I used hypno to my advantage

From the time I could read I was into hypno. I would read everything that had to do with it.
When I turned 13 I was able to put people under for a short time, but not completely in my control and that is what I wanted.
I was at the library and found some really old books on the subject. I checked them out and started reading them at home. They had much more in them then the newer books I had read. Telling how to get someone very relaxed and take them into deep sleep.
I had a sister that was a year younger than myself and she was the spitting image of my mother, only on a smaller scale. Her body had developed early. She had a nice set of boobs, 34C, good curves and a perfect butt. I had used hypno on her before and she went under but only for a short time. She would come out of it before I had a real chance to give her sugestions of things to do. But since I read the older books I thought I could do much better now.
Judy was in her room when I walked in and asked her if I could try again to put her under. She said, all rite but you know it doesn’t work on me. I took out my gold coin on a chain and began to swing it infront of her. I was talking to her like the books told me to and in about a minute she seemed to be in la, la land. I kept telling her to go deeper into sleep and she closed her eyes. I told her that she was to listen to my voice and do exactly as I asked. When I asked her if she understood she said in a low voice, yes I will.
I asked her how old she was and she told me she was almost 13. What size is your chest, I asked her? 34C, was her answer. Now she would have never told me that if she was straight. Do you play with them? Yes, she said. Does it feel good, was my next question? I love the way it feels, she said.
Damn, it was working. I had my sister under my control.
I want you to let me see them? Judy unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra up above her tits. This was great and I was getting a bit of a hard on.Why don’t you play with them now? Judy began to rub them and pinch her nipples, making her moan a little. I told her I was going to touch them and that she would really like it when I did. I used both my hands and rubbed them and also pinched her nipples. She said that she liked the way I played with them and how good it made her feel.
Has anyone else ever played with them, I asked her? My boyfriend has, she said she let him play with them all the time.
I was thinking of having sex with her, but was scared she would come out of the hypno and I would be dust.
I wanted to do something that would prove to me that she would do anything I told her to do. So before I brought her back I told her to try and suduce our father. I told her to do things like letting him see down her tops and to show him her pussy when she would sit down. But not to let anyone other than me see what she was doing. I also told her that if dad fell for it she was to let him do anything he wanted to her, but to try and let me know when and where they were going to do it.
At the count of three she would come out of it and not remember that I had put her under, but she would do what I had told her. I had her fix her bra and button her blouse, then I said, one, two, three. She looked at me and said, see, I told you it wouldn’t work on me.
I went back to my room and jacked off thinking about playing with her fine tits.
Mom was at the store when my dad came home from work. Judy had heard him drive up and she came out of her room. Wow, she looked as sexy as I had ever seen her. She had on a button down white top that if you looked close you could see her nipples through. Her skirt was a mini, and boy was it a mini. It just did cover her sex. She had a glase in her eyes as she started to walk down the hall. On her way she unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse. When dad came through the door Judy bounced down the stairs. From where I was hidding I could see dad watching Judy’s tits bounce as she came down the stairs.
Hi daddy, I missed you today, she said to him. Well, what brought this on honey, is there something you want, he asked? Not at all daddy, I am just happy to see you, that’s all. She took his hand and walked with him into the kitchen. Where’s your mother and brother, dad asked her? Moms’ at the store and Jimmy is in his room reading. Dad fixed himself a cocktail and he and Judy went into the den so dad could watch the news.
Dad sat in his favorite chair and Judy sat next to him on the floor. I had come downstairs and was watching them from the doorway. Dad couldn’t see me from where he was sitting. Dad turned to look down at Judy, and I know he was looking rite down the front of her blouse. Even I could see that her nipples were hard and poking out through the blouse. Dad asked her to change the station for him. Judy was on her hands and knees going to the TV. Her short skirt was riding high on her and dad had a perfect view of her pussy from behind. I could see dad trying to push his cock down between his legs so Judy wouldn’t see it when she turned around.
Comming back to where she was sitting, dad was seeeing her tits swing side to side.
Honey, dad said, don’t you think you should have someting on under your blouse? Why daddy, don’t you like the way I look? Um, er, yes baby I do, but what if your mother came home rite now. Oh daddy, I would go upstairs and change cloths silly. But why, I mean, how come. Judy cut him off. I put these things on for you daddy. I know you have wanted to see how I looked. Didn’t you daddy? Well baby, yes I guess I have wondered how much you have grown up. Judy stood up in front of him and said, what do you think daddy, so I look grown up now? You look beautiful honey. Dad couldn’t hide his hard cock sticking out from his pants. Wow daddy, you must really like what you see. Judy reached down and unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on her blouse. Pulling it from her skirt so she could open it up for him to see all of her tits. Do you like them daddy, would you like to feel them? Judy, he said real loud, you are my daughter!!!! I know daddy but you look like you want to. Come sit on my lap honey. Judy sat on dads lap, and when she did dad put his hand inside her top. Oh daddy, that feels so good. She pulls the hem of her skirt up showing dad her moist pussy. Oh baby, you have grown up so much. You have such a beautiful body. Thanks dad, I really wanted you to look at it. His left hand dropped between her legs and started to run his finger along her slit. Judy was breathing real hard as dad played with her clit.
