I used my Sister boyfriend to fuck My Sister

My sister’s boyfriend and me are very good friends. He’s been dating my sister Karen for over two years now. From the first day he started fucking her, he gave me all of the details. I watched them once fucking. Jim, my sister’s boyfriend agreed to leave her bedroom door open. I watcher him eat her out. She really loved that. When he started fucking her it made me cum in my pants. My sister is very good looking. Any guy, included me would love to fuck her.

One day while hanging out with Jim, I got an idea.

“Jim, we’re the same age, and we have the same built.”

“Yea, so what?”

Would you like to watch me fuck my sister/”

Jim’s eyes got wide,” Yea, I’d love to see that, but how?”

“It’s easy; tonight make sure all of the lights are off in her bedroom. I’ll put on your after shave. Right before you start to fuck her, tell her you have to get your rubber. When you get off the bed, I’ll get on. She’ll think it’s you and I can stick my dick in her. Well, what do you think?”

“You know, I think that would work. She gets so turned on she doesn’t even know what’s going on around her. OK, tonight is the night. How can I watch you fuck her if it’s dark?”

“OK, let leave enough light on from the bathroom when you start. Just crack the door enough.”

“Sounds good,” Jim said as we shook hands.

During the evening when my sister walked around the house, I kept watching her, thinking, “Soon sis, soon I will be fucking you.”

“Hey Karen, “Jim said. Are you ready to watch TV in your room?”

“Sure,” Karen answered. I waited about fifteen minutes before I headed up the stairs. Jim had left her bedroom door ajar. I looked in. He already had all of her clothes off and was eating her out. I crawled on my hands and knees and stopped at the side of the bed.

I heard Jim tell Karen. “Damn, I left my rubber in my pants pocket. As he was getting off her bed I heard Karen tell him,”Hurry, Jim, I need your dick in me.”

Jim bent down as if he was getting his rubber. I stood up and looked at my sister. I could barely see her but what I saw, I like. There she was on her back all spread out ready for Jim to fuck her. I crawled on the bed. Karen grabbed my hair.” Eat me Jim, eat me some more.”

I lowered my lips to her pussy. I heard her suck in her breathe when I stuck my tongue deep in her. She rose up her ass so I could even put my tongue even deeper in her. I was actually eating out my sister. The thought almost made me cum. As I was eating her out I stuck my finger in her. I started moving it in and out just as fast as I could. Her whole body went tense. She moaned. I just made my sister cum. I felt her pussy juices shoot on my hand.

“Fuck me Jim, fuck me. Stick it in me and bury it as deep as you can. Pound me, baby, pound your pussy. It’s all yours. I’m going to fuck you brains out. Fuck me as if it was the first time. I want fucked hard.’

I realized I forgot my rubber. It was too late to stop now. I rose up and put the head of my dick at my sister’s pussy entrance. She was so wet I slid in her before I even realized it. I looked down and saw half of my dick in her. I pushed it in the rest of the way. I had to stop or I knew I would cum right now.

“Jim, why are you stopping? Start fucking me.”

I started moving in and out of my sister as fast and as deep as I could. She was raising her ass up meeting every thrust. Sis kept saying.” Harder, harder, fuck me harder.” Her pussy swallowed me. I didn’t know something could feel this good. I knew I wouldn’t last long. Who could, fucking their sister for the first time. I started shooting my load in her. I kept my dick buried in her as deep as I could while cuming in her. ” I can feel your cum shooting in me. Empty your dick in me. Fill my pussy up.” I almost passed out because it felt so good. My dick was semi hard now.

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