I love farm life

My journey started when I met and started dating Adam. His family owned a stud farm on the outskirts of town. I (Rita) met him at a friend’s birthday party. He was 6’ tall, broad shoulders and handsome. But the main interest was that I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time and I lonely. I saw him several times around town before and after that night. One day we ran into each other in the Mall and he asked me if I wanted a coffee. Of course I said yes. From coffee it led to dinner and after a couple of dinners it led to sex. Yes, the sex. It was wonderful. He was a true 7” and very passionate. Also very mindful that a woman didn’t want a wham bam thank you mam. He took his time and I loved it.

Soon we were dating every weekend and sometimes during the week. He told me he worked for his father and sometimes got called on to work at a minutes notice after hours. Although I guess working of a farm doesn’t really have set hours like my job at the bank. One Wednesday night he had picked me up and we had just driven to a restaurant when he got a call to come back to the farm. He wanted to drop me off but I said I wanted to see the farm and see what he did there. We drove to the farm and his father was waiting. “We have an urgent request from a guy who wants his mare serviced” he said “do you want to wait in the house young lady?” I said no, I wanted to see Adam at work. “OK Adam, just make sure she doesn’t distract you” he said.

Adam, his father and I headed off to the barn where this guy had unloaded his mare. I asked Adam why this was happening at night. He said it was a special favour to another farmer. I was upset at having my date hijacked. Not to mention the fact that I was expecting sex afterwards. I sat on a bench and watched as the guy tied his mare to the railing and then Adam led the stallion into the barn. Obviously the mare was on heat as the stallion immediately got excited. Adam led the stallion forward and he mounted the mare and began to mate with her. Lots of snorting and grunting and it was all over in minutes. When the stallion withdrew I gasped. The stallion’s cock was huge. It must have been nearly two foot long. It was swinging as it slowly withdrew back into its sheaf. My pussy was trembling. I had never seen anything so beautifully erotic.

It was late by the time it was over so Adam suggested taking me home. I was feeling excited and invited him in and we had sex. All the time he was fucking me I was having flash backs about that huge horsy cock and imagining it was the horsy that was fucking me. Of course I didn’t think it was at all possible but fantasies play tricks with your mind. “Wow, you were really excited” said Adam afterwards. I lied I told him he had excited me. What had really excited me was that horsy. After he left I spent ages rubbing myself with my eyes closed and again fantasying about that horsy and his huge cock.

The following Friday Adam rang me to say he had to go away for the weekend. He explained that his father wanted him to visit mare owners and offer breeding services. I was disappointed as our weekends were fun times. I told him it was ok and I would catch up on my housekeeping. It made him feel better but not me. Saturday morning I did my shopping and I was about the get lunch when Adam’s father knocked on my door. “Hi” he said “Adam is concerned about being away so I thought it was a good opportunity for you to have lunch with his mother and father”. I was surprised as they had not been all that friendly but I sensed a chance to change that. “I better change” I said but he said what I had on was fine. “Come on my dear” he added “it is lunch time”.

Adam’s parents Henry and May were in their 40s and what I thought were typical farmers. Nothing unusual about them. Henry was basically an older version of Adam. Tall, same broad shoulders and slightly balding. May was quite attractive although she didn’t use make-up and dressed rather dowdy. I guess there was no need to dress smart on a farm. Henry didn’t talk much as we drove to the farm. Lunch was meat and three veg with cake for dessert. We drank coffee and then Henry said he had chores to do. I helped May to do the dishes and then we sat in the lounge room. “So you and Adam are serious?” she asked. I told her we were enjoying being together. “He needs someone in his life” she added “I hope you are being careful”. I assumed she meant “protected” and I nodded.

