I Owe Mom

Mom and Dad got married twenty years ago when they were both twenty years old. Last year Dad sold his dot-com company to a comglomerate and became an instant billionaire. He pleaded with Mom to give him a divorce and got what he wanted. Mom was phylosophical about it. Probably one of the reasons was that Dad was more than generous in the divorce settlement. The other reason could be that their marriage had already ended at least five years earlier when they had more or less stopped having sex.

The story began one evening after dinner when we sat drinking our coffee and talking much about nothing.

“Ron. It’s time you think about having a family. I am looking forward to having some grand children before I got to be too old to enjoy them.”

“You have plenty of time for grand children, Mom. You are still young. As you know, Bobbie’s Mom had just got herself a boyfriend.”

” I have never been into the sex thing as much as she did. She used to be quite a slut in her younger days.”

“But, but Bobbie told me you and Nora had done some kind of sex research together. Is that true?”

“Oh! That. That was true. The research was on hypersexuality in men. It was just part of the course we had in University.”

“Bobbie also told me Nora let him have sex with her when he was in his late teens. Can you believe that?”

“Oh! Really? I am not too surprised. She loved to personally experiment with sex.”

“Hope you don’t mind, Mom. I would like to share something intimate with you. Bobbie had introduced me to sex with older women. I now enjoy it as much as sex with my peers.”

“Oh! You can tell me about that if you like.”

“Well, to sum it up. Older women are more appreciative of me, and some of them even have something to teach me. Er….Would you let me have sex with you, mom?”

There was a long uneasy pause before she overcame her embarassment and opened up.

“I don’t mind trying! But, I don’t think I have anything to teach you though. My sexual experiences were limited to just your dad.”

Wow! I could not believe it. Has Mom just consented to have sex with me? I had only thrown in that last bit as a joke. Wow! But still, our first time had to be something special. Right? For the next few days I kept thinking about how it was going to be. It would take place in a five star hotel after some kind of great evening in town. Right? I just did not know…..

Probably my old air-conditioner was low on coolant, or something. It was still running but it just could not bring my room temperature down to a comfortable 22 degrees Farenheight. This summer night was unusually warm. There was no way I could survive the night in this sweltering heatwave. Mom’s new air-conditioner must be working fine. I went to Mom’s room and slipped under the sheet next to her in her king-size bed. As I was not used to sleeping with another person I woke up a couple of times in the night. On the second occasion my fidgeting woke Mom up. The clock showed that it was already five AM. Since both of us could not get back to sleep anyway, we resumed our conversation on the subject of incest between a Mom and her son. After a while, I felt extremely aroused. I raised myself up on my elbow and kissed her on the lips. She responded likewise. I switched on the light and opened her night-gown. Mom had a pair of smallish breasts, a broad hip and a thick bush down there, something I truly love in a woman. I played with her old tits and sucked her nipples. I then teased her clit and felt inside her fuck-hole. It was wet already. Mom told me I needed to use condom. She was not tight down there even though she have had no cock for quite a long while. Five minutes into the fucking Mom did not get into any kind of sexual passion. She kissed me and carassed parts of my body. Seemed like she was helping me rather than concentrating on getting her own orgasm. Another five minutes later I finished but Mom was nowhere near her orgasm.

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