I stepped over the edge and happily wasn’t disappointed – Tanning to Entertain

My total exposure of my body to Kent did more than break the ice. It definitely moved my relationship with Kent to a new level. No longer was he simply Mike’s friend who frequently stopped by.

I thought of a way to get him at the house without Mike being in the next room.

One evening after my son had left for work, I put on another of Mike’s tee shirts and a pair of cut off jeans I had altered to be practically nothing. A little make up, and cologne.

I called Kent and told him I needed help in moving the stove. A half hour later he showed up to assist me. We pulled it out to check the electrical connection, I told him I was having problems with one of the burners After unplugging and putting the connect back, every thing seemed to be working correctly.

I rewarded him with a beer and I fixed myself a stiff drink and suggested we sit on the deck to talk. The chairs were a few feet apart but close enough to have an quiet conversation.

I inquired about his girlfriend and how long they had been dating. He opened up and said ‘about long enough’. Apparently he was not having the intimacy he thought was enough for the length of the time they had been together.

I explained there was a lot more now compared to my dating days at his age. Explaining young women want to be free from being ‘owned’ now.

Without stopping I told him when I was his age there was less to do and having a steady boyfriend meant making out, parking on country roads and exploring each other’s body. I jokng said if a boy hadn’t attempt to feel me up by the second date, I figured he was gay!

Laughing, I continued. I told him I seemed to have had the largest boobs from the eighth grade on in my class and became extremely popular. I added I saw every movie that came to our little town. None of the guys has a car but a dark theater was fine

He said he could understand that. I asked if he thought I was strange when I hadn’t hesitated in allowing him the see me topless?

Not at all he told me. Selfishly, I told him my exposure to him hadn’t been all for his pleasure. He asked what I meant.

Well, it was now or never to tell him.

I said I had enjoying him looking at me.

Telling him I loved to tan nude. I had attempted to do it since my early twenties. Adding that Mike’s father loved to come home and find me in the backyard, naked and waiting for him. With a smile I said Mike was probably conceived in that yard.

Kent appeared to be enjoying our talk. Watching him squirm was telling me a lot.

I asked up he needed another beer and he accepted.

I returned and before sitting down, I moved my chair almost directly in front of him. I leaned over to hand him his beer and I think only then did he realize how short my cutoffs were . I could feel the seam tight between my labia lips.

Telling him knowing he was watching me was actually a ‘turn on’ and I didn’t want it to stop. Asking if it bothered, he assured me he didn’t.

I placed my feel in my chair and slightly opening my legs. I was sure he was seeing my pussy lips around the seam of my shorts.

If I didn’t go on I probably would hate myself later.

Telling him I use to be a terrible tease earlier in my life. He smiled. I asked him if he thought I had lost my ability to excite men?

I didn’t wait for an answer. I told my right foot and slipped it up his thigh. I didn’t go up to his crotch but near enough to cause him to open his legs farther.

Kent knew I wanted it to go way past my sunbathing.

He said I was the sexiest woman he had ever met. I smiled, and joking said ‘good answer’.

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