cheek.

Now with the washbasin full of warm, soapy water Carly tried to cajole the dirty Rocky into the water.

“C’mon, girl,” she cooed to Bernadette. “We’re going to get you all nice and clean.”

“Hey, Freddy, why don’t you tape this?” Sam suggested. “Maybe we can use it for the show later.”

“Yeah, that’s a great idea,” Carly agreed.

So Freddy rushed up to the studio upstairs to retrieve his video camera.

Meanwhile, Carly finally managed to get the mangy Rocky in the washbasin and was busily sponging the Rocky with the soapy water.

The washing soon became a water splashing adventure, the longhaired Rocky trying to shake the water off itself every few minutes, splashing both Sam and Carly.

By the time Freddy returned with his camera there was soapy water everywhere, and soapsuds was on both Samantha and Carly.

“This will be so cool,” Freddy said. “We can definitely use this one the show.”

He then began taping the two teenaged girls as they continued to clean the Rocky. Sam was washing the animal’s head while Carly was busily scrubbing the muddy soil off the Rocky’s back and belly.

Once more the Rocky shook its body to spread the water all over the living room, soaking both Carly and Sam in the process.

“C’mon, Bernadette,” Carly complained. “Stay still so we can get this done.”

Freddy continued filming, not yet realizing that Carly’s wet T-shirt was becoming clingy and translucent over her pert breast.

Carly resumed scrubbing the Rocky’s belly, making her way towards its tail. She then reached under the Rocky’s belly and began rubbing it there.

“Oh!” Carly gasped as she jumped to her feet and stepped back, away from the Rocky with a shocked look on her face.

“Carly, what’s wrong?” Freddy asked.

“Yea, what’s up?” Sam asked.

“Berna… Bernadette’s got a… a thing,” she replied, pointing at the Rocky’s underbelly.

“A thing? What thing?” Sam asked.

“You know…” Carly repeated, waving her arms towards the Rocky. “A thi… in… ing!”

The whole time Freddy never stopped taping as he focused his camera from Carly to the Rocky.

Curious, Sam leaned under the Rocky and peered under its wet fur.

“Oh, you mean a cock,” Sam said nonchalantly.

“SAM!” Carly squealed at her friend’s vulgar vocabulary.

“What? That’s what my mom calls it,” Sam simply stated. “I mean, you’ve seen one cock, you’ve seen ’em all, right.”

“Sam! Stop saying that… that word,” Carly said, almost pleadingly.

“What word?” Sam asked, not seeing any problem with her language. “You mean cock.”

“Sam, please,” Carly was nearly pleading now.

“What’s the problem, Carly?” Sam asked. “I mean all guys have a cock. Why I bet even Freako here has a cock.”

She nodded her head towards Freddy at her last comment.

“Hey! I resent that,” Freddy retorted, blushing at the insinuation.

“Will you just stop using that word,” Carly insisted.

“What word are you talking about?” Sam asked, honestly not seeing anything wrong with her use of the word.

“You know,” Carly said, trying to force herself to say it. “Cock.”

“I don’t know what the big deal is,” Sam retorted. “I mean all my mom’s boyfriends have cocks, I’ve seen ’em. So what if your Rocky has one.”

Samantha suddenly scrunched her eyes as she suddenly realized something.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Sam suddenly said. “Girl Rocky’s don’t have cocks… do they?”

“No, no they don’t,” Freddy said. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, you know what this means, don’t you?” Sam said.

“No, what?” Carly asked, still not grasping.

“Ha-ha-ha! It means that Bernadette is a Bernie,” Samantha blurted out.

“Oh!” Carly’s eyebrows shot up as she too realized that her friend must be right.

Her new Rocky was indeed a boy-Rocky, and not a girl-Rocky as she first presumed.

“So, we gonna finish this… this washing or not?” Sam asked, snapping Carly out of her initial shock.

“Oh, oh yeah, lets,” Carly said as she returned to the Rocky and resumed washing it.