Judy moved, putting her back against dad’s chest. She reached down and unzipped his zipper. She reached in and took out his super hard cock. She had dad’s cock betweeen her slit and was moving up and down against it. Daddy that feels so nice. God honey your making daddy want to fuck you. Yes daddy, do anything you want. Make me feel good daddy.
Just as dad began to put the head of his cock into Judy Mom drove up into the driveway. Hurry and go upstairs honey. Daddy will talk to you later. Judy ran upstairs and when dad went into the kitchen I ran upstairs also.
I went into Judy’s room and took out my gold coin and began to swing it infront of her face. After a few words she went under again. This time I gave her a word. Everytime I said this word she would go back under my control. The word was “sinking”.
I had to ask her if she was a virgin. She said that she was, but that she had broken her cherry with the handle of her hair brush a year ago.
I gave her some new commands. Don’t be so easy with dad, make him work for it. I told her not to let dad fuck her unless he gave her fifty bucks that she was to give me. She could let him play with her and she could play with him but no fucking unless he gave her the fifty bucks. She said alrite then I woke her up.
I guess dad had some kind of meeting that night and left the house around seven. I used the word on Judy and told her to stay in her room until I said she could come out. I wanted to try my hypno on mom.
When I was ten years old I had thins thing for my mother. I would peek in at her when she took showers or got dressed. I know she caught me a few times, but she never said anything about it. It was like she liked it when I tried to look at her body.
Like I said, Judy looked like mom only smaller. Mom’s tits wern’t that much bigger, she was a 36C and they stood straight out. They hardly sagged at all. She had long brown hair a beautiful face and a butt nicer than my sisters. She would always dress nice. I never saw her in anything but dresses, skirts and slacks. Once in a while she would put on jeans. When she did they were the kind that looked like thay were sprayed on and were so low they came to just above her pussy.
Just after dady left I came downstairs to the kitchen where mom was doing the dishes. Mom, I finished reading my new books on hypno, could I try something new on you? Oh Jimmy, you know that stuff doesn’t work. You should be spending your time on your school work rather than fooling around with that junk. Please mom, just this one more time and if it doesn’t work I will quit and do more school work. Is that a promis honey? Yes mom, I promis. Okay than, just this one last time. Mom dried her hands and sat down at the kitchen table.
I took my coin out. I had butterflys in my stomach and was shaking all over the place. Mom noticed and told me to calm down. You act as if you found the secret to mankind. If she only knew that I had.
i Began swinging the coin in front of mom’s eyes. Talking real soft and finally getting to where I was telling her she was going into a deep sleep. Deeper and deeper. Mom’s eyes closed and she slumped over a little. Mom, can you hear me? Yes honey, I can hear you. I want you to do everything I tell you and without question, do you understand? Yes honey, I understand. I had to make sure that she wasn’t trying to fool me. Faking being under.
How old are you? fourt three, she said. Do you think you are a sexy lady? Yes, I think I am. How come, I asked her? There are men that look at me all the time and make comments about the way I look. Do you like it when they talk about you? Oh yes, it feels very good to know they want me. Does dad know other men hit on you? He sure does, he loves to watch men hitting on me, it turns him on. Wow, I was having so much fun asking mom about her lifestyle. How does dad know about men hitting on you? Oh God, he has me put on sexy cloths when we go out. Sometimes without a bra or panties on. He likes me to show off my body to other men. Do you like it? I get so hot knowing that someone is able to see special parts of me.
When will dad be home tonight mom? He said that he could be out kind of late, maybe until twelve or one.
Mom, did you know that I would sometimes try and peek at you when you took showers or getting dressed? Of course I did. I am your mother and it was obvious what you were doing. Why didn’t you stop me? I liked the fact that my own son thought his mother looked good and had a nice body. Is that the only reason mom? No, I would sometimes get turned on when you watched.
This was great. Here was my own mother saying she got excited when her son looked at her body.
I gave mother a secret word also, “ship”. I used that word so I wouldn’t forget what it was. It was close to Judy’s “sinking”.
