I Slept with My Boyfriend’s Father

When I was fifteen my boyfriend invited me to travel with his family to attend a wedding of his father’s cousin. The wedding would be in another state so I couldn’t believe when my parents let me go since they’re a little strict, but when Nathan’s mother told them Marina, her oldest daughter would be sharing a room with me, my parents agreed in letting me go, certain that I wouldn’t have a chance of losing my virginity. Of course, what my parents didn’t know was that:

1. Marina didn’t care if I sneaked out to my boyfriend’s room as long as I didn’t wake her up;

2. that my aunt who was more open to sexuality than my parents, had put me into birth control so my boyfriend and I had been having sex for a couple of months now. His family had booked an apartment in a old hotel in the downtown area, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a common open area, so I was really excited.

On friday I went to Nathan’s house with him after school, and after a brief lunch with his family we hit the road. It was my first road trip to another state, the first time I would be able to have sex at night and the first time I would be traveling with a boyfriend, which made me feel older and more mature. We were all excited along the way, singing songs and listening histories about my boyfriend’s father travels to his uncle farm when he was young making us laugh and get anxious to see the place. After a couple of hours on the road, the sun started to set and my boyfriend and his sister fell asleep beside me so his parents started to chat with me, asking me about school, my family, if I had traveled outside the state before… I never spent much time around them so it was a little awkward for me to be in this situation and I couldn’t stop wishing we reached the place faster so we could just end the day and I could go to bed and sleep because I was truly tired but I never managed to sleep in a car.

When we finally reached the city where we were going to stay, I felt myself waking up a little with the excitement, looking with awe at all the old buildings and cobblestone streets, so completely different from São Paulo, the city we lived in. The hotel was old, probably from the XIX century and was right in the middle of the small town, facing a nice park with tall threes, and some stores that were closed since it was almost 23:00. I was tired, I didn’t know if I would be able to sneak into Nathan’s room that night as much as I wanted to. We entered the hotel and went up the stairs to our apartment, walking through long and narrow corridors that looked straight out of horror movies with its dim lights. The apartment was quite modern though, with a small kitchen right beside the entryway, a dining table in the middle separating the kitchen to the living room and a corridor in front of it leading to the bedrooms and bathrooms. I dropped my bag in the room I was going to share with Marina and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready to sleep. I changed into my pajamas and threw myself on the bed.

‘Hey Bianca, we’re going to eat, come on,’ Nathan’s sister said from our bedroom’s door, after only a couple of minutes. I pushed myself from the bed with an annoyed groan and joined them in the social area. I took a sandwich from a plate and ate in silence, listening everyone talking about the plans for the next day without paying much attention, making my own plans in my head instead, thinking that if I took a nap for it would be enough for me to get enough energy to have sex with Nathan, and that way his parents wouldn’t catch us since they would be already asleep. I finished my sandwich content with my plan and joined Marina to the bathroom so we would brush our teeth. As soon as we entered, she turned to me with a smile.

‘You know we can see your breasts, right?’ I opened my eyes with shock, the sleep forgotten, and turned to the big mirror on top of the sink facing our reflections and my boobs. When I finished my shower, I was so tired I didn’t even look in the mirror, which was a mistake. My pajamas were a basic white cotton shorts and t-shirt with a cartoonish colorful puppy on the front of the shirt, and small ones on the shorts, but the puppy in the shirt wasn’t big enough, so my boobs were covered entirely by the white thin fabric. My boobs were quite big for a fifteen-year-old, especially considering that I was thin and short, with only 1,54 cm (5,1 ft). I’m not going to lie, I had a great body with an hourglass figure, but at the time I was kind of embarrassed about it so I was always covered in large t-shirts. Having my boobs showing through my shirt was mortifying, something from a nightmare. I covered my face with my hands wanting to cry and soon enough I felt two arms hugging me.

‘It’s okay, we’ve all seen breasts before, you have nothing to be embarrassed, and I mean it, they look amazing!’ Marina said trying to comfort me. I groaned, and she laughed.

‘I don’t think I’ll be able to look into your parents eyes ever again!’ She let me go and pulled my hand out of my face so I could look at her.

‘Really, you look amazing, I had no idea you looked like that underneath those big t-shirts! You have nothing to be ashamed off, my mom didn’t seem to notice it since she was sitting beside you and was making plans for tomorrow, and by my dad’s looks, he wasn’t displeased by the sight, but he’s just going to pretend nothing happened, so you can just do the same,’ she said with a kind smile. I groaned again, and like her, started to brush my teeth, trying to ignore my reflection, promising myself that the next day I wouldn’t put my pajamas on unless I was completely sure I was going to bed without any interruptions. I left the bathroom so Marina could take her shower and went to Nathan’s bedroom to say goodnight.

‘Why did you change your mind? I thought you would be coming to my room,’ he said as soon as I said I was going to bed. He lifted his hand and captured my nipple through my shirt rolling it and making it hard which made me release a low throaty moan.

