I love farm life

My journey started when I met and started dating Adam. His family owned a stud farm on the outskirts of town. I (Rita) met him at a friend’s birthday party. He was 6’ tall, broad shoulders and handsome. But the main interest was that I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time and I lonely. I saw him several times around town before and after that night. One day we ran into each other in the Mall and he asked me if I wanted a coffee. Of course I said yes. From coffee it led to dinner and after a couple of dinners it led to sex. Yes, the sex. It was wonderful. He was a true 7” and very passionate. Also very mindful that a woman didn’t want a wham bam thank you mam. He took his time and I loved it.

Soon we were dating every weekend and sometimes during the week. He told me he worked for his father and sometimes got called on to work at a minutes notice after hours. Although I guess working of a farm doesn’t really have set hours like my job at the bank. One Wednesday night he had picked me up and we had just driven to a restaurant when he got a call to come back to the farm. He wanted to drop me off but I said I wanted to see the farm and see what he did there. We drove to the farm and his father was waiting. “We have an urgent request from a guy who wants his mare serviced” he said “do you want to wait in the house young lady?” I said no, I wanted to see Adam at work. “OK Adam, just make sure she doesn’t distract you” he said.

Adam, his father and I headed off to the barn where this guy had unloaded his mare. I asked Adam why this was happening at night. He said it was a special favour to another farmer. I was upset at having my date hijacked. Not to mention the fact that I was expecting sex afterwards. I sat on a bench and watched as the guy tied his mare to the railing and then Adam led the stallion into the barn. Obviously the mare was on heat as the stallion immediately got excited. Adam led the stallion forward and he mounted the mare and began to mate with her. Lots of snorting and grunting and it was all over in minutes. When the stallion withdrew I gasped. The stallion’s cock was huge. It must have been nearly two foot long. It was swinging as it slowly withdrew back into its sheaf. My pussy was trembling. I had never seen anything so beautifully erotic.

It was late by the time it was over so Adam suggested taking me home. I was feeling excited and invited him in and we had sex. All the time he was fucking me I was having flash backs about that huge horsy cock and imagining it was the horsy that was fucking me. Of course I didn’t think it was at all possible but fantasies play tricks with your mind. “Wow, you were really excited” said Adam afterwards. I lied I told him he had excited me. What had really excited me was that horsy. After he left I spent ages rubbing myself with my eyes closed and again fantasying about that horsy and his huge cock.

The following Friday Adam rang me to say he had to go away for the weekend. He explained that his father wanted him to visit mare owners and offer breeding services. I was disappointed as our weekends were fun times. I told him it was ok and I would catch up on my housekeeping. It made him feel better but not me. Saturday morning I did my shopping and I was about the get lunch when Adam’s father knocked on my door. “Hi” he said “Adam is concerned about being away so I thought it was a good opportunity for you to have lunch with his mother and father”. I was surprised as they had not been all that friendly but I sensed a chance to change that. “I better change” I said but he said what I had on was fine. “Come on my dear” he added “it is lunch time”.

By :Story Teller 101

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