I Kissed A Girl

“Are you sure,” he asked.

“Yes, I’m ready. I love you.” she replied, staring into his eyes, her heart racing.

Keith either didn’t, or chose not, to hear her last three words, but certainly heard the first three. “Yes, you’re so ready, so hot!” he said to her, as he reached between their naked bodies and took hold of his cock, rubbing the head slowly against her wet clit.

Melody gasped at the sensation it caused, the first time feeling his cock there between her legs. They had been dating for 3 months and he had already talked her into giving him hand-jobs, and then oral sex, but so far she had refused to go “all the way”. Her best friend Stacey had tried to convince her that he was too old for her, too “experienced”, but she loved the way he looked at her, loved how he made her feel like the most important person in the world. Even when she walked round the mall on his arm, she felt like a princess. He’d confessed to having been with other girls, but none like her, he promised.

Tonight, with her parents thinking she was sleeping over at Stacey’s house, she had finally relented to his desires. Tonight was the night she would become a woman, with the man she loved. It wasn’t as if she was going to be the first of her friends to “do it”, she told herself – a number of girls in her class were already having S. E. X, and some of them didn’t even have a proper boyfriend like she did. Some were just going to parties and doing it with anyone. She wasn’t like that. Not Melody. She loved Keith, and he loved her.

Whilst Keith had fingered her pussy plenty of times before, including just moments go, he had never gone down, never tasted her. And whilst his fingers felt good on her clit, and inside her tight young pussy, he had never quite brought her to orgasm, but that was ok, she told herself – she could just finish the job herself once she was alone. Right now, she was wet from his finger-work, and his cock felt divine slipping over her clit, making her shudder. It felt so intense, so intimate compared to just his fingers. Keith watched her reaction, smiling at his handiwork. Leaning down he took one of her nipples in his mouth, biting gently, making more moans escape her lips. He was enjoying himself with this girl four years his junior.

Enough foreplay, he thought. Time to seal the deal! Keith lowered his aim from her clit, finding the tight wet opening that had never yet been defiled, and watched Melody’s face as he started to push his 8 inch cock into her maidenhood. Melody winced as his cock started to stretch her, eyes scrunching tight, as his cock’s fat head finally popped inside her. Whilst his earlier attentions had made her pussy wet, she was nervous at taking this big step, even if she did love him and wanted to be with him forever.

His cock didn’t go much further before resting against what remained of her hymen; partially removed previously from fingers and a hairbrush handle, but still enough to resist this big intrusion. Deciding to take the “band-aid” approach, Keith raised himself up to get better leverage, then plunged himself fast and deep into his girlfriend’s pussy, feeling it giving way and enveloping his cock in a warm tight embrace, making him groan with pleasure. Melody on the other hand cried out in shock at the sudden thrust, her eyes flinging open, hands reaching up to push against Keith’s hips. “It’s ok, baby, trust me,” he told her, lowering himself back on top of her, and using a hand to stroke her hair. “I’ll stop now, so you can get use to my cock, then it’s going to feel amazing!”

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