I told mom to go upstairs and change into something she thought was real sexy and would turn on any man that saw her in it. I also told her that I was going to be peeking at her as she changed cloths.
Mom went upstairs and left her bedroom door open a little. I sat down looking through the door as mom started to change. She took her dress off and turned toward the door so I could see her in her bra and matching panties. She ran her hands over her tits and quickly across her pussy. Whe went into her closet a brought out a sweater that buttoned up and a black leather skirt. Mom took off the bra and her panties, turning again so I could have a look at her. She put on the sweater and buttoned it up. She had also taken out a belt and nylons. I was going nuts watching mom fasten the nylons to the belt.She pulled the skirt up and didn’t put on any panties. I ran back downstairs with a huge hard on and sat in the den and watched TV.
Mom came walking in and stood in front of the TV and said, is this what you had in mind honey? God yes mom, you look perfect.
I called her over to me and told her I wanted her to act real sexy around her son. I put the suggestion in her mind that she needed to be fucked real bad and it didn’t matter who it was. All she could think about was having a hard cock in her cunt.
Mom walked around like a cat stalking a bird. How do you like my outfit honey, I put this on just for my little boy. It looks good mom, I tried to not pay much attention to her. I watched as she unbuttoned the sweater down passed her tits. She sat next to me on the sofa and asked if I thought the sweater might show to much. I looked over at her then my eyes went down to the open sweater. Looking in I could just make out her hard nipples as she bent over some. No mom, I think it shows just the rite amount of you. Your so sweet honey, how about now, she said as she unbuttoned two more buttons. I have seen you looking at me when I dressed so I thought you might like a closer look at me.
Mom was breathing real hard and almost drooling as she talked to me. She put her hand on my leg, just below my hard cock and rubbed back and forth. I want to look the way my boy wants me to look, she said.
She leaned back and when she did her skirt rode up, stopping before her pussy came into view. Do you think mommy has sexy legs Jimmy? They are the best mom, I love the stockings you have on.
While I was looking between mom’s legs she pulled the skirt up the rest of the way. I looked into mom’s eyes and leaned forward putting my lips against hers. Our tongues were all over eachothers. Pulling away a little I whispered to her, can I fuck you mom? Oh God Jimmy, I want you to fuck me so bad. Mom now had a hold of my cock on top of my pants. Oh baby, it feel so big, mommy can’t wait to feel it inside her.
I stood up and took my cloths off, letting mom feast her eyes on my hard cock. Is this what you want mommy? Oh yes honey, give it to mommy!!!
I got on my knees and fell forward putting my face into mom’s pussy. I started to lick from her opening up to her clit. When I reached her clit I used my tongue like a boxing glove against a bag, flicking it all around her clit. Mom grabbed my head pulling it tight against her. She started yelling as she came. I was taking in all of her juices that tasted as sweet at cherry soda. Oh God baby fuck me. I need to feel your beautiful fucking cock inside my cunt. Moving up my wet face was against moms as she licked her juice from me. Using her hand mom guided my cock between her slit. She was moving the head of my cock along her slit, rubbing it hard against her clit. I am cuming again sweety, oh God I am cuming again. When I felt my head at her opening I pushed forward into her. She was so wet my cock slid all the way inside her with one push. It still felt tight even though she was so wet. The friction I was feeling as I went in and out was unreal. I have had a few girls before, but nothing like this. I was fucking my own mother like it was going to be the last fuck I ever had.
Do it harder honey, fuck me so hard it hurts. I love your big fucking cock. I pounded mom so hard that it started to hurt all around my cock.
Mom and I were kissing and talking dirty to each other that we both kept slamming into each other.
Mom, I am going to cum. Do it inside me baby, fill me up with your jizz. I want to feel it squirting inside me. I exploded inside my mothers cunt. I shot so hard I thought it might hurt her. But mom kept saying, more Jimmy, I can feel each squirt, give it to me honey, more, I want more.
Finally finished I just lay against mom. She is rubbing my ass and whispering into my ear, you don’t know how good my baby made me feel. You can fuck mommy anytime and anywhere you want.
“ship” I said to mom. Her body relaxed and I got off of her. I told her that she should go get cleaned up and changed back into her other cloths. I said that she could kind of remember that we fucked but that she was not sure. She would feel like she wanted me to fuck her whenever I was around but didn’t know how to let me know. Also she would try and give me the chance to look at her body whenever it was safe to do so.
I wanted my dad to stay horney so I told her not to have sex with him for a week. That way he might try and get some from my sister during the week.
I went to bed that night feeling like I had just found a cure for eveything.

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