‘I’m tired. I’ll take a nap and I’ll be here as soon as your parents go to bed. By the way, when we were eating, could you see through my shirt?’ I was just torturing myself by now, I know, but since he was sitting facing his mother on my left, he might not have seen it. Maybe only Marina saw, because she was on my right side, at the top of the table. He smiled and looked down at my chest, now taking both my boobs in his hands and squeezing lightly.

‘Yes, I could see them, I was hard looking at them. I still am…’, he said, releasing me and taking my hand and putting on his dick showing me he was hard. I pressed my hand against it, feeling the sleep going away, my body reacting to these touches and the only thing going through my mind was how good it would feel to just stay and have sex with him right now, even though we couldn’t. Suddenly there was a light knock on the door and as soon as we parted, the door opened and his father appeared.

‘You two should go to sleep, we’ll have to wake up early tomorrow,’ he said, but in reality, he just meant for us to separate so there wouldn’t be any “funny business” between us. He waited for me at the bedroom door and when I got closer to him, I saw his eyes lowering to my chest, probably seeing my erect nipples. I could feel my cheeks heating but I lowered my head pretending not to notice it, and I went to my room.

Marina was still taking her shower so I might have a couple of minutes alone. I went under the covers and without hesitation, I slipped my hand inside my shorts and started to play with my pussy, remembering the sensation of hands touching my boobs, the look of pleasure on Nathan’s face when I pressed my hand against his hard dick. Then my thoughts changed to his father’s eyes dropping to my chest, my erect nipples pressed against the thin white cotton of my t-shirt. I felt myself get even more aroused by having a handsome man’s eyes on boobs, because even though Bruno was almost forty-five, he was very attractive, tall, almost 6.1, always going to the gym with Nathan to keep himself in good shape, with warm brown eyes, black hair and sun-bathed skin. He was almost the opposite of my boyfriend who was 5.7, with light skin and sand blond hair, similar to his mother. I felt myself getting closer to cuming, then the door suddenly opened almost making me jump in bed. Marina’s shower was clearly over, but thankfully when she opened the door, she had her head down while she used a towel to dry her hair so she didn’t see me pulling my hand out from between my legs and close my eyes. I heard her moving quietly towards her bed and then the light from the lamp was off. Guilt started to flood my conscience for thinking of my father in law’s roaming eyes while I touched myself.

I felt my phone vibrating under my pillow waking me up and letting me know it was one am, the time I told Nathan I would be going to his bedroom. I silently got up not wanting to wake up Marina. Opening the door to the hallway I saw a faint light at the end of it coming from the television on the social area. I smiled thinking of Nathan sitting on the couch with his hard dick waiting for me and I couldn’t help but smile with the excitement. I got to the end of it and leaned on my side against the wall attempting a sexy pose, looking in the direction of the couch and feeling the smile disappear from my face being replaced by shock at the scene that greeted me. Bruno was sitting on the couch, he had no shirt on, his head was thrown back with his eyes closed in pleasure while his right hand moved up and down pumping his dick slowly. I could see he was way bigger and thicker than Nathan, and even with the room being only illuminated by the television, I could see precum glistening on the tip of it. I never saw anything like this before, the sight of my boyfriend’s father moving his hand up and down his dick was so erotic that I couldn’t look away. He hadn’t heard or seen me, he was too focused on his own pleasure. I started to feel aroused, and completely forgetting the guilt from earlier and without taking my eyes of him, I slipped my right hand inside my panties surprised to feel the lace starting to get wet, and with my left arm still against the wall, I lifted my hand to touch my right boob. I closed my eyes momentarily, feeling the pleasure rise, using my fingers to circle my clit while pinching my nipple with the other hand. I opened my eyes again looking at Bruno, seeing he still hadn’t noticed me, watching his hand moving up and down, wishing it was my hand moving there, pleasuring him. I didn’t know if I wanted him to see me there or if I wanted him to remain ignorant of his whereabouts, I just wanted to watch him and touch myself while doing it. I put a finger inside my tight hole coping his rhythm, and started to move in and out, feeling my juices coat my hand.

Suddenly he dropped his head opening his eyes and turned to my direction. It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to move, my finger was still inside of me so I just stopped moving and I notice him doing the same, both of us staring at each other’s face completely paralyzed, waiting for some reaction from one another. He was the first to do something, moving his eyes slowly down my body, stopping for a while at my shorts where my hand was visible before coming back to my face, making my body shiver. When our eyes met, he moved his hand, without saying a word, without breaking eye contact, and started to pump his dick again, giving me courage to do the same, to move my finger in and out of me. I never felt myself this wet, I could feel my juices coating my legs, it was possible to hear the wet noises slightly lower than the movie in the TV, from every time my hand moved. It was insanity, he was my boyfriend’s father, he was thirty years older than me, his wife and children were sleeping a short distance from us, but at that moment, in that hotel apartment, none of this mattered, the only thing that mattered was for us to cum. His eyes were focused on me, watching my hand moving inside my shorts while my other hand fondled my boobs, his hand going faster on his dick, his mouth releasing low throaty groans. I wanted to moan but being close to the bedroom doors I was afraid someone might hear me and come out to check. It didn’t take long for my fear to turn into reality, when I heard a door being opened behind me. I pulled my hands away, and turned meeting my boyfriend’s face coming out of the door to his room. I lift my finger to my lips so he wouldn’t make a noise and turned to his father on the couch who was trying to pull his pants back on. Our eyes met briefly before I walked away towards Nathan’s bedroom closing the door behind me.

