I start a sexfighting club for Indians in Australia – Indian Fuck Club

A week after Anupama pulled at a train of 14 Indian tertiary students taking some of them 4 times, she greets the boys’ female relatives. This is part 1 of a 2 part story of the night and is a slower and less exciting as it sets the background necessary for the many stories that will follow. However, it still has some interesting sex.

You could cut the ice in her voice with a knife as Saanvi, the 52-year-old mother of Angard, captain of the cricket team of Indian students studying in Melbourne Australia whom I coached, snarled, “I am here on sufferance. I don’t approve, but I can’t allow my son Angard to lose face in front of his teammates so I have attended and will reluctantly participate and for his honour will do my best,” before stalking off with Angard.

I watched the pinched faced long-legged thin-bodied 32A 26 32 5 ft 2 widow from Jagdalpur, a city in the northeast centre of India, stride away, her mustard and red sari clinging tightly to her 54-kilo body. My stomach sunk, and I thought it was not a great way to start the night. The previous week Anupama had pulled an Indian train of 14 of my Indian student cricketers (see here), some of them 4 times in a 5-hour orgy. This time I had arranged for my players to bring a female who would, with their help, make my Indian accounting partner Anupama cum, with the winning pair receiving a $1000 prize for most cums drawn. To put it mildly, my meeting with Saanvi was not a great start to the night but, as she led Angard away, he glanced back and gave a thumbs up. He had warned me she was grumpy but to me, there was real venom in her words.

Next to arrive was Manu with his cousin Kyra accompanied by Prajit with his cousin Anushka and Daulat with his 46-year-old aunt Sai. All boys came from the southern city of Madurai and punctuality must be important there as there were always first to arrive at practices or matches. All 6 were very dark-skinned and both the cousins, the 30-year-old Kyra and the 40-year-old Anushka had short, solid bodies with thick thighs and relatively small tits. Kyra’s pockmarked face distinguished her from her Madurai cousin clone. The older aunt Sai was overweight, big-bellied and had pendulous 38D tits and the thickest longest hair I had seen. It hung from the scrunchy at the back of her neck to just below the back of her knees. All 3 wore the sari of choice from South India, the Kanchipuram Sari, although theirs were cotton, not silk-like Saanvi’s. But at least, apart from Sai, they looked willing to be there and for future identification, I memorized their bindis hoping not all 14 women would be wearing the same red dot.

There was a short delay before Metab arrived with his 46-year-old house owner from Mumbai, Tanvi. She stood out immediately. First because of her tailored, and to my eyes, expensive European style tailored blazer and tight black skirt and high heels. Second, her appearance, as she had an almost Asian facial look to go with her Indian light Mumbai coloured skin. Surprisingly, when she had visited her property to collect back rent, she had heard Metab unsuccessfully attempting to convince his sister to come and had offered her services.

Then there was a flood of arrivals. Nabh with his 21-year-old solid cousin from Indore, Dhriri, Raj with his 22-year-old short, spectacle-wearing sister Ira and Saraj, the only one of the cricketers with a girlfriend, a surprisingly good looking 19-year-old Pari. The last 2 girls were from Chennai. The first 2 wore jeans and short kameez tops while Pari wore the staple of western fashion: a short tight little black dress. Ina had plucked up the courage to ask Anika 20, a New Delhi born student/shop assistant at his local Indian store, while Nish was accompanied by a 26-year-old hawk-faced prostitute, Anvi. He had put the money I had given to all of them to good effect, although the way Anvi’s eyes devoured the crowd I was sure she was looking for future customers. The younger ones wore western clothes, but the Jaipur born Anvi had a flamboyant lehenga choli and apart from her face Anvi had a good body, tall slim and with big firm tits.

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