There was a slight pause in the conversation and then she said “so you watched our stallion servicing that mare the other night. Henry said you seemed a bit flushed in the face afterwards”. I was a bit startled by what she was saying. She went on “the first time I watched him perform it was very exciting. Did it excite you like it excited me?” I went red in the face. “Yes, it did excite you. I can tell by your expression” she said smiling “horsys have cocks that get your juices flowing don’t they?” I was shocked. It was if she was reading my mind. “Don’t be shocked honey” she added “I know size matters. Henry is large and I am sure Adam is too”. I was starting to feel very uneasy but I could not deny that she was right. “Why don’t I show you around the farm honey” she said “you are probably curious about us as we are curious about you”. I was glad to escape what she was saying. “OK” I said “that would be nice”. “Come on then” she said and we went outside.

Walking around she showed me where their stallion roamed free but I couldn’t see him anywhere. We checked the chicken coop and the vege garden. Not really exciting but I feigned interest. We then headed into the barn and found Henry with the stallion. The horsy was tied up to one of the barn pens. “Just doing the tour Henry” May said “what is going on dear”. “Just checking him over” replied Henry “he was a bit skittish this morning so I thought I would calm him down”. I watched as Henry rubbed him head and across his back and then his flanks. “What is his name?” I asked trying to enter the conversation. “Tyson” Henry said “he is an ex-racehorsy. Wasn’t much good so we bought him for stud duties”. Just then Henry reached down and rubbed his stomach. “Oh look at that” said May excited. Tyson’s cock started to show. Again my pussy tingled as I watched is grow bigger.

“I think he is still a bit horny after the other night” said Henry and looked up at May and I “he needs some extra relief. May, would you like to do the honours?” She grouched down and began the stroke the horsy’s huge cock. It go even larger. It was now like it was last time I saw it. “Oh you lovely boy” murmured May. Such a lovely cock”. I stood shocked but at the same time excited as I watched basically jerking Tyson off. “Would you like to help me Rita?” she asked “I bet you would. Don’t be shy honey. Come on. Come and help”. I could not resist. Crouching down I tentatively started to also stroke him. “Isn’t it beautiful” May whispered “I love this. My pussy gets so wet and I love how it feels inside me”. I gasped. Was she saying she actually fucks with him? My God that was so weird.

May obviously realised what I was thinking. “Yes honey I love to use this huge cock sometimes. Would you like to try it?” she said. She was serious. She wanted me to fuck with the horsy. I was so far out of my comfort zone. The whole idea was so foreign to me. I realised something else. This supposed getting to know thing was a ruse. The conversation with May, the tour of the farm, it had been a set up to lead me to the barn. “I don’t know” I said “he is so big”. I thought that would delay things. ““You don’t take it all honey” replied May “just as much as you can take. Come on Rita, I know you want to try it. Try it once to satisfy your curiosity”. I still hesitated. “Henry, go and feed the chooks or something” she said and he nodded and headed off. “I know you are shocked honey but I promise. You say stop and I will” she said “now slip of your panties and I will help you”.

Despite my shock. Despite my misgiving. Despise everything I took off my knickers. “Now get underneath Tyson and bend over” she said. I did it and I felt her begin to rub the horsy’s cock over my pussy. I moaned as my pussy responded. Then she had me spread my feet further apart. The horsy’s cock had this bulge on the end which stretched me painfully as she pushed it inside me. My pussy was soaked but still I squealed with the sheer size of it. Inch buy inch I began to relax and take him. “That’s a girl” May said excitedly “I knew you could take him”. And I was. “More?” she asked “Yes, oh yes” I moaned. “I think that is enough for the first time” May said. “Oh please just a little bit more” I pleaded and she responded by giving me what I begged for. She began to thrust the cock back and forth. I moaned louder and Tyson whinnied and stamped his front hoofs. My God he was enjoying it as much as me.

