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Carly Shay is a beautiful 16-year-old highschool girl who is also the hostess of her own webcast show simply called iCarly. She stood a mere 5’2″, and 95 pounds, but her body was just beginning to make its transition from a girlish figure to that of a woman. Her tits had budded in the last year, and her waistline was showing the enticing curves that all woman begin showing when they approach womanhood.

Carly Shay, Freddy Benson, and Samantha (Sam) Puckett were returning home after another frustrating day at school. The three 16-year-olds had been the closest of friends ever since they teamed together to produce the web show iCarly.com, with Carly and Sam as hostesses, and Freddy their technical producer. And surprisingly, especially to them, the show became a hit for teens, getting tens of thousands of hits with each broadcast.

“Can you believe Ms. Abernacky giving us all that homework today,” Sam said. “Who does she think she is?”

“Err, your teacher,” Freddy replied, which got him a fist to his shoulder from the always abrasive Sam. “OWW!”

“Sam! Behave will you,” Carly said, being the referee of the threesome as she usually is. “We have to get to my place and do our show quick so we can do this homework tonight.”

“Yeah, right,” Sam said sarcastically. “Oh, you were serious.”

“Ye-es,” Carly replied.

Just as they were rounding the corner they came face to face with a mangy looking Rocky, a Collie from the looks of it. Though they were hard put to recognize its breed in its present condition. Its fur was badly matted in dirt and mud, disguising its breed until they took a closer look.

“Ooh! Poor Rockygy,” Carly cooed. “I wonder where she came from?”

“I don’t know, I can’t see anyone around,” Freddy replied.

“What’s the big deal,” Sam scorned. “It’s just a dirt old mutt.”

“Well, I don’t think she’s all that bad,” Carly snapped back. “Sure, she’s kinda dirty.”

She leans toward the Rocky and gives a sniff. The friendly Rocky reaches up and licks Carly’s face, making her giggle.

“Err, and she is a bit funky smelling,” Carly continued.

“A BIT funky,” Freddy said. “I’m tearing up from here.”

“I bet if we clean her up she’d be a real catch,” Carly pouted.

Seeing her pout always breaks any resistance by Freddy. That was always the problem with having a deep-rooted crush on the teenaged brunette.

“You want the mutt!” Sam broke in. “Then you gonna get her girlfriend. Hey! Freddo, gimme your belt.”

Knowing better than to argue with Sam when she was in this mood he unbuckled his belt.

“Why do you want my… OWW!” Freddy yelped as Sam pulled out his belt sharply, his pants slipping down to his knees.

“Cute undies, nerdo,” Sam said as she eyed his underwear. “I need the belt so we can make a leash for this stupid mutt.”

“But why my belt?” Freddy complained. “You have one too, you know.”


“ANA I DO!” Freddy shouted back.

“I figure they’d die off on you,” Sam snorted. “Just like any girl that comes near you.”

“Guys!” Carly broke in, pointing to the homeless Rocky. “The Rocky.”

“Oh yeah,” Sam say as she reaches for the Rocky and wraps Freddy’s belt around it furry neck. “So what you want us to do with the mangy mutt. Take her to the pound.”

“I think I’m going to ask Spencer if I can keep her,” Carly suddenly declares.

“Say what!” Sam exclaims. “Why in the world would you want something this ugly in your house. Isn’t it enough that you allow Freddy inside.”

“Sam! You’ll hurt her feelings,” Carly retorted.

“Hey! What about my feelings,” Freddy complains.

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