I help my lesbian lover & her nephew cross a taboo threshold

Before we go further I have a warning: in this story a character uses a hair scrunchie as a cock ring.

NEVER use anything as a cock ring except a cock ring.

DO NOT ever (ever, ever, EVER, EVER! EVER!) as a part of sexual play wrap something around a cock (yours or a friends) that wasn’t designed to be wrapped around a cock.

In addition to loss of circulation there are a host of other long lasting or even permanent problems that can result from doing so.

And as with ALL sex toys, when using a cock ring, read ALL the instructions CAREFULLY before use and pay attention to time limits.


The Natalie’s House series is an experimental series for me, featuring kink and fetish stories. These will be standalone stories featuring me (Emily) visiting my friend Natalie. You can read them in any order unless otherwise noted, like this one.

In the intro to each one I’ll alert my readers to the kink I’ll be exploring. This one features aunt/nephew incest, lesbian play, cock sucking, a facial, some cum eating/sharing, and a creampie, along of course with the three of us playing together.

If you’re reading this in September of 2021 check my profile for a chance to submit kink ideas for a future Emily/Natalie story.

As with most things that I write this story takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, std’s, or the need for birth control.


Natalie: A single woman that I met online a few years ago. She and I have begun a lesbian relationship.

Noah: A twenty-one-year-old who lost his virginity just last night to Emily. He’s a college senior, and Natalie’s nephew.

Isabella Emily: Yours truly, a wife, a writer, a pervert, a pleasure seeker, and your humble escort through this story.

As always I enjoy your comments and private messages here on Literotica.




“I wouldn’t worry about it.” I told her. “When I went into that guestroom he was half expecting you to come in there and fuck him.”

“What?” she hissed. “Are you serious?”

“Oh my goodness yes.” I said. “He’s as curious about fucking his aunt as you are about fucking your nephew.”

I tipped up my bottle and finished my water.

“Wow.” She said, staring off into the darkness.

“Wow is right.” I said patting the bed next to me. “Snuggle up here and get some sleep. I have a feeling that tomorrow might be a strenuous day.”



I woke up to find a faint gray light coming into the bedroom around the blackout curtains. Natalie was asleep next to me in her big king size bed.

On the edge of the bed were three sex toys. Two I’d used with Natalie the night before, one of them to help her cum and one to make me cum. She’d used the other one to cum on her own while she listened to her nephew Noah and I in the room down the hall as I relieved him of his virginity.

I heard rain hitting the side of the house and realized three things.

I needed coffee.

I needed to pee.

I needed a shower.

The coffee need was because I wasn’t a morning person, and I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before. But once awake, I’m never able to get back to sleep.

The need to pee stemmed from the fact that I hadn’t gone to the bathroom before going to sleep like I should have, and right before drifting off I’d practically chugged a bottle of water.

And the need for a shower was due to letting Natalie’s nephew Noah cum both in my pussy, and in my mouth, and there had been plenty of dripping and leaking both times. After that Natalie had rubbed her own dripping arousal on my body in various places when I’d come into her room to make love.

By :IsabellaEmily

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