I was so engrossed in my own pleasure that I failed to notice Henry come back into the barn. “You are such a horny old bugger” I heard May say. I looked up and Henry was standing there. His pants were down around his ankles and he was stroking his cock. Before I could respond he shuffled forward and pointed his cock at me. “Adam will never know about this” he said “now open your mouth like a good girl”. There was no mistaking what he wanted and I was so turned on I didn’t hesitate and immediately began sucking his cock. “Yes May she is very good at sucking cock” he muttered “plenty of practise with Adam I bet”. He was right. Adam liked me sucking his manhood and Henry’s cock was just as big.

Moments later I felt this huge welling in my pussy and the horsy pulled out. His cum gushed out of me. It felt so erotic. However Henry insisted I continue until he emptied his cum down my throat. I swallowed it all. “Oh darling that was the best” he groaned as he pulled back “I hope Adam knows what a gem he has”. I don’t know why but I actually appreciated the praise. “I think you need to take a shower honey” suggested May “and then we can talk some more. We went into the house, I took a shower, got dressed and returned to the lounge room. My pussy ached but it was a joyous pain. “Come sit down” said May “I want to know how that felt darling”. It was obviously she had enjoyed my initiation into horsy sex.

I smiled “it was all I thought it would be and more” I said “I didn’t expect your husband to be involved though”. “Yes, sorry about honey” she replied “he is just like his dad. He fucked me several times when Henry and I started going together. I didn’t tell Henry about it”. I was shocked to say the least. “He never knew?” I asked. “Oh Rita Henry was fucking me too so there was no need to say anything. Family secrets. The same with you my dear. Adam will never know you sucked Henry’s cock. He will also never know you and I love horsy cock. You did love it. I know you did”. I guess me begging for more was a dead giveaway. “Now I can get Henry to drive you home now or you can go home tomorrow. Your choice honey” she said. Of course I said tomorrow would be fine.

After dinner May told Henry to stay put as she and I were going to the barn. My pussy was still aching a bit but I was so ready to go with her. We got to the shed to find Henry had read May’s mind and the stallion was already tied there. May pulled a bench out and under the horsy. Then she began to get undressed. For a 40+ woman she was in great shape. I didn’t have to do anything as she was obviously well versed. Getting the horsy excited and his cock appearing she grabbed it and began to thrust it into her pussy. The horsy again gave noises and stamped his hoofs on the floor. I was disappointed as she worked back and forth thinking that I would miss out. I stood watching in awe.

Suddenly she stopped. Releasing the horsy’s cock she stood up. “Quick Rita, get undressed. Your turn” she said and I was naked in record time. “Mmm” she sighed “I see why Adam likes you. Now get on the bench and grab that lovely cock” and I did just that. My pussy was already humming as I thrust that huge cock into me. Moaning loudly I worked it back and forth. I glanced at May who was standing there rubbing herself. She came about the same time as the horsy did. Again this stream of cum gushed inside me and the horsy pulled back and his cum splash out of me. It was the most amazing feeling. “Oh May I love it, I really love it” I moaned. “Yes Rita, no man can make it so good”.

We walked back to the house still naked. “You better put the horsy back in the paddock Henry” May said laughing “he has had his fun and so have we”. Henry looked at me and I had a fair idea what he was thinking. I went and had my shower and when I came out of the bathroom Henry was sitting on the bed naked with May standing at the doorway. I looked at him, then her and then his erection. “A bit of a come-down after Tyson” I said and May laughed. “Let me show you what a man can do” Henry said and pulling me onto the bed he licked my clit while fingering my pussy, made me cum twice and then fucked me. So, ok, the horsy’s cock was amazing but Henry wasn’t bad. And while he fucked me I could hear May urging him on as she got herself off. It was so erotic.

After that initiation Adam and I got engaged and we moved into what had been the farm hand’s cottage. It was so cool living on the farm. Adam still doesn’t know about his mother and me and the horsy. He still goes on trips at weekends getting business for the farm. His mother and I still enjoy our times with Tyson and his father enjoys times with me. I guess it is not altogether right but if I want to have Tyson I know there is a price to pay. And after all, I enjoy it. No good denying it.

By :Story Teller 101

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