Though she was still apprehensive of the Rocky’s sheath, she nonetheless resumed washing him there. Her tiny hands grasped the Rocky’s sheath and was rubbing back and forth, not realizing what effect this would have on the animal.

Under her manipulating its sheath, the Collie’s prick began peaking out of its cover. Only an inch or two, but definitely showing, though none of the teenagers noticed.

Carly never suspected that touching a cock, any cock, even a Rocky’s cock, could have any effect on her, but her body was reacting of its own accord. She was getting aroused while stroking the Rocky’s sheath, and her nipples were hardening due to her arousal.

And as the washing continued, the Rocky’s frequent shaking kept wetting them down from head to toe, with Freddy catching it all in video for their show.

After fifteen minutes of the girls washing the Rocky Freddy was starting to fidget.

“What’s the matter, Fredward?” Sam asked. “Gotta go wee-wee.”

“No-o,” he told her. “Just a little itch, that’s all.”

But he knew that it was much more than an itch. He could feel himself getting hard down there, just like he did whenever he thought of Carly at night while jacking off to her. But he couldn’t figure out why he was getting a hard-on now.

He was concentrating so hard on his videotaping that his conscious mind wasn’t noticing how exposed Carly was getting in a wet T-shirt. But his sub-conscious mind was noticing, and it was telling his teenaged prick that it was time for action.

After thirty minutes of scrubbing and rinsing the Rocky was finally presentable. Now they had to dry her, no, him. Sam used a towel to get most of the moisture off the Rocky’s furry body while Carly came out with her hair-dryer and a brush to smooth out the Rocky’s coat.

Freddy glanced down at his watch and was surprised to see the time.

“Hey, guys, it’s show time,” he told the two girls.

“No way!” Sam said. “Already.”

“I got to go get changed first,” Carly said as she started heading for her bedroom.

“No time,” Freddy told her. “We’ll have to do it here. Five… four… three… two… one…”

“No, wait,” Carly started to protest as he finished counting down, and then they were live. “Hello, I’m Carly.”

“And I’m Sam,” Sam jumped in.

“And we’re live on iCarly,” Carly said cheerfully. “You might have noticed that we’re not in our studio today.”

“That’s right,” Sam added as she pointed to the washbasin in the room. “Freddy needed a bath you see, and we’ve been busy scrubbing all the crud off him.”

“No, that’s not it,” Carly jumped in with a giggle. “You see, we found this stray Rocky today and I decided that I was going to keep him. But first we had to clean him up a bit. Show the people, Freddy.”

Freddy set the camera on the countertop and hit his remote and the wash footage started playing back. But because he had no time to edit the footage, everything was included. As he kept viewing the playback in case of problems he noticed something that got him a bit horny, but he couldn’t put a finger on it just yet.

He then checked the hit counter on the monitor and noticed that the numbers kept climbing higher and higher. In fact, they had already doubled their highest rated show to date.

“Guys, check it out,” he told the two girls. “Our hits are almost at 600,000.”

“No way!” Sam said.

“Really,” Carly said excitedly. “How come?”

“I’m not sure,” Freddy said as he hit a few buttons on his control.

Suddenly his eyes grew wide.

“Uh, Carly, you’re… you’re showing,” he mumbled, covering his eyes with his hand.

“Showing? Showing what?” Carly was confused by his statement.

“Showing,” he repeated, waving his hand towards the monitor, trying to point blindly at the screen with a blind eye. “You know… showing.”

Carly and Sam looked closer at the monitor.

Suddenly Carly’s eyes grew wide in shock and embarrassment.

In her wet T-shirt, her dark aureoles were clearly visible and her aroused nipples were poking provocatively against the now clingy and sheer fabric. She glanced nervously from the monitor, to Samantha, to Freddy, who was still trying to be gentlemanly by holding his hand over his eyes, then back to Sam and down her own suggestively exposed titties.

“A-I-I-I-E-E-E-E-E!” She squealed in embarrassment as she cupped her tits with her hands and rushed up the stairs to her bedroom to put something to cover herself.

