I Moms Who Breastfeed Their Older Kids

johnny, was a 10 yr old boy, he had no brothers or sisters and did not have alot of friends. one day his mother said that the new neighbors just had a baby and they were going to bring supper and a gift over. she made him go with. after they got done eating his mother was doing the dishes and the baby was starting to cry. the woman said that she would have to feed the baby, sat down and unbuttoned her top and opened her bra and pushed the babies mouth to her boob. johnny did not know what to think, he just watched. his mother came into the room and said we better good johnny. when they got home, johnny went to his bedroom and was looking out his window, thinking of what he just saw. as he was looking out his window, he could see into the neighbors livingroom where the mothers was still nursing the baby, he sat and watched as the mother would nurse the baby from one breast to the other breast. as johnny would watch over the next several days, he could also see her in the babies bedroom nursing it. what was johnny going to do, he wanted to watch her feed the baby.

one day johnny was sitting in his room and saw her start to nurse the baby, he ran down stairs and over to the neighbors and knocked on the door. the woman said who is it. johnny said its me johnny. come in she said. he walked in and she was sitting with the baby sucking on her breasts. he walked over and sat down. she asked him what did he want. well, um, well. he started to say. you are so busy with the baby, i was wondering if you needed me to do anything for you. oh, johnny she said that is so nice of you to offer, but not right know. oh he said. they sat and visited for awhile as the baby sucked on her breasts. johnny would do this everyday, just as she started to nurse the baby he would run over and knock on the door.

2 yrs later, she had another baby, johnnys mom brought over another gift and more food. johnny has still been watching her breast feed the 2 yr old and know she has a baby to feed too. johnny would come over to her house as she was feeding the 2 yr and watch him almost play with his mothers breast. she would say to the 2 yr old, that is enough if you dont want to drink then go play, he would jump down and go play. johnny would watch the woman button up her top and just as she was done, the new baby started to cry. she told johnny that she would be right back and went to get the baby, sat down unbuttoned her top to feed the baby. just as she was feed the baby the 2 yr old would come running and want to suck. he would pull open the mothers top and say milk, milk, her breast was showing. no she said i am feeding the baby. johnny would you play with him, until i am doing feeding the baby. sure johnny said. johnny would play with the 2 yr boy until his mother was done nursing the baby, but johnny was always watching the baby sucking on her breast. when she was done, she came over, sit down next to them playing, open her top and asked the little boy. ok mommy is done with the baby you can have some more milk. no, the little boy said and kept on playing. she sat there and said, i dont know what to do? what johnny said. she said that she trys to nurse him before the baby wants her or just after the baby and he does not want any, but as soon as i start nursing the baby he wants me. johnny said. why not nurse both of them at the same time? well i dont know if i can do that. she said. just try it next time johnny said. johnny went home later on and went right to his window to watch her nurse. she sat down and started to nurse the baby and sure enough the 2 yr old boy came over and wanted his mother. johnny watched as the mother opened her shirt up and pulled the little boy onto her lap and let him nurse from her. the next day johnny went next door as she was feeding both of them. johnny said see it works. she said yes it does. johnny said he just does not want to give up and let mommy feed just the baby. the mother said that she was trying to get him to stop nursing before the baby was born, that she did not want to be feeding 2. that she had only been feeding him at bed time, but after the baby came he had been nursing just as much as the baby, but he only sucks for a short time and then he is done and goes to play. johnny said, can i ask you a question? sure the woman said. what does that milk taste like? he said. well she said. i am not sure. just then the little boy stops sucking and said all done and gets up and goes to play. her breast is still open with milk at the end of her nipple. after the baby was done, she layed it down and still did not cover her breasts up. johnny she said. what he said. dont tell anyone, but do you want to taste my milk? well, sure johnny said. she sat next to him and took his head and placed it up to her nipple and said open up and start sucking. he opened his mouth and started to suck, he got a mouth full of milk. stopped and said its really sweet and warm and good…thank you he said. thank you. he got up and left. he went home and went right to his room. he thought, how did he do that, why did he do that. several days later he went back over to her house, hoping that she would have forgot about it. samething happened, the 2 yr old wanted to suck when the baby was sucking and then he stopped and went and play, she left her top open, watching me look at her breast. when the baby was done, she went and put the baby to bed came back into the room with her top still unbuttoned came over to him and asked him do you want to finish on this side that the my boy did not. her shirt was open her breast was right there, he just started to suck, he sucked and sucked on her breast. she told him to slow down, take your time, you dont have to be in a rush. he slowed down. when he was done, he told her thanks again. she said no problem, i needed to have someone finish off this breast anyway. she told him that she was known that he has been watching her feed the babies for 2 yrs. but, but, he said. she said that she has enjoyed him watching her as much as you have enjoyed watch me. she told him to come over anytime. johnny would go over to her house eveyday. she would always have to top unbuttoned and ready to let him suck her breast, sometimes she would let him suck on both of her breasts.

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