I seduced daughters boyfriend and get pregnant

I was laying there in some very transparent red lace panties and Drews’ tee shirt. Head was really confused with my body and my spontaneous reactions to my conversations with this cute teenaged boy one bed over. Only hours before I was in a conservative night gown that more that covered me down to my knees. I felt both guilt and passion as I heard him sleeping on the next bed over from in our very upscale hotel room. I balled up in a fetal position with my mind on my wet crotch and very hard nipples. I am not sure when but I finally fell asleep.

So I am Anna. I am a 44 year old mother of an 19 year old girl and an avid tennis player. Last summer I started playing tennis with my daughters boyfriend, Drew, and we began to enter into tennis tournament and win at the club and state level. Drew is a great player we just seem to work well together on the court. I have kept playing regularly since playing in college but my skill has faded some with age and I do practice law.

Over the past two years we have played a lot and trained a lot together and I have become great friends with his mom, a single parent, and Drew. We have both had minor injuries and become a little closer and we have had to massage each other at different times and different parts of our bodies. Which have made for some embarrassing moments and I have caught glances of things most moms of teenage girls don’t see of their daughters boyfriends which is also why I became so focused on him in both curiosity and maybe some lust. During a pulled growing muscle injury I would help rub his thigh adn when you massage a teenaged boys thigh things do pop-up and boy did they.

That is when I first noticed that eh was really gifted and I don’t mean for a boy but foe a man. He has also helped me with a few sore muscles and his massages stirred things and caused some excitement that was more than just friendly desires. I also began to notice that he was checking me out as you would expect a boy to do. He would steal glimpses at my ass, crotch and chest. At first I would try to slowly change positions to remove the temptation but over time I began to wear more revealing tops and tennis skirts and panties rather than shorts which afforded more opportunities.

I was actually getting turned on by his checking me out and I would begin to give little shows and play it off as accidents especially bending over and showing him my ass or in front of him so he could see down the v of my top. I would even wear just a sports bra to practice in the summer and watch him try to sheepishly check out my rock hard nipples. I am a 5‘8’ tall and measure 32C (sometimes a D), 22, 31 with dark brunette hair.

Three weeks my daughter broke up saying that she wanted to go away to school, she is older than Drew, with out and attachments and about the same time Drew and I entered into the state tennis open challenge and surprised everyone, even ourselves, by winning through the first rounds. Since we had to travel across the state for the last matches, we left for the tournament on Thursday to be well rested. Drew’s parents are divorced and rather than have two rooms and the expense we just got one room with tow beds. I took the traditional mother type sleeping gown and just figured he would sleep in shorts.

That first night I was laying in bed extremely uncomfortable since I typically slept in a thin gown and panties and hated the material around my body. I noticed that Drew was stirring around so I asked him if he was ok and found out that he typically just slept in boxers, not shorts and a tee so I made a deal. He would give me his tee and then he could sleep in just his boxers. After all, we were in different beds. He took off his tee and tossed it to me and I heard his shorts hit the floor right after that so a removed my gown, the room was dark so I just sat up in bed and pulled it off over my head and chucked it on the floor, and started to put on his tee.

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