I watched as my husband fucked my friend

It was about 10pm on a Friday night and my husband Peter & I were watching TV. I was not really paying attention, but mulling over a recent conversation I had with my friend Josie.

Two weeks ago she had come around to my house and after a glass of wine we got onto the subject of my husband Peter.

“He knows you have sex with other guys though Bev?”

“Yes of course, but he has not shown any interest in any other women. He doesn’t mind having a threesome with me and another guy though.”

“Like Greg?”

“Yes like Greg. If Peter did have sex with someone else I would prefer that he did it openly. I mean, he barely shows any interest in even you Josie.”

“Perhaps he is just a little on the shy side?”

“That could be true.”

The phone rang pulling me out of my deep thought. As I picked it up I saw Josie’s number listed on the caller ID.

“Hey Josie, I was just thinking about you. What’s up?”

“I really, really need your help. I parked at the Eastgate mall and when I came out, someone had slashed one of my tires. I am worried they are hanging around watching me, I have this feeling.

“You in the car with the doors locked?”

“Yes of course.”

“We will be right over. Sit tight.” I hung up and looked over at Peter.

“Someone has slashed one of Josie’s car tires at the mall; she’s worried the person is still hanging around. Can you come with me to go and get her please?”

“Sure, we’ll take the truck.”

As we approached the mall, Josie guided us by phone to her parking spot. Peter did a quick loop around to see if anyone was hiding between the cars before leaving the big Ford idling behind Josie’s car.

Josie gratefully slid in to the truck and sat in the middle of the bench seat. I got out and stood on the step to keep an eye open.

Peter inspected the tire and popped open the trunk to retrieve the spare.

“This’ll only take a couple of minutes.”

Peter quickly changed the tire and started the car up.

“I don’t really want to drive home; can I stay with you tonight?”

“Sure hun. Peter, can you drive her car over to our house? I’ll drive the truck and will check to see if anyone is following us.”

We made an uneventful trip home and parked Josie’s car in our garage. Peter’s truck normally stayed outside anyway.

Once we were in the house Josie relaxed for the first time. I passed her a drink which she downed quickly. I filled it back up again.

“Thank you guys.” She exclaimed and hugged both of us. I smiled, Josie’s little 4’ 11” frame always looked so tiny against Peter’s body. I changed the subject and asked her what she had bought.

“I have the final interview tomorrow at noon for that catering job. There are just two of us left in the running so I wanted to impress them with a nice black business jacket and skirt.”

She opened the store bags and pulled out her purchases.

“I’ll go and try them on again, see what you think.”

She went into the guest bedroom down the hall and appeared a few minutes later.

“Wow you look good.” I commented. “Would you give her the contract Peter?”

Peter got up from his chair to get a beer from the refrigerator.

“She has my vote. You do look good Josie.”

“I’ll get you some hangers for them.” I went into our bedroom and came back into the kitchen-family room.

Josie slipped off the jacket and passed it to me. Without pausing, she unzipped the black skirt and slid it off her body. I put that on a hanger also.

I noticed that Peter had paused in the kitchen watching as she unbuttoned her black blouse and handed that to me.

Unabashed by her state of undress, Josie walked over and picked up her drink.

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