I was introduduced to spanking by mature lady

I like to be spanked after being shown the wonderful feeling it give to the giver and the receiver

I was seeing an older lady . At that time I as mid 20’s and free as a bird. She was 45 though I suspect near to 50, but a great looker and so free and easy in our sex. We would go to pictures and she would play with me all the time. We would stand at a bar she would place her box against my hand and insists that I give her sex . But it was in the bed and on the bed or the floor or the kitchen sink that she came into her own.

She would treat me sometimes as if I was her little son, made me stand in the corner silly things like that.

One afternoon, she had gone up to her bedroom when she called me to join her.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed, with just her bra and panties on

David I think I shall show you the best thing that I can give you.

I noticed that under her legs she had a plastic sheet covering the carpet, and on the bed beside her a hold all.

Anything she wanted was fine by me. and when she asked me to lay across her lap I did so willingly. By that time I was full on hard. that got in the way, and she moved it to fit between her legs.

She told me that she was now going to introduce me to the joy of being spanked and the joy that spanking me would give her. and that as this was my first experience she would treat me gentle so that i would always remember her when I am spanked in the future.

I was going to be given a number of hand spanks until she felt that I understood pleasure and pain.

The first ones were not much more than a small slap, I felt very little but then after that she slapped me full on with what I thought was the hardest spank I was every going to have ( proved later to be a slap not a spank) Oh did that one hurt, and the 6 more she gave to each check had me tingling. and now precum was flowing between her legs and the feel of my hard cock between her legs with the precum making it so soft was making me even hotter.

She took a break, rubbing my bum slowly and gently, it eased the stinging sensation and cooled me down. After a short while she raised her hand and told me to just relax and enjoy. The first of these new spanks came down on the right cheek, hard and stung so much that I cried out, then came another one on the other cheek, and in fast succession I received some 10 to each cheek.

I was crying with the pain, I was so excited that I was almost coming, I just did not know what to do, again she gentle rubbed my bum and took the pain out but the touch of her palm on my tingling backside was almost agony.

I felt a little better and she spoke to me that I was doing so well, that she had really only started but as this was my first spanking she would give me some more and I will be rewarded beyond my dreams. But the next one I would be taking double the number of spanks as today and that she would introduce me to the absolute joy of being canned or paddled as well as hard hurtful spankings.

She then adjusted me between her legs which by now was awash with my pre cum, holding me tight between her legs, and I was fighting not to cum it felt so good and comfortable and the place to be.

Then I felt her raise her hand, hold it high for a few seconds and then it crashed down on my right cheek, I remember that even now some 25 years latter. I cried out she called me a baby and told me that if I cried again she would add more to the list, and as she said that the hand came down again. I bit my lip and just about held back the cry of anguish.

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