‘What happened? Is already 1:08. I was waiting for you,’ he said. For a moment I was surprised all of that happened in eight minutes. I was really aroused, completely soaked, so I didn’t think much about it, taking off my top and pulling down my shorts and panties, seeing my legs and pussy glistening with juices on the low light from the lamp. When I straightened, my boyfriend was already naked with his hand wrapped around his dick waiting for me in his bed.

‘I never saw you this wet for me before, I can see it dripping down your legs!’ I walked towards him slowly, forcing myself to ignore his comment before I started to feel guilty again, after all, I was wet for his father not him, and so, without saying a word I pushed him on the bed, and straddled him rubbing myself on his dick, making us both moan in pleasure. His eyes closed and his hands took my waist, travelling up in search of my boobs. I lifted my body and grabbing hold of his dick, I impaled myself on him all the way down in only one thrust surprising both of us. I was so freaking wet and turned on at that moment, that I just went all the way down in one motion. I moaned loud with the pleasure and pain of having his dick inside of me so fast. He moaned too and reaching my boobs he squeezed them eliciting another moan from my lips. I had my eyes closed, so I could only feel when he sat on the bed, with his dick still lodge inside of me, and his father image on the couch came rushing back into my mind. He took my left nipple in his mouth and I kept my eyes closed imagining it was Bruno’s mouth sucking on me. I moved my hips, feeling him move inside of me, making him suck a little harder with his mouth and then I started to rock my hips faster still keeping my eyes closed. I did that again and again, pretending he was his father. He groaned under me and turned us pushing me on my back on the bed, slipping completely out of me making me open my eyes and see him.

‘Turn off the lamp’, I said in a whisper. He did it and soon he was on top of me, sliding his dick back into my pussy, making me groan, but to my disappointment, he started to go slow and gently when I wanted him to be rough. I don’t know why I wanted him to do that, he was never rough when we had sex. I closed my eyes and slid my hand between our bodies and started to circle my clit, wanting to cum desperately. I asked him to go faster but he said we had the whole night. When he finally picked up pace, I dropped my hands on the bed, feeling my orgasm surging, climbing higher and higher. The image of his father surged again in my head and clamping my hands on my mouth I screamed with the intensity of the orgasm. Wave after wave came crashing through my body, and when I thought it was starting to subside, I feel Nathan’s cum shooting inside of me, triggering another orgasm. Nathan’s pulled his dick out of me and fell down beside me in bed, leaving me empty with the exception of his cum that was still inside but it would start leaking out of me soon enough.

‘That was incredible!’ I told him looking in his direction in the dark. He leaned over and kissed me.By the next morning, I woke up back in my bed being lightly shaken by Marina.

‘We need to change for the wedding,’ she said and left the room. Last night’s events started to come back to my mind and in the bright day light, I found myself extremely embarrassed. I always found Bruno handsome for an older man, but never, not in a million years I would have imagined that one day I would watch him masturbate while he watched me doing the same, much less have sex with Nathan twice while I pretended, he was his father. I had no idea how I would be able to face Bruno and Nathan after that.

I got off the bed and went to brush my teeth, take a quick shower and change. While I did that, I kept playing that scene in my head, trying to analyze why I did what I did, how I felt about it and how I feel about it now, embarrassment aside. As soon as I had my dress on, I had it figured out: I did it because seeing him like that made me wet, when he started watching me, I felt sexy like never before and very horny, and I know that if I had the opportunity, I would do it again. In the end I wasn’t probably that embarrassed.

My phone vibrated on the vanity and I saw it was a new message from Nathan with only two words: “no panties?” Before we came here, he dared me to go to the church without it, saying I was too much of a good girl to do it, that I wouldn’t have the courage for it. It was stupid and childish but after what I did with his father the night before, this wouldn’t be the naughtiest thing I’ve done during this trip, so why not?

I left the bathroom and found him there with his phone on his hand waiting for me. I could hear his family in the social area so I slowly pulled my dress up to my waist, showing him my hairless pussy, enjoying the expression on his face change from shock to desire. I smiled at him and dropped it, going to my room to put my pajamas away. I felt his hands grabbing my butt and pulling my dress up and I started to panic, afraid someone would walk on us so I turned and stopped him.

‘Someone might see us. We should get going.’

By :makoma

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