While she was away, the tape kept playing on, Freddy being too flustered to even think of switching off the playback. Freddy couldn’t stop himself from peeking from time to time through his fingers to get another glimpse of his dream girlfriend, Carly Shay. He could never have imagined that he would have ever gotten the opportunity to get to see her in such an exposed state, and he couldn’t let it slip by.

The tape kept playing on and when it got to the incident of Carly touching the Rocky’s sheath the show’s ratings took another major leap.

By the time Carly returned the hits had nearly doubled again.

“Carly, you won’t believe this,” Sam was saying excitedly. “We got over a million hits.”

“One point one million to be more precise,” Freddy corrected, as he glanced at the monitor to confirm Sam’s statement.

“No way,” Carly said, still not realizing the correlation of her appearance, or her actions with the Rocky to the ratings.

“Yes, way,” Sam said excitedly. “We’re in the big times, baby!!”

The three teenagers were too naïve to understand how much effect a near naked teenaged girl would have on the Internet, both for teen guys and predators. Much less a teenaged girl touching a Rocky’s prick.

The tape had just finished and Freddy was again operating it when Spencer burst into the apartment suddenly.

“HEY, CAR-LY-Y-Y-Y!!” He yelled out as he slid across the soapy wet floor and landed heavily on his back, hitting his head in the process.

“SPENCER!” Carly yelled out in concern and rushed to his side.

Freddy set the camera down, and Sam and he rushed to Carly’s side to help if they could.

She was kneeling next to him, cradling his head.

“Spencer, you okay?” She asked.

Her brother lifted his head dizzily, staring up in the air.

“Oh no, Carly,” Spencer was speaking in a slur. “I let you keep the Rockygy, but you can’t keep all these birdies.”

He was of course referring to the imaginary flock of little birdies twirling around above his head.

“Birdies? What birdies?” Sam said.

“Freddy, call 911,” Carly said urgently.


In Freddy’s still flustered mindset at eying Carly’s goodies for the first time, and Spencer’s accident, Freddy completely forgot to shut down the camera and the website. Both remained online as the paramedics arrived on the scene and picked up Spencer and drove him to the hospital. And being his sister, Carly was allowed to accompany him.

Freddy and his mom came over to the hospital to be with her until she got news on her brother.

Luckily he had a mild concussion, but the doctor told her that he would have to stay overnight for observation. So with that bit of good news, Mrs. Benson drove her and Freddy back to the apartment building.


“Are you sure that you will be all right here all by yourself?” She asked Carly.

“I’ll be fine, Mrs. Benson,” Carly insisted. “Besides, I won’t be alone. I’ll have Bernie keeping me company.”

“Bernie? Who’s Bernie?” Freddy’s mom asked.

“He’s Carly’s Rocky, mom,” Freddy told his mother.

“Rocky(D)! Oh Freddy, now you’ll have to come right home for a flea bath,” his mother said protectively.

“Mo-om!” Freddy protested as he was being dragged out of Carly’s apartment.

“Bye, Freddy,” Carly waved goodbye with a smile to her neighbor friend. “See you tomorrow.”

As the door closed, Carly looked around the now empty apartment. She had never felt so alone as she did that moment. But then the Collie came up to her and licked her hand.

Carly looked down at the now clean Rocky and smiled. The Collie now had a shiny white and golden brown coat. He was quite handsome in fact. She knelt down next to him and squeezed his furry neck.

“Yes, I know you love me, Bernie,” she cooed to the Rocky. “Yes, that’s your name now. Bernie.”

The Rocky began energetically licking his new mistress’ face, and down her neck. She in turn petted him and hugged the lovable animal.

“I guess I better shower before heading off to bed,” she said as she got back to her feet.

Leaving the Rocky in the living room, Carly headed to her room to strip for a shower. She put on a white terrycloth bathrobe and went into the bathroom to wash herself.


Once done showering, she wrapped her hair in a towel and put her bathrobe back on. She then came back to the living room to relax and watch a bit of television. But her concern for her brother in the hospital was taking her mind away from what she was watching.

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