I Slept with My Boyfriend’s Father

When I was fifteen my boyfriend invited me to travel with his family to attend a wedding of his father’s cousin. The wedding would be in another state so I couldn’t believe when my parents let me go since they’re a little strict, but when Nathan’s mother told them Marina, her oldest daughter would be sharing a room with me, my parents agreed in letting me go, certain that I wouldn’t have a chance of losing my virginity. Of course, what my parents didn’t know was that:

1. Marina didn’t care if I sneaked out to my boyfriend’s room as long as I didn’t wake her up;

2. that my aunt who was more open to sexuality than my parents, had put me into birth control so my boyfriend and I had been having sex for a couple of months now. His family had booked an apartment in a old hotel in the downtown area, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a common open area, so I was really excited.

On friday I went to Nathan’s house with him after school, and after a brief lunch with his family we hit the road. It was my first road trip to another state, the first time I would be able to have sex at night and the first time I would be traveling with a boyfriend, which made me feel older and more mature. We were all excited along the way, singing songs and listening histories about my boyfriend’s father travels to his uncle farm when he was young making us laugh and get anxious to see the place. After a couple of hours on the road, the sun started to set and my boyfriend and his sister fell asleep beside me so his parents started to chat with me, asking me about school, my family, if I had traveled outside the state before… I never spent much time around them so it was a little awkward for me to be in this situation and I couldn’t stop wishing we reached the place faster so we could just end the day and I could go to bed and sleep because I was truly tired but I never managed to sleep in a car.

When we finally reached the city where we were going to stay, I felt myself waking up a little with the excitement, looking with awe at all the old buildings and cobblestone streets, so completely different from São Paulo, the city we lived in. The hotel was old, probably from the XIX century and was right in the middle of the small town, facing a nice park with tall threes, and some stores that were closed since it was almost 23:00. I was tired, I didn’t know if I would be able to sneak into Nathan’s room that night as much as I wanted to. We entered the hotel and went up the stairs to our apartment, walking through long and narrow corridors that looked straight out of horror movies with its dim lights. The apartment was quite modern though, with a small kitchen right beside the entryway, a dining table in the middle separating the kitchen to the living room and a corridor in front of it leading to the bedrooms and bathrooms. I dropped my bag in the room I was going to share with Marina and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready to sleep. I changed into my pajamas and threw myself on the bed.

‘Hey Bianca, we’re going to eat, come on,’ Nathan’s sister said from our bedroom’s door, after only a couple of minutes. I pushed myself from the bed with an annoyed groan and joined them in the social area. I took a sandwich from a plate and ate in silence, listening everyone talking about the plans for the next day without paying much attention, making my own plans in my head instead, thinking that if I took a nap for it would be enough for me to get enough energy to have sex with Nathan, and that way his parents wouldn’t catch us since they would be already asleep. I finished my sandwich content with my plan and joined Marina to the bathroom so we would brush our teeth. As soon as we entered, she turned to me with a smile.

By :makoma

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