I Let My Bosses Husband Fuck Me Hard

It was the evening of the office christmas paty. To avoid any drink driving the event was held in a hotel in the function room and we had all been given suiets to stay the night.

After arriving and checking in, my cell beeped it was Andrew my boyfriend it read “cant make it babe night with the boys” what a bastard I had my hair dyed jet black and had got a full body wax and some time on a tanning bed for this. Oh well I’ll just go and have some fun I thought.

I was dressed in a short saturn strapless cocktail dress which fitted perfectly no need to wear a bra either as my size B tits stuck out like perfect cones I was wearing a black g string to match not that it really mattered now.I’m 22 years old and only 4’9” tall and weigh in at 90 pounds.

I headed down the stairs late to find my boss Sandy in a real state being helped up the stairs by her husband Rex “shes had too much to drink already” he said “Help me please” I grabbed his card for their room and went on ahead to open the door for him he carried her in and lay her on the bed “Thanks thats her for the night”he said.

We went back down where the party was in full swing I poured a few drinks back and hit the dance floor with collegues.

A bit later on I noticed Rex just sitting on his own he was a powerful looking guy about 6”5” and muscular body, not wanting to leave the poor guy on his own I asked him up for a dance, we jumped about and had a great time pausing every so often for a drink. Finally the last song was played it was a slow dance so we put our arms around each other and swayed to the rhythem it was then his crutch rubbed up against my flat belly “my god he had a hard-on” I though it was massive.Instead of moving away I inched in closer and pushed my breasts up against him he held me a little tighter but no so obvious that others would notice. I love teasing men and leaving them to wank off at the end of the night and this was going to be no exception.

I invited him back to my room for a quick drink then I was going to kick him out. When we got there he excused himslf to use the toilet and I went to the bar to get a drink for us both.

I never heard him re enter the room but suddenly he was putting his arms around me cupping my breasts I could feel his cock running up the small of my back I turned slightly to look at him and realised he was completley naked “My god!” I exclaimed as I turned fully and saw his naked cock at full attention it was massive the head looked like the size of a golf ball!!

“Like what you see?” he said. For a man of 44 he looked awsome, well muscled shaved body except for a triangle of pubic hair above where that massive dick jutted out it must have been a good ten inches long.

As I was standing there getting over the shock of Sandy’s husband standing there naked in front of me I realised he had undone my zipper on the back of my dress when he came up behind me and has now pushed all the way down till it fell to the floor.

“Please no” I protested “Looks like your hot body says different” he replied.It was true my nipples were hard as pencil leads making my tits stick out like volcanic cones and my freshley waxed pussy was sopping wet.“Come here” he said grabbing my hand and led me to the edge of the bed “Will Sandy find out?” I asked “I’m not telling her” He said, we sat down next to each other on the edge of the bed.He gently grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick involentary my hand closed around it “You know, since I’ve seen you working with my wife I’ve had fantisies about you”. “You have?” I said as my hand now started stroking up and down his engorged penis and my hand didn’t quite close around it.“Yes and how good you would look bouncing up and down on my cock, I’ve had to wank off several times after seeing you” I knew then I was way past the point of kicking him out as our lips locked and his warm tounge searched